Patron Personal Property Policy - Final 2015

The Portneuf District Library will place items left by users that do not contain personal information in the lost and found box in the hallway.  Examples of these items are mittens, gloves, jackets, and the like.  

Items containing personal information, such as cell phones, keyrings, wallets, and day planners, will be held by the Portneuf Library for a minimum of 72 hours.  Upon discovery of abandoned personal information containing items, the Portneuf Library staff will attempt to make contact with the owner of the item(s) by using the phone contact information contained in our library system.  Staff shall only make contact with owners if identifying information is in plain sight. Staff shall not open or search through lost items in the attempt to find an owner. If the library user cannot be contacted or fails to collect their item(s), the item(s) will be turned over to the Chubbuck Police.  

Items shall only be collected by the owner, who must provide identification to the library staff upon collection.  Items will NOT be released to anyone other than the property owner, or the parent/guardian of the property owner if the owner is under the age of 18.  

A log containing a “chain of custody” shall be kept by the library staff.  The log shall contain:

Materials accepted as proof of identification:

Approved by the Board of Trustees July 30, 2012

Reapproved by the Board of Trustees March 19, 2015