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Please check out these helpful tips before emailing us with questions.


   Do you ship to my country?

BSP will ship anywhere in the world, as long as the plush fits in the regulation size box for your country, and aspects of the plush abide by your country’s import laws. Many countries will exact fees for large packages. BSP is not responsible for these fees, so be sure you know your country’s customs policies before commissioning, and let us know how best to ship to you.

Some international orders may require the plush to be shipped partially or fully un-stuffed, due to weight or box size restrictions.

   Can I commission a plush of a copyrighted character?

We can’t create plushies of copyrighted characters, but we can create a close likeness “inspired by” a character. You can very easily find an artist on sites such as DeviantArt, FurAffinity, or Weasyl who will draw an original reference of your character for the purposes of plush-making, for a reasonable price. Go commission other artists! :)

   Does it have to be “sexy”? Can I just get a regular family-friendly plush?

Of course you can! Because each plushie we create is completely custom-made, you can choose to add or not add all sorts of features, including adult aspects.

   Are there themes/species/genders you will not create plushies of?

We can’t create a plush that expresses illegal practices, themes of violence, drug or alcohol use, or underage sexual content. Other than that, BSP can create pretty much anything that works with fabric.

   I only have NSFW reference images of my character, is that acceptable?

Some NSFW references are fine, just not extreme content. In some cases, BSP may need to see details about a character’s genitalia to accurately create those aspects of an adult plush, so ‘tasteful nudes’ or just nude ref sheets are fine, but we prefer not to see bodily fluids or sex acts. If your only reference image is overtly sexual or extreme/fetish in nature, you can simply censor it before sending.

No photographic content will be accepted, please send artistic renderings only.
You can very easily find an artist on FurAffinity or Weasyl who will draw an original reference of your character for the purposes of plush-making, for a reasonable price. Go commission other artists! :)

   What is your most common type of custom order?
The most common orders BSP gets are original fantastical characters. These are almost always very detailed and life-size, usually about 5-7 feet tall and made of several different materials.
 Some Family-Friendly Examples:
x  x  x

  Some Adult Examples: x  x  x  x

In past years, commissions have been between $500-$6000 per plush, with the average plush cost being about $1000. You can view a complete list of custom orders and their approximate prices, from 2014 to the present, on the public Order Status chart.

   How do you make a SPH?

Here is a quick tutorial for hand-sewing a SPH in your plush with ease. You just need sharp scissors, a sharp needle, a heavy-duty thread, and a separate pocket of some kind.

   How do I wash/clean my plush?

The main goal when cleaning is to only surface-clean the plush and not let moisture get inside the plush fluff. For general cleaning of fabrics, spot-cleaning with very slightly soapy water and then gently rubbing the moistened area dry with a clean towel should work fine. Synthetic hair and faux-fur can be lightly misted with a spray bottle (use water with a tiny amount of soap or shampoo) and brushed with a hairbrush, starting at the hair ends in downward strokes, and working up towards the top of the head.

We suggest letting the plush dry thoroughly in a hot, dry area such as next to a sunny window.

Machine washing or drying is not recommended for most plushies. If you want to wash your plush more thoroughly, remove the stuffing completely and use cold water and soap. If your plush is entirely made of soft fabrics like minky and fleece, it can be run through the dryer on low heat, fully un-stuffed. Include a clean, dry towel in the dryer for extra help with drying. Vinyl should never be run through a dryer, as there is risk of it melting even on low-heat settings.

Faux-fur may require extra care to staying looking and feeling the best. It should be brushed gently before and after washing. A hairdryer is also very useful for drying and fluffing-up plushies and any pockets they have. Keeping your plush nice and dry also helps keep it clean and odor-free.

You can reverse a SPH outwards to easily clean it in the sink or with a wet cloth.

Tutorial 1: 

Tutorial 2: 

   How can I interact with the adult aspects of my plush?

If you are using the standard, moisture-resistant, soft-vinyl SPH, always use it with a water-based lubricant. This minimizes friction and risk of the vinyl material being worn out. If you are using a silicone or rubber toy, whether insertable or penetrable, always use lubricant, and follow the toy cleaning directions as instructed by the toy manufacturer.

To clean the SPH or the surface of your plush, follow the cleaning directions mentioned above. Use a wet cloth and soap, or run the SPH pocket under a tap. You may also use low-concentration alcohol wipes or to quickly sanitize the SPH material. Make sure the SPH is allowed to dry completely, inside and out.

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