It’s Raining Cats and. . . Doughnuts?

“Now we have NCC’s weather report ” a news anchor plainly said.”A highly unusual weather incident has been reported near a Sumatran Island where a severe typhoon has interfered with a large shipment of donuts. Now those donuts are caught in the wind heading North East while “raining” donuts on the islands and water below the winds. Back to you Cherry ”The confused meteorologist reported. Dr. Vladimir turned off the T.V. “Those foolish people thought we were dead but we will prove to them there is an evil narwhal living there. Well James, got any plans for the Stackhouse Project?”

2 years ago, a series of unreported vessels went missing near the northwest Sumatran Coast. A scientist, Dr. Vladimir, had noticed this. As he tried to figure out what was common in the missing ships, he realized that all ships all had the same type of shipment: bananas. The Stackhouse Project was a plan to find out what was living in that place and to capture it. The scientist had teamed up with James Stackhouse, a former scuba diver with theories about the WHat-Lives-Under-There.

James Stackhouse said, ”Well, I got some good shots of whatever the thing was but it was huge so you can’t really piece together the picture. We need to develop the film because my digital waterproof camera was broken.”

“Sometimes, James, I wish you weren’t as old school,” Dr.Vladimir said, sighing.

At a private Island, off the coast of Sumatra, two detectives stood face-to-with a narwhal, a giant, evil, jelly narwhal. Inspector Grey was only 26 and was able to outswim the giant narwhal, so he doubled back to the island through the back to help his not so nimble partner. Inspector Whitman, in his mid forties, stood there frozen.

He did some quick thinking. If I climb onto a tree THe narwhal would be too slow, right? Inspector Whitman climbed up a tree but then the strangest thing happened. A doughnut hit him on the face. Then another, and soon it started RAINING doughnuts . He fell down and into the giant jelly narwhal. Adrian was watching all of this, and just like the narwhal came out of the water, he went in with Whitman and was gone. Adrian walked around the beach wondering, wondering about the narwhal, wondering about the tentacle armed guy, and wondering if a glazed doughnut was ever going to fall down.