A1641-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Shoostu-go: Other

Client, while watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta, noticed that the cast used multiple bags for different purposes. To streamline the number of bags needed, Client has invented an improved and multipurpose shoe bag.


A2250-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Toilet Bowl Hygiene

Client, a retired long-time engineer/manufacturing director with a PhD degree in Material Science, has invented a toilet bowl and surrounding area protector. The protector has new features and as well as improvements to existing solutions for hygiene on and near the toilet bowl area. The protector is easy to use and  makes the cleanup of the toilet and its surrounding area easier. Provisional patent filed August, 2017.

A1537-1-P:  Patent Prosecution: The Goddezz Hanger: Mechanical

Client’s invention allows for easy storage of wigs at home or on the go.

A2163-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Mechanics for Personal Device

Client, a lifelong inventor, has developed an improvement to the internal mechanisms of adult toys. Her invention revamps the internal mechanisms found in traditional toys for the last 30+ years to create an entirely new product.