Patent Cases Available for Placement

September 24, 2018

Interested in taking on a pro bono case with Georgia PATENTS? Please contact us at:
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We are happy to announce that the USPTO is issuing certificates to recognize practitioners who provide at least 50 hours of patent pro bono service to Georgia Patents during calendar year 2018.  Each personalized certificate will be signed by Commissioner of Patents Andrew Hirshfeld and William Covey, Director for the Office of Enrollment and Discipline.  In addition, the practitioners may also choose to have their names posted on the USPTO Patent Pro Bono website.  We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity!


A2685-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Cell Phone Mount

Inventors, husband, an Air Force veteran, and his wife, have invented a new cell phone holder in response to the hands free law. Unlike other similar items, this holder does not have the same attachment issues, is more stable and provides a better line of vision for the driver, making it more convenient and safer.




 A2439-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Mailbox Cover and Planter

Inventor, who is interested in the aesthetics of neighborhoods, has created a mailbox cover and planter. Invention, unlike similar items,  is durable, does not impede operation of the mailbox and includes additional features for celebratory expression.

A2384-1-P: Patent Prosecution: The Sudder

Inventor, who has a programming degree, became extremely concerned about privacy after viewing the movie Snowden. Inventor has invented a new category of camera security covers that allows easy access to the camera when wanted.


A2638-1-P: Patent Prosecution: Hair Collector

Inventor, a recent graduate with a PHD in Public Health was concerned with chemical use to fix drain clogs. Inventor has created a device that prevents hair from getting into drains.