Welcome to the 115th Sea Scout Troop

Welcome to the 115th Sea Scout Troop. We are excited that you have chosen to join our Troop. Our Troop enjoys the outdoors, especially in canoe camping and winter activities.

This handout is meant to help you become an invested Scout within our Troop. You can be invested once you have completed the requirements for Pioneer Scout. Until you are invested, you can work on badges.  However, until you are invested, you will not receive the crests and badges for your uniform.

Once invested, you are presented with a necker in the colours of our Group, a woggle to hold your necker, all the crests and badges for your uniform. Until then, you are responsible to acquire a shirt and complete the Pioneer Scout requirements.

Meeting Place

We regularly meet on Monday evenings, from 7:00 to 9:00PM, at City View United Church, located on 6 Epworth Ave, Ottawa. Starting late Spring, we meet weekly for canoeing. We have weekend activities each month and go camping 4-7 times every year.

Scout Shirt and Trail Map

Our Troop is a Sea Scout Troop. As such, we wear a navy blue shirt, as opposed to the green Scout shirt. Therefore, when shopping for a shirt at the Scout Shop, pick the navy blue Venturer shirt.

The placement of crests and badges on the shirt is described here:


In 2016, the Scout Handbook was replaced by the trail map. The map is optional and can be purchased at the Scout Shop on Baseline road, or it can be found online here:


We also wear white belts that can be purchased directly from our Troop. We wear navy blue pants or jeans with our uniform.


It is crucial that the leaders of the Troop can contact you or your parents with information about our program. Our Troop uses e-mails to send out this information to you and your parents. The Troop’s e-mail address is: 115th.ottawa.sea.scouts@gmail.com  You should ensure that you send us your e-mail address along with your parents’.

We have a web-site: http://115ottawa.ca/scouts

We have a Facebook group: 115th Ottawa Sea Scouts

We use Scouts Tracker to follow your progress: https://scoutstracker.ca

We also have an electronic schedule.

Pioneer Scout

To become invested, you need to complete the requirements for Pioneer Scout:

  1. Know and understand: the Scout Promise and the Scout Law
  2. Know and understand: the Scout Motto and the Scout Slogan
  3. Know and understand: the Scout Handshake, the Scout Salute and Sign; and, the reasons Scouts use them
  4. Participate in one Scout troop activity out of the regular meeting hall. Camping trips are favoured.

Scout Promise

On my honour

I promise that I will do my best

To do my duty to God and the Queen

To help other people at all times,

And to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law.

Scout Law

A Scout is helpful and trustworthy,

kind and cheerful,

considerate and clean,

wise in the use of all resources.

Scout Motto

Be Prepared

Scout Slogan

Do a Good Turn Daily

The Left-Hand Handshake

As we know Scouts across the world all greet each other with a left-handed handshake and that it is a sign of trust and friendship but why did and how did Baden Powell come to decide to use it when he formed the Scout Movement.

There is a story that when Baden Powell entered Kumasi, the capital city of the Ashanti he was met by one of the Great Chiefs of the Ashanti, he saluted them and then offered his right hand out as a sign of friendship, but the Chief transferred his shield which he held in his left hand to his right which contained his spear and offered his left hand as a sign of friendship. When asked why Baden Powell was told that by offering his left hand which traditionally was used to hold a shield for protection he was showing his trust to his enemy or friend for without the shield for protection he was open to attack.