Member Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Hill Country Indoor?

-        Hill Country Indoor in its broadest view is a 140,000 square foot privately held community center.  The facility is open to the public for various amenities that exist in a “pay to play” format.  In addition, the facility boasts a 40,000 square foot 2nd level that is accessible for our private members.

How does HCI structure its private memberships?

-        All Hill Country Indoor memberships are built around an individual base-member and add-on members. We also offer a Family Membership that is designed for families of 5+, or families with several children under the age of 12. There is a max of two adults per membership, an adult is anyone 19 or older. Additionally, memberships can be upgraded in multiple ways to incorporate extended services and fitness opportunities. Members will receive numerous perks, benefits and discounts throughout the entire facility.  Click the following link for more detailed information about membership structure and inclusions:  https://hillcountryindoor.com/membership/

What are the Pre-Opening Membership Rates?

-          A base member is $75/month with each add-on member being priced at $25/month. A family membership is $155 per month. There is also a Joining fee of $100 taken on all memberships, no matter the size.  The Joining fee and monthly dues are taxed. Monthly dues will be taken the 1st of every month once we open. Upon facility opening, members will receive their choice of Hill Country Indoor Swag or a DARI Biomechanical Assessment.

What is DARI Biomechanical Analysis?

-  DARI is an 8-camera, marker-less motion capture system that allows Hill Country Indoor Performance Coaches to analyze and optimize your movement profile.  Combining a DARI Analysis with our Performance Assessments will provide a new member with a Total Assessment Profile. This profile will be the guide for fitness and performance programming, identifying injury risk, tracking progress, and establishing a baseline for health and fitness improvement.

What do I have access to as a Private Level Fitness Member?

-          A Member, who must be listed on the membership, has access to the Fitness Floor, access to Child Center Services, indoor walking/jogging track, Locker Rooms and Observation Decks, Pickleball, as well as open court/turf access and discounts throughout the facility.

What are the hours for the Fitness Floor?

-          Monday thru Friday: 5am-10pm

           Saturday: 7am-10pm

            Sunday: 7am-8pm

When will the facility open?

-          Our facility is set to soft or partially open in September. The sport surfaces will be open for league play as well as member-only pick up ball. We will also be hosting various events, scrimmages, pop-up fitness classes and group events- for members. The full facility will open in October/November and will include the fitness center, indoor walking and jogging track, fitness classes, concession area, the family entertainment center and the youth and adult performance training areas. Once we have an official date set, we will make an announcement to our membership base.

Can I bring a guest to work out?

-          A Membership gets 1-Fitness Floor Guest Pass per-Month ($20 value). Hill Country Indoor LP has the right to regulate the price and deny the use of guest passes.

What about my kids?

-          As a member, your children will benefit from all of your member discounts. Also, as a member you can utilize the Child Center Services. This is a complimentary service for members that allows you to drop off your 6 month old through 5 year old child, once a day for a maximum of 1 and a half hours. Availability of the Child Center is on a first come, first serve basis. If your kids are older than 5yo, they would need to be dropped off in the Kids Fit Club which some membership have limited access to and is only offered during specific times.

What about my child who is 6 years old or older?

-          Included with your membership are a minimum of 4- Kids Fit Club Passes, per month, that can be used when the Kids Fit Club, which will be located in various areas throughout the facility depending on the day and time. These passes will allow you to sign in your child to Kids Fit Club for 1 and a half hours, per-pass.  Additional passes will be allocated when more children are added, to accommodate larger families. These passes can also be used for 1-hour in the Rockwall or Indoor Playscape.

1 member on the Membership – 4 passes

2 members on the Membership – 4 passes

3 members on the Membership – 5 passes

4 members on the Membership – 6 passes

5 members on the Membership – 7 passes

Additional passes can be purchased at a discounted member price ($12 per hour)

A Family Membership will get unlimited Kids Fit Club passes + 6 passes to the Rockwall or PlayScape.

Can my child obtain a membership without me?

-          A child,16 or older, may obtain a membership with parental approval and signatures.

What are the age restrictions within the facility?

-          A child must be 10 years of age or older to be on the Private Membership level, and must be actively supervised by a parent/trainer/coach. The child must also be on the membership in order to use the fitness center or participate during any member pick-up ball/open court or field times. For a child to be without supervision, whether on the fitness floor or in the facility, they must be 15 years of age or older.

What happens if I do not pay my membership dues?

-          A late fee of $25 will be charged to any membership that has not paid its dues by the 10th of every month.  An additional $25 will be added to the membership every 5 days the membership is not “made good”, until the 6th- 5 day span. After 120 days, the membership will be terminated and sent to collection services.

What if I need to take off members or upgrades from my membership?

-          Any time a membership is downgraded, a $20 fee will be taken. A downgrade is anytime a person or upgrade is taken off a membership.

Do I get a Membership card/tag?

-          Yes. When the facility opens, you will be required to check-in at the front desk upon your first visit in order to receive your membership key tag.  Your membership key tag allows you to have access to the Membership-Only areas and unlock discounts in the facility. Members also have access to the HCI Member App which will have your member barcode for check-in purposes as well.  

What if I lost my membership card/tag?

-          Membership cards can be replaced for a fee of $10.

How do I cancel my Membership?

-          There will be a 14-day Opt-Out period when you first join that allows you to terminate your membership with a refund of your membership dues if notice is given before the 14th day of your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership after 14 days of being a member at Hill Country Indoor, you must give a written and/or in-person notice by the 1st of the month, or 30 days prior to your next Membership Dues draft. If you do not meet these expectations you will be charged in full for the month in question. A cancellation must be given in person or by a written letter stating that you are terminating this membership.  If you provide your cancellation by certified mail, a return receipt must be requested.

How do I freeze my membership?

-          A membership or part of a membership can only be placed on a freeze with either: a doctor’s note stating no physical exercise can take place, or military orders from said active or reserve military personnel indicating you will be in active service during this time.  This type of Freeze will last no longer than 3 months or 90 days (whichever is shorter) and you must give prior notice to freeze a membership. There will be no after the fact freezes or refunds to any membership. We will offer a one time a calendar year Membership Freeze for those traveling for an extended periods of time. This Travel Freeze has a $40 Fee associated with it and can be put on a Freeze for no more than 30 days. Again, no after the fact freezes or refunds will be allowed.