A1892-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Automatic Electrical Power Source

Inventor has been in the electrical field for 30 years and came up with an idea to resolve issues he has when trying to run his business without continuous electricity. Inventor designed and developed a portable machine that provides constant electricity.  Inventor has a working prototype.

A2417-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Phone and Tablet Mount / Charger / Frame

Inventor has always been interested in living art. Inventor was working on an application for a device and realized the number of unused devices. That lead Inventor to his invention that supports and brings new utility to unused devices.

A2191-3-P: Patent Prosecution: Left Lane Bully

Inventor, who works with computers and is inventive, has invented software that improves traffic patterns on major highways and streets. The invention also supports new traffic laws passed in 29 US states.

A2191-4-P: Patent Prosecution: Game Play

Inventor who works with computers, has invented a new category of online gaming that gives new players a better experience. The invention allows real time data feeds as well as gaming, music and wagering features. Inventor seeks a provisional patent.


A1584-2-P: Patent Prosecution: Recreational Vehicle Accessory

Inventor is a mechanical designer who has invented a new latching system for toys which changes the way that children can interact with toys. Inventor's two year old daughter and traditional African toys were the inspiration for the invention.

A2493-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Baby Gate

Inventor, a single parent with a disabled child, has invented an alternative to traditional baby gates. The invention eliminates the causes of most injuries to children through baby gate use. Client has a working prototype.


A2370-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Clothing Design

Inventor is a consumer of related products for body shaping.  The invention is an improvement over existing product as it provides greater customization.

A2416-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Chalkless Pool Cue Tip

Inventor, an avid competitive pool player, has invented an improvement in chalkless pool cue tips. Inventor has a prototype.

A2477-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Foldable Travel Wig Stand Carrier

Inventor, a stay-at-home mother, inspired by the difficulty of a reality show character in carrying her wigs for travel, has invented an improvement to existing wig carriers. The invention is more compact and versatile than existing wig carriers. Inventor has prepared a draft non-provisional application.