Thank you for coming everyone... also, if you have any cell phones if you could please set them to something so that only you would know that they're working... also, I would like to thank our online listeners, for joining us today—and, We will open up in prayer.

Father we are thankful to you for the Spirit of God which dwells within each one of us personally. And we believe Father—on the basis of your word—and with thanksgiving accept... that in the anointing of your Holy Spirit which we accepted from Jesus—we believe that in Him we are Already enriched with everything. Every word, every knowledge... we believe that in Him—we don't have lack in any Godly gifting. Father we are thankful to you for the gifts, for the opportunities, for the abilities which we already have by your Spirit in our spirit. And father, forgive us any ignorance... forgive us if we were in anything inattentive... to your requests, to your instructions... forgive us if we were limiting you in anything, if we were putting up obstacles, resistances—to the action of your Holy Spirit—we repent in the name of Jesus. We ask you—help us in today's lesson. Give direction to thoughts, to words and to actions. Help each one of us to correctly understand and correctly accept... and by your spirit of Truth—instruct each one of us onto your truth. We desire for your light to shine, so that every darkness and its manifestations would leave. We desire to fulfill your will, your calling—in all fullness and without any lack.... and we believe, and we stand on the word—that We will be Taught by the LORD. We stand on the word—that YOU will show each one of us OUR path, Our way. Thank you Father, we are thankful to you for the spirit of truth, and that you are instructing us onto your truth, and that you are telling each one of us our future... According to our calling. We believe that we will be taught by the Lord! We are thankful to you for today's lesson, and we receive your anointing on our minds—and we believe that we have an anointed mind, a mind capable to understand and accept Immeasurably more than we ask or that we imagine..... the anointing of the Holy Spirit—we receive right now... and we await to Know... Our Calling, Right Now... in the name of Jesus! Thank you Jesus for the anointing. We believe that by your power, all burdens and yokes are removed, and right now, the soul blind—receive their sight, the tortured—receive their freedom in the name of Jesus! Thank you Jesus, that you open up, to all hearers—our callings. May they KNOW their calling in the name of Jesus. Thank you—we receive the action of your anointing. We receive freedom from ignorance. We receive .. to KNOW to be in obedience to God in all fullness and without any lack—in the name of Jesus. And I take authority over every annoying, irritating, distracting and confusing spirit—and command them—leave those who hear—in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for the anointing. We are thankful to you for the action of your power, and for the freedom—freedom from every influence of the spirit of lies, of religious spirits, of spirit of sickness, infirmity and lack—in the name of Jesus. Thank you for today's lesson—and we believe that we will not remain the same... in the name of Jesus.

Glory to God for the anointing.

Level 2 Lesson 7 – Calling part 4 – by Oleg Remez, translated by Irina Narivonchik

Today we continue to talk of calling. On our last lesson, we were talking of Prayer. We looked at 2 types of prayer.... this is prayer based on the Surest Prophetic Word—the Promises, and prayer with the application of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Today we continue to look at subjects that have to do with calling, and as always, I will recall our foundational verse... Jesus says: John 6:38 For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him (the Father) who sent Me. Jesus is for us—the standard and image... consequently, each one of us has come down from heaven—as a spiritual creation—in the flesh, with a specific purpose.... and the purpose of each one of us is to fulfill the Will of the One Who Sent Us. And what do you think—the one who sent us... is he interested that you would know His will? Of course! Because.. obedience To Him... it is directly tied to that YOU WOULD KNOW. It's very difficult to be obedient when you don't know What to be obedient in! Therefore, our every desire to be obedient to Him... and when we turn to Him so that He would open up to us OUR way that we are to walk.... and that he would instruct us by His spirit of Truth... this is ALWAYS answered, otherwise—He would not be able to say ANYTHING to you—if you are asking, and He's not telling that is!

So—you ask, and he answers, he directs---on the other hand, there are many moments... which you may want to understand Instantly, and know Instantly... but He, out of Goodness to you—doesn't tell you certain things right away.... leading you up, step by step—to that moment, when you will, with maturity, accept your calling... and, not having made a mess—enter into it, and will be realizing it.

We also spoke of—that the life of every person who desires to enter into their calling—it consists of 3 intervals of time. The first interval—is BEFORE the entry into calling. A very important, foundational, preparational interval. This is the same as... the army. A soldier, before he gets into any division—he spends some time learning. For example, to become a Sargent, the study period is 6 months... to be in the infantry—the study or preparation period is 3 months... in other words, the Demands are different. But, it's in the process of study—that the soldier is given all the necessary knowledge... so that when he gets into wherever he needs to be—he at least knows that Foundational Knowledge—which will help him to begin to be... a soldier. Therefore, the first interval—before we enter our calling—is the interval of Formulation.... where we Sow Regularly. Sowing of what? Sowing of Every Seed that falls into our hands! I mean—good seed... this is financial seed, this is actions, this is words... we just sow, sow, sow.... and why? So that we would have something to reap—in our calling. We sow ourselves... into people. We sow finances, we sow actions, we sow words—in prayer.... and this is REGULAR sowing! Why? So that we would have something to reap later on! Therefore, this is a process.... when we sow ourselves, when we sow into people, when we sow, sow, sow...! there's another moment—when we sow INTO ourselves. We sow the wisdom of God, we sow the Word of God, we sow INTO our spirit—so that there would Also be something to reap out of our spirit. This is a very important preparational process for entry into calling. The process of formulation, so there would be something to work with later. A very interesting process, a very important process... and we can't be lax in this process.

The next interval that we talked of—is Entry into calling. I call this process one of the hardest... one of the most reformational... because it has much to do with Social Pressure, with Social Influence—because there is the You Before Calling... and there is the You as you Enter your Calling.... and the one they knew you as Before Calling may differ GREATLY from the one you are at the Entry into Calling.... and not many will be in agreement with the This You! Not many will be in agreement with you becoming the one that God sees you as... this is a very reformational and conflicting interval.

The next interval is Life in Calling. We can't say that this interval is easy... but for the spirit, it's easy! And why? Because the spirit becomes who He Is! In much, life in calling—with time, moving in wisdom—if man has entered His calling and is not growing in wisdom, it will get consistently harder and harder for him. If man is in his calling, and is moving in Wisdom—then he'll always be working to receive and distribute... receive and distribute... for him, there's no longer a question of, “where to get it,” for him, the only question is—to Receive everything with wisdom, and wisely distribute.... without creating  uselessness, nonsense. Therefore, when a person is in their calling, with the wisdom of God—then naturally, he will be much more effective.

So I've noted a few important moments... and I also want to recall—that calling, of which we are talking about—is not something that you will learn... I say this often—so that it would affirm in your minds. I know many believers that identify their calling with the profession that they obtained prior to repentance... and why? Well, because it's easier! And they say, “I believe that God, before I even repented or was born again, he was already teaching me what he wants from me.” I am not excluding this. I am Not excluding this—but, this is a very Small percentage... because each one of us, in being in the system of this world... for the most part, we were a reaction to the Supply and demand formulated by this system... and we Repented in that we were a part of this system... we were born again, and now we need to find out Who we are or What we are... in the Kingdom of God, and for this—we need to work with our spirit. So, I don't exclude this, but... a calling is not something you will learn, it's what you are—Already, in your spirit... and not in your mind. In your mind... there's a huge probability that your mind doesn't know anything of your calling, but your spirit—knows Everything of your calling. Consequently, the prayer room—is the place where you can boldly strive forward to find out your calling. Specifically in the prayer room. Perhaps it will become clear to you outside of the prayer room, but the prayer room is the place where you will start this process.

“brother Oleg, then what about the profession?” the profession.... needs to be acquired According To—your calling. In the system of this world, the order is slightly different... you first find out what profession is needed in this world... then you pay huge sums of money... you acquire this profession.... then it turns out that you're too late with this profession... because the knowledge in this world moves quickly... and you understand that the profession of a vet that you acquired isn't needed for today.... and, you change your profession... because, what's the difference? Vet? Or Dentist? And you begin to re-qualify... and, off it goes. And you are so busy with this hamster wheel to somehow make money for life... that there's no question of calling any longer. In actuality, from the very beginning... the wisdom of God consists of that—You acquire a Profession According To your Calling... and This is the order.

I recalled a few main moments, and today's subject has to do with dedication, devotion. Dedication... because when you find out your calling in the prayer room—understand, that this isn't even the beginning, it's just that... This was illuminated, the light bulb went on... and Now you Know Who You Are!

Today we will be talking of Dedication, a very important part in a life in calling. A very important part... especially at the interval of Entry into Calling—because to enter INTO calling... WITHOUT dedication... is unrealistic. This is a conflict. Can you imagine what would have happened with Jesus (and glory be to God, this couldn't have happened to Jesus) if Jesus, in experiencing pressure from his friends and relatives... from the Scribes and Pharisees—who made a pact amongst themselves... that whoever accepts Jesus as Christ, as the Messiah—to exclude them from the Synagogue. People who came in contact with Jesus in some way.... that's it. They're excluded. Just imagine the pressure that Jesus experienced on himself. And if it weren't for his LEVEL of Dedication—this pressure was serious! Just look at the moment in the Garden of Gethsemane... Jesus was sweating blood—the blood vessels were bursting from the pressure onto his mind, his body. therefore—Dedication is a very important foundation on which your calling will be built. You WILL experience pressure. In this world, to Enter into Godly calling, to Live in Enemy territory—and this world is enemy to everything of Gods—and, with all this, Not to experience pressure.... you would need to die immediately upon entering your calling. I mean, to die for real. Then, in your casket... a person no longer experiences pressure. But, if you enter into your calling, and you continue to remain in the flesh in this world.... pressure—is inescapable. And the only thing you can firmly stand on—is Dedication—and today, we will be talking of Dedication to Godly calling.

I will give the general definition to Dedication, so that we have a general guideline. Dedication—is the Separation of self for a specific purpose. A person can manifest dedication in regards to God or in regards to satan—or everything which is NOT of God. A person can dedicate himself to a certain profession... he likes it, and he dedicates himself to it. But, if you ask this person, “would you work at this profession without pay?” “pft, yah right, What are you talking about?!” in other words, Every profession in which a person works—he Always works for a specific purpose... to earn money! People in Calling—they think about money least of all, because they receive something out of the spirit, and not from the mind—so he doesn't get weary... it brings him Joy... a joy that doesn't have anything to do with the mind, because it's not hinged on 'payday, a day of joy' so what I'm talking about—is the PERSON who dedicates himself to something Gods—he is directed by Very different Goals and Motives. A person who dedicates himself to Something—NOT of Gods, NOT of his calling... and we will be making an emphasis on this—this of course requires special motivation, support, stimulation, pay... and all that has to do with this—because such a person must always be fed something—otherwise, why would he do it—if he doesn't see any benefit in it for himself?

Therefore, we will be talking of Dedication... of course, to Godly Calling, or to God's purpose, or, we can also say—we will be talking of Deliberate Separation of Self—for the Purposes of God. Deliberate. This will not occur all on its own. Some believers think, “brother Oleg, well, when God needs me, he'll separate me!”

I don't know of a single person—yet—whom God TOOK and SEPARATED... I mean, now, in these days... and for the man himself not to be involved in the process whatsoever. Every Person, whom God separates—and of course, God separates—is always the participant of the process of separation... because the Expression of Will doesn't happen on its own.

And so, today we will be talking of Dedication to Gods Calling. To study the subject of Dedication to God's Calling, we will take one of the teachings of our Lord Jesus. This is Luke 9:23. in this teaching, Jesus Concisely and Clearly demonstrates the main components of Dedication. THE MAIN COMPONENTS OF DEDICATION—there are 3 of them, and we will be looking at them today. Luke 9:23 Jesus said to them all, this was said to All who were listening to Him... and this is how Jesus begins to teach of Dedication. “If anyone desires look at what a good beginning! In other words—no one will be forcing you! “brother Oleg, I wish he would force me!” “well, he does have methods... of how to Persuasively present the Offer... where you don't see any other way...” and here I always remember the story of how God presented the Entry into service to Lester Samuels... when Lester was laying sick in the Hospital, and was dying. God showed him the bible on the one hand... and the grave on the other... and said, “choose!” basically, there weren't many choices... but, here it is. Of course, he didn't want to preach the Gospel, he was adamantly against it—but, taking into account the choices... he decided to preach the Gospel! The consequent story is funny, because—you can understand yourselves—if a person never wanted to preach the gospel... and came into it in such a way... then of course, the Entry into calling—was amusing and entertaining! But, we are not talking of this right now.

And so, “If anyone desires this is the choice presented by God! And further, it says: to come after Me, a good beginning! Notice, to follow who? To follow HIM! Naturally, in walking after Him—what didn't pass by Him will not pass by you! And Jesus says, “I was persecuted... and if you will follow me, you will be persecuted also.” but, “I was Accepted... and if you will follow me, you will also be accepted” to Follow Him. And further, he says what is necessary... and what's necessary ARE the 3 components of Dedication to God's calling... if anyone desires to follow Him.

#1.  let him deny himself, an amazing thing, in itself!

#2. and take up his cross, “brother Oleg, what, did I pick up someone elses or something?” who knows! That's not excluded... it's written here, “and take up Your Cross”

#3. and follow Me. A good manifestation—follow me. Because this after all says, that it's possible to follow somebody else! It's possible to pick up somebody elses cross! It's possible to follow someone else!

And today we will talk about and look at these 3 important requirements for entry into your calling... and these requirements are the components of Godly Dedication, or dedication to Godly calling. Basically, to enter into your calling, and to BE in it, and to REMAIN in it Without doing these 3 requirements... is unrealistic. Simply, unrealistic. A person won't last long without them.

We'll begin with the FIRST: “Let him deny himself”. An amazing requirement, and it has much to do with your past... in other words, each one of us has a life BEFORE repentance. Before Repentance. And notice—that life before calling—it didn't occur by Force... in this period of time, our mind regularly took in the most Various information... which, in whole—affected and influenced each one of us as Individuals... as individuals who were directed by a certain wisdom.

And by this wisdom, each one of us was formulated, withing each one of us... was formulated an APPARENTLY personal opinion, an APPARENTLY personal view, an APPARENTLY personal character, and Apparently on and on... something personal and individual... but in whole, all this “Apparently Personal stuff”... was formulated out of that Wisdom—out of that Spirit—which directed us prior to repentance.

Consequently, who were we a reflection of? In actuality? Who were we Really imitating? And who was our Lord, really? Well, if we don't think about this too long, we could say, in short—that it was satan.

Therefore, the words of Jesus, “Let him deny himself” they make an emphasis... no so much on you personally—because Man is not an Independent creation, and has nothing of His Own—Man is Always Someone... who Chooses something, and is Directed by this. As God said, “Life and Death I offer to you, blessings and curses—CHOOSE”. Basically, man is an amazing creation in that he Always has the Right of Choice.... and what he chooses—is what he is continually directed by. Therefore, the words of Jesus, “Let him deny himself” they basically indicate—that you have a Past! Leave the Old Man... Leave that Way of Life—which was acceptable to you before, because for sure, you've heard in christian circles—when believers try to Manipulate other believers, saying “accept me as I am...! God said to Love Everyone... so accept me as I am!” DESCRIBE to this person... as he is, as a New Creation... and as a new creation, he's Far from the one that he wants you to accept him as! Therefore, these words of Jesus, “Let him deny himself”... they draw a line... between the Old you and the New you... and this doesn't happen immediately! The words, “Let him deny himself” doesn't mean, “OK brother Oleg, today I deny myself, I separate myself from my past.” this doesn't mean.. that's it. Done. This doesn't mean that you will never ever return or come back to your past. NO... “denying yourself” is a Process, a decision which you constantly support. You don't allow yourselves to be directed by your past... weather its Good OR Bad—makes no difference. That's it. Everything that is Accessible to me—is Immeasurably more than what I had. This is the Position... and that, which Accessible to me—is More Important for me than what I Used to have... weather that was good or bad. This is an important component of Dedication... to deny oneself. If you don't deny yourself, then your Past—be it good or bad—will Always be baggage that is dragging you back.

I know that each one of us also has a Good past—in some sense, nostalgic. I also have such a past... and sometimes, when we are driving by those places where I spent time as a child.... you understand yourselves of the nostalgia that arises in the head. Of course, in the mind you remember all this... but this is all Past, and this Past—in No Way, should affect or influence our future. Even if it's pleasant to remember it... it is NOT better than what is Accessible to me... and you will Need to Leave this! God will not force you to do this! Think about it! God will not be spanking you over that you remembered Grandma's perogies which she always makes... and that you ate them all... and now you remember how happily you ate them, and how unhappily you felt afterward... but, this is a Good memory for your mind... it's joyful.. and God will not be getting you in trouble for it! But Grandmas perogies shouldn't affect your calling either.

And so, “Let him deny himself”. On the one hand, this demand is inflexible, hard... on the other hand, Jesus perfectly understands what will BECOME accessible to you—if you do this. Understand, that this religious thinking—it presents everything in this way: you made a pact, a covenant with God? Then now you will get in trouble in a Christian Manner! before—you were punished in a worldly way, and now—you will be punished in a christian way :) this is with mercy... it hurts, but... don't worry... God punishes those he loves... therefore this is a normal working process in Love...” well, this is the Religious interpretation of the Love of God.

WE see—that when Jesus says, “let him deny himself” he means, “I will show you MORE” but, so that you could enter into something MORE... you will need to leave this.. lesser... however precious it wouldn't seem to be for you.

So why does this seem so difficult to us? Because in our minds—there is still that wisdom—which fights not to be left behind. To leave foolishness—what needs to be input into the head? Wisdom. You will not be able to remove foolishness without Replacing it with wisdom... it will be impossible. You cannot be empty. Same thing with the head... Foolishness is supplanted ONLY by wisdom. Only by wisdom.

And this demand of which Jesus speaks of, this “let him deny himself” this dedication—it clearly agrees with one of his parables. Matthew 9:16-17. Jesus says: No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, in other words, the unshrunk cloth doesn't fit, it doesn't make the old garment stronger... and scripture says, that No one puts a piece of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; for the patch pulls away from the garment, and the tear is made worse. 17 Nor do they put new wine into old wineskins, or else the wineskins break, the wine is spilled, and the wineskins are ruined. But they put new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.” as we said in one of our lessons, that there is no New—without the Death of the Old.

Entry into calling—is what you came to this world for. This is the purpose of your life. It is impossible to enter into the purpose of your life by continuing to hold onto the past which you repented in... this is unrealistic. Entry into the New—always assumes a Complete Separation of Self from the Old. You still need to live through this! This is like the creation of a family... when you leave your old, bachelor thinking—I know that this isn't easy, and some time is required... but, this MUST be done—otherwise the family isn't complete, isn't quality, isn't effective... and you can't even really call it a family.

And so, you cannot have New—without death of the Old—Always remember this! “Let him deny himself” is a component of Dedication.

Let's look at scripture in how Apostle Paul, when the Lord Jesus called him, how did he do his dedication? One of the teachings, or one of the instructions of Apostle Paul—in the letter to Philippians—opens up how Apostle Paul answered God's call, and how he dedicated himself. Philippians 3:4 he writes: though I also might have confidence in the flesh. Or that, which my flesh was educated in—what do you think, where is the knowledge that the flesh is taught? In the head! In his head! If anyone else thinks he may have confidence in the flesh, I more so: or, I am Very Educated... I am a Highly Qualified, Certified, Respected Pharisee. Therefore, he says: if anyone else thinks to have confidence.... I can—Much more so, I have More to lean on in what my flesh educated in. confidence in what, specifically? Of course in provision. In success... in All areas. All areas... and here he writes what qualities were important at that time period...

5 circumcised the eighth day, for Jews this was Very Important... the next very important quality: of the stock of Israel, of the tribe of Benjamin, a Hebrew of the Hebrews; in other words, in his lineage—all are Hebrews. concerning the law, a Pharisee; a prestigious profession. 6 concerning zeal, and this is in dedication...  persecuting the church; here it says, a persecutor of the church, FROM the church or sent By the church—because, in being a pharisee—he considered that he was the representative of the Living God... and the disciples of Jesus... were the ones that needed to be persecuted. And that's why he says—concerning zeal, persecuting the church; this is dedication! concerning the righteousness which is in the law, blameless. He listed those qualities that were important for that period of time—to have provision in that period of time. Not many had these qualifications, and especially—to be a pharisee from the age of 3... and he grew up at the feet of the High Priest... this gave him a serious perspective. Basically, if you were to look at it in a modern way—then in the parliament—he would be prime minister.. because His Qualities, qualifications—Allowed him to Be prime minister. In other words, this is 3rd highest place in the country. First is the High Priest, second—scribe, and third... Pharisee. And scripture says: that he could have put his confidence in all this, this was what his mind was educated to be... and in using this knowledge, he would have been a richly provided for personal. And further, he says: 7 But what things were gain to me, in that time... before those people..  these I have counted loss for Anointing. In speaking of Anointing... right now, we're talking of anointing for calling. God anointed him, and Put him—to be an Apostle. The Anointing—of which he talks of here—is directly tied to calling. God doesn't anoint for something that he doesn't call you to do... therefore, when God CALLS a person—he ANOINTS him... or, provides him with the necessary Power for the realization of calling.

These I have counted loss for Anointing... Anointing which he Gave me, Anointed me With... here we see the level of dedication. He decided to dedicate himself to That calling—which God called him to. This is a level of dedication! He basically says, “I discovered that the Anointing of Jesus, anointing for that calling which I called For—will make me TRULLY successful in God.” in other words, its only possible to be successful in God by Abiding in God... and he says, for this—I left everything that I was taught in my mind... or, in being Saul—now Paul—transfers his attention from the ability of the Mind to the abilities of the Spirit... from the provision in the mind to the provision in the spirit... believe me, this isn't easy! Because the mind you Know how to be successful in this world, how to earn money in this world... all the various entrances and exits.  But, as soon as you enter into your calling—this is hidden from your mind! But here, is Godly provision! And what's especially interesting in what Apostle Paul writes—is that Jesus didn't force him to do this—this was His Choice, this was His Decision, this was how HE dedicated himself to the Lord. And further, he writes:

8 Yet indeed I also count all things loss wait a moment! He counts all things in the spirit or in the mind as a loss? All that's in the mind—he is setting out the priorities! There is the Saul in the mind—an educated Pharisee... and there is Paul in the spirit—a Called Apostle. And he says, “Yet indeed I also count all things loss (that are in the mind) for the excellence of the knowledge of Anointing of Jesus my Lord, for whom for what he has called me to be...  I have suffered the loss of all things, and count them as rubbish, that I may gain (or grow in) Anointing of what I am called to be. In this Dedication is so brightly demonstrated—as we are looking at the first demand of dedication, where Jesus says, “Let him deny himself”. You understand here, whom specifically you need to deny? The one who you are IN THE MIND! Deny the one you are in your mind! Once again, I'm not saying that you do this RIGHT NOW! While you don't yet know your calling, while you haven't accepted God's call to Enter your calling... and haven't accepted the Provision in the Power of the Holy Spirit... and, specifically, Power FOR calling—not for life... you have power for life—don't make any life-altering decisions yet. “brother Oleg, will I Know that He's calling me?” of course! You won't mix this up or confuse this with ANYTHING! This is the same as you getting married—you will Never be confused in this! You don't wake up after the wedding, and say, “oh, who are you?!” perhaps way back... before... it could have happened when you wake up, and “oh, who are you?!” but a wedding... getting married... you for sure remember exactly who he or she is.

And so, Apostle Paul says, that he counted all them as rubbish—or that, which Hinders. That's why, for some time—he simply left and spent some time in solitude... to switch over, sort of. You know, it's not easy to switch over—when he was So Many Years—studying to be a Pharisee... and then, he needs to switch over to be an Apostle... and, there weren't any bible schools back then! And no one could go and receive the “profession” of Apostle.... so all this time—that he was learning—he was learning from the spirit of God... he received that revelation, which he later writes about... and he did all this—by the spirit of God. And in all this—what do you think, did he experience pressure on himself? Regularly! He experienced pressure... from both Pharisees, and Disciples—because the disciples remembered him as Saul, and the Pharisees Also remembered him as Saul...! so, they were... “What did you do?!” and the others, “Stay away from me!” he constantly experienced pressure... but despite this, he dedicated himself to that Work—that God called him to.

Of course, Saul, as All the disciples of Jesus—experienced pressure... not only pressure that had to do with persecution, but also pressure of physical needs. When you will enter your calling—all that has to do with Dedication—is not hard. But, there will be something that will be constantly... continuing. When you dedicate yourself to your calling, you grow in your dedication to God. You grow, grow, and grow. But, there is something that always accompanies you—the needs of your body Constantly accompany you. “brother Oleg, how do you know?” I'm guessing! :D

in speaking of needs, I am speaking softly—why? Because when needs are not controlled, not directed, not guided—they are lusts. Therefore... the other area that you will encounter, and it also has to do with “deny yourself” is Lust. Lust! Lust is a serious interference or resistance factor in calling.... because your every mistake, no matter how tiny, how miniscule... because it's already in calling... it multiplies instantly by 100. if when you are not yet in your calling... and you make a mistake... no one even notices or remembers it. But when you're in your calling—you make a single mistake... and that's it. It's multiplied, and accredited to you.... instantly. A mistake in calling---is, that's it! And the Lusts of the flesh... in this plan... play a very negative role if you don't exert influence and control over Lusts of the flesh. Influence and control.

I want to read a scripture, 1 John 2:16-17 John says: For all that is in the world—(once again, let's approach this in a balanced manner... there are believers in the world, the church of the Lord Jesus is in the world, the world has help centers, laboratory centers, social centers... therefore, when “all that is in the world” is used here... let's approach this with balance—not Everything, and not Everyone! :D) For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life—is not of the Father but is of the world. 17 And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever. Of course, it's better to dedicate oneself to Gods calling... and to abide forever, then to go with the lusts, and to abide in them. So once again, we see here a perfectly drawn line... that lusts are Not something by which we should be directed by, or, “let them be, what's the difference?” this will not work! You will always have to control yourselves... so that lusts don't control you. Either You direct—your desires, or Lusts will direct you. In calling—this becomes instantly felt. Immediately. Desires will interfere with abiding In calling—because, if you won't walk in the fruits of the Holy Spirit, then you will walk in Lusts. You can only deal with lusts by the fruits of the Holy Spirit—no other way. You will never be able to say in your calling, “this is the person that I am... accept me as I am” :) this will not fly in calling! People will only deal with one who walks in the fruits of the spirit... otherwise, you will constantly experience hardship.

Apostle Paul says for us to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. Of course—with all it's desires an lusts—because they need to be constantly controlled and set aside. Also, I want to read a scripture that Also opens up the words “deny yourself” very well. John 12:24-26 Jesus says, Most assuredly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; in other words, repentance alone doesn't really speak of anything... this is Important, this is Needed... but if you want to grow in the Lord, and to walk in all the blessings which God prepared for you... then Deny Yourself... because, if the grain doesn't die, it remains alone but if it dies, if it denies itself... it produces much grain. And further, it opens up How to die...

25 He who loves his life or, who loves the content of his mind and his un-renewed character, will lose it, and he who hates his life the content of his mind, who hates his old character—in this world will keep it for eternal life. 26 If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and notice, if you will follow him, deny yourselves, set aside your un-renewed mind... and will remove your old character..... and where I am, there My servant will be also. A very good perspective. It fully satisfies me! So I will be dealing with all this old... and end up in eternal life, rather than hold onto this character—and end up in hell. and If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor. Also a good perspective!

So, the first demand: “deny yourself” tell me, is this a complicated demand? Well, you will need to apply effort—because, renewing of the mind, working over the character... this is not an easy process... but, I'm telling you—it's better to do this, to be where Jesus is. It's better to do this! This is dedication, this is 100% dedication! But, it's for our Benefit! You know, some people sometimes say, “brother Oleg, I applied Huge Effort to dedicate myself for God” i'm like, “relax my dear one—You're the one who needs this!” :))) YOU need this... doing something for the Lord... you did this for YOURSELF, because without this... you aren't you. YOU need this. Therefore, don't think that we can bring some sort of 'sacrifices' for the Lord. All that we do—we do for OURSELVES, for OUR benefit. So it may be a sacrifice for your mind, but in reality—there is no more sacrifice than the one that was already made. On the cross.

Let's continue—the next point.

Take up his cross—in the dedication of self, this is an Amazing point, “take up your cross” notice... who's cross needs to be taken up? Your Own. “brother Oleg, what, I can pick up someone else's?” of course you can! Therefore, it's better to find out what Yours is, and how it differs from the cross that Jesus took up.

Before Jesus entered into his calling, or.. went to the cross... he first took up his cross. That cross that is talked of here in this parable, in this teaching of Jesus... this is a cross of YOUR calling. This is also a cross! A calling is a cross! Why is the word 'cross' used in relation to calling? because—when you will enter your calling, on the cross of your calling... you will need to crucify ALL of your Old way of life... with EVERYTHING that was a part of it... Everything. All that was in the old, or in the past—you will need to crucify. Time... and how you spent it, Profession, Vacation places... Everything. Everything will need to crucified on this cross... but once again, it is for your Benefit. The cross that Jesus speaks of, it's not the cross that He took up—because it's thanks to the Cross of Jesus—that we have the opportunity to take up OUR cross and fulfill OUR mission.

Therefore, OUR cross—is our earthly calling... and without the Cross and the Blood of Jesus, we wouldn't have been able to enter into our calling—which is determined for us... in Our cross.

In every dimension of your life—you will need to crucify EVERYTHING on the Cross of your calling. Your calling must influence Every dimension of your life... spiritual, soul, financial, physical and social... Everything must be brought to the cross of your calling. Specifically on the cross of your calling—is where your old nature must die. Specifically on this cross.

Why did Jesus use this word in regards to calling? Because on this earth—where Lusts still have room—to fulfill your calling, we need to hold our body... our flesh—on the cross of our calling, you hear? Especially in the first levels, or in the first intervals, or in the first years of the fulfillment of calling. Especially... because in the first stages—in the head, there are still... Old habits, Old experiences, Old knowledge... you know, in the first years of entry into my calling.... before calling, I liked to draw, to create, to build designs... I really liked this—and even when I entered into my calling.... I SOO liked to fill, Do.. Spaces... create designs, and all that... and I made money doing this! So, when I entered into my calling—I had Bunches of ideas... and you know, in calling—when finances don't Immediately appear... you immediately want to... help it a bit, and the hand just itches to phone some construction company and to offer them some ideas! Simply itches! And, why not? Why not call? And in the spirit... there's a firm “No.” “brother Oleg, but I know many people who are in their calling, and who are working!” well, let this be their choice! Apostle Paul also did this... but, he Explained why he did this!

And scripture says, that that same Apostle Paul—that the one who preaches the Gospel... must live by spreading the Gospel. God said to the Levites and Priests—I am your portion. That's it. Period. You work for me--! Therefore, if there's a person who is CALLED to one of the 5-fold ministries of the church... and he Also wants to Work—this is his personal choice. But I know... by my own calling—that as soon as God called me, and gave me Power... he didn't ALLOW me to work... as in, earn money outside somewhere. And all those Ideas that were coming to me... he instantly crossed out. I even had an instance where I sat down and drew up specs, a Plan... because I knew people that needed it, that they needed a design.. and I sat down, drew it out, laid it out... and inside, “stop! Tear it up.. and throw it away” and I sat for 2 hours doing it! So I tore it up and threw it away! I know what you can possibly encounter... because, to take up your cross... is, there's some time needed for this. A few years, at least... until Everything, every attempt will be cleared out of your mind... because finances don't come in immediately, and I had no one to learn from—in how to receive provision from God. Back then, I didn't know how to receive provision from God, when I was entering into my calling. Glory be to God that he taught me the Laws of Sowing and Reaping PRIOR to me entering my calling.

So on the first level, we studied these disciplines—because if it were not for this knowledge... the Law of Sowing and Reaping, if it were not for that wisdom that He revealed to me—then in entering calling, your head could explode. I know of many people, who—in entering their calling, but not knowing how to receive their provision... they leave it. They leave it! Why? Because they don't know how it's possible to serve God in calling.... and to have provision. They can't picture this!

So, to take up your cross—this means to crucify, on the cross of your calling—ALL that has to do with your past... and maybe your present as well. Constantly. Your cross.. or your calling—you will not remove... until rapture. And when we stand before God, perhaps some correctives will be brought in... and we will continue into eternity.

OK, next point:

Follow me”. A good call, yes? Notice, it's not written here... Follow... close to me. Follow... beside me. Follow... slightly to the right of me. Here it says, “follow ME” what do you think, is it safer to walk behind one who Knows where to go, or to walk in front of a train?! :)

and for this reason he says, “Follow ME” I am the way! This brings me joy in that This scripture—guarantees me—that HE will be walking in front of me, and will be leading me after Himself. “brother Oleg, and what do I need to do?” don't take your hand off his shoulder! For sure! Simply... don't let go of Him. Of  course—this is the prayer room. Of course—this is Godly guidance. Of course—this is a question of where HE is going... and he says, “I will SHOW you YOUR path of life” “I WILL direct you” therefore... if you make the decision to FOLLOW him, he will always be directing you on where to go. He will in no way leave you, and.. “you go... I'll catch up..” :)

therefore, he is leading you on a path... which we can't say is easy for your flesh. All that has to do with the ways of God—is not easy for the flesh.... At first :) but, afterward... when you feed it, it will say, “Glory to God” :)

so... “Follow ME” I can tell you, as soon as you enter your calling, so many people will appear who will offer that you follow them... you can't even imagine! Well, they may not straight up ask you to follow them, but they may say, “Let me give you some money!” and who cares, right? but scripture says that the borrower becomes servant to the lender.... who cares how to follow?... ! People will see FIRE in you... and they will happily offer that you follow them. You just haven't encountered this yet, but Jesus said, “Follow Me”. This is a very powerful temptation—when you enter into your calling, and the Fire is burning... and so many people want to redirect you somewhere onto their side... instantly, so that that you would boast of them... and they of you. They want this immediately.

I was told right away... “brother Oleg, how are you planning to be in your calling without education? Come to us... we'll give you an education” and, I had such offers... and I thought, “ya, I will be teaching... and without certification...” and the spirit of God said, “No... no... no... and that's it!” so I said no. first of all, there are no bible schools that teach on the anointing of a teacher... for today, there's no such thing. They simply wanted to give me theological accreditation. But why do I need it? There's no point in it for me. But I understand, that when I would have reached a certain level, they would have said: “oh, he went to school Here... you should All come here... and We will teach you all this”  I just understand how people sometimes use this—therefore, Jesus said: Follow me. Follow me.

And I like how Apostle Paul uses this phrase: “Called by God... and NOT MAN” you hear? Therefore, a calling is from God... and Yes, I would have happily went and acquired education that has to do with the anointing of teacher—but there are no such. Nothing like this exists. You could be taught something to do with evangelism, something to do with Pastoring... but as a teacher? no. for today, there are mostly Evangelical schools—but to teach, there are no such. On the one hand, this is a good area where something could be created... if there is a Will of God in it... :)

and so, Jesus says: “Follow ME” always remember this and rejoice in it! Because you don't need to run anywhere. He says, You—Follow ME! So look at where I am going... and Follow Me. This was always the Right and the Correct way. There always needs to be a Leader and the Lead. This was always like this.

Let's summarize these 3 important components of dedication... and we'll summarize them through the parable of the vine... because they're summarized there! In the Parable of the Vine John 15:4 Jesus says: Abide in Me, a very good moment. I can tell you—that without dedication, this is impossible. and I in you. Another good moment. As the branch cannot a good position, very good position—CAN'T bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me.

5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. In other words, Follow Me, abide in ME, deny yourself, take up your cross... 6 If anyone does not abide in Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered; and they gather them and throw them into the fire, and they are burned. 7 If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, this is dedication, this is Obvious dedication... then ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you. Because this is Your Provision. In your calling—you will Always have what you need. 8 By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples. Jesus is the disciple of God. we—the disciples of Jesus. What is the success of Jesus in? In his dedication to the Work of God... what is the success of the ministry in? In Dedication. What is the success of Any Profession in? In dedication... if there's dedication, then it's much easier to overcome difficulties. Much Easier... and there WILL be hardships... because you're surrounded by people! And believe me, that they will be hindering you—that doesn't have to do with that they don't love you, or that they don't want you to do well... it's just that people sometimes, in defending their borders—could make mistakes in regards to you... because they don't consider that you're called by God—but, don't blame them—because they aren't doing this from an evil intent, but from ignorance. That's what Jesus said on the cross... “for they don't know what they do” you will always need to use this. In moving in calling, in dedication... this will not always be viewed as service to God. Not always... but don't get upset at them, “for they don't know what they do”

your part—is to take the correct position before HIM, and not before people... and many people will deny You—and this is an unavoidable part. Unavoidable. But on the other hand, believe me... (Proverbs 16:7) When a man’s ways please the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him. And you will hold onto this... but YOUR dedication is the Determining Factor! The Determining Factor... but don't worry, God will help you through all these stages of dedication.

And so, we talked of the dedication of Self in calling. I am speaking specifically of calling, not of the dedication of self.. now, right now—now, you can dedicate yourselves to God, while you still don't know your calling... and this is an important part. But the dedication IN calling—begins Only when you find out Your calling, and when you receive the Necessary POWER for the realization of Calling. You will never mix this up or confuse it with anything... and we will talk of this later.... THEN is when you begin... and God will help you to exit... and enter... He will help you in everything. But THEN—dedication is a must.

OK... let's thank God for his wisdom.

Father we are thankful to you for your wisdom, for today's lesson. We are thankful to you that you lead each one of us on OUR paths... Yes Jesus, we hold onto you, onto your word—that You, having begun in each one of us a Good Work—will Complete it … in Jesus name. We hold onto your word—that the spirit of Truth WILL instruct each one of us onto your truth, WILL tell us our future—in the name of Jesus. Every darkness be scattered in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus—that everyone present KNOWS their calling from God. We are thankful to you Jesus, we DESIRE to fulfill our calling in All fullness... and we, again and again say... “Lord, what do you want me to do?” in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for today's lesson, we are thankful to you... and may we be a blessing for Many Nations... in the name of Jesus. Thank you Jesus for your heavenly ministry, and for the heavenly provision... in the name of Jesus, AMEN.

Let me recall a few main moments out of the material we have went through in our previous lessons. We said—that a calling: is not something you will learn... a calling is something that you Already Are. A profession is something that we acquire through education... a calling is something that we receive from God as Our Mission