7th Grade Assignments

This page is updated by 3:30pm each day to reflect the most current assignments.  


Every night you need to turn off your chromebook (not just close the lid, not just log off, actually shut it down!)  This is essential for all updates to push through.

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Visit Google Classroom for latest assignments

Visit Google Classroom for latest assignments

LA Assignments

Visit Google Classroom for latest assignments

Honors LA Assignments

Visit Google Classroom for latest assignments


Daily and Weekly agendas can be found on google classroom.  (click here)


If you have any questions, please e-mail Mr Harris at harrist@hendricks.k12.in.us



History of Ghana Brochure due on Friday (Sept. 18th)


All materials are posted in the Agenda in Google Classroom.

9/14: None.

9/15: Initiative & Effort

9/16: None.

9/17: Being A Good Example

9/18: Everyday Leadership: Sessions 7 & 8


All materials are posted in the Agenda in Google Classroom.

Monday: Finance Packet (due Tuesday)

Tuesday: None.

Wednesday: Government & Public Administration Packet (due Thursday)

Thursday: None.

Friday: Career Exploration Lessons Packet (might be done in class)


Monday 8/24

1. Daily Warm Up question.

2.Use the Lesson 5 video as a guide to Lesson 5 : Variables.

3. Work on puzzles in lesson 5. #1-7[all parts of 7.]

Tuesday 8/25

  1. Daily Warm question
  2. Continue Lesson 5 in code.org. Complete all puzzles until 9, in 9 complete b and c.
  3. Lesson 5 flip grid

Wednesday 8/26

  1. Daily warm up question
  2. Newesla: NASA star Katherine Johnson
  3. Finish any previous work from the prior 2 days.

Thursday 8/27

  1. Daily Warm Up
  2. Lesson 6 with video Complete 1-6 puzzles

Friday 8/28

  1. Daily warm up
  2. Lesson 6 complete all puzzles up to 7,  and 8 A,B,C

Pd 1 Stem 6s3qscq

Pd 6 Stem kcumnsb


No homework

All classwork materials are posted in Google Classroom


Practice SI #15-20, Use SI Online to guide you.

SI #20 due in Flipgrid on Friday.


All choir work for the rest of the semester will be available on Google Classroom.  Our class code is lqwg5nh. If you have any difficulty accessing our class in Google Classroom, send me an email (childsdr@hendricks.k12.in.us).  For a clear view of assignment due dates, look at your Google Calendar.


Lizton Research Assignment - Routes & Ways done in class today 9/9/2020.  

No homework assigned today.

Health & Wellness

Monday:  Sept 14th- Classroom

Tuesday: Sept 15th-

Wednesday: Sept 16th-

Thursday: Sept 17th-

Friday: Sept 18th-