PBL Final Speech Assignment


1. You will deliver a three-to-five minute speech on your PBL project, explaining what you did and, more importantly, what you learned from the project.

2. The speech should inform the audience about your project in an interesting way. Model your presentation after the TED Talks that we studied a few weeks ago. Your speech should be interesting, entertaining, and leave the audience feeling that we learned something valuable from your presentation.

3. Your presentation must include a visual element (Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Prezi) to help illustrate your topic and to maintain your audience’s attention. The purpose of a visual aid is to add interest with charts, photos, video clips, screenshots, maps, etc. You
should not read sentences directly from slides, which will bore your audience. To prevent this, your visual aid must contain a minimum of three slides with a total maximum of 50 words, no matter how many additional slides you add. Keep in mind that any video clips will not be counted in your three-to-five minute time limit.

4. You must submit a formal outline of your speech prior to speaking. This will help you organize your presentation ahead of time and also help me follow the path of your presentation as you speak.

5. You may use one 3x5 index card during the speech to help jog your memory. Do not write complete sentences.

My speech date is:

*Good Luck*