Create a Group

The main purpose of creating a group is to allow others to collaboratively edit a work. 

1. Open any web browser and navigate to

2. Click the Log In button in the upper right region.  (You will be redirected to Central Authentication Services (CAS). Enter your NetId and password and click the login button again.)


3. Click the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen

4. Click Add a Group



Add a Group.jpg

 Fill out the Group Details, and then click Create Group

  1. Group Name (required)
  2. Description
  3. *Members  


 *To add members to the group, click in the text field to the left of the Add button, and begin typing the first or last name of the person you would like to add to the group.  

A dropdown containing name suggestions will appear as you type.  

Finish typing the name, or click one of the suggested names, and then click Add.

Note: If you would like any group member(s) to be able to edit the group details (name, description, members), then make sure to choose their permissions after adding them to the group using the process above.

Add a Member Field.jpg