The Sword Falls Youth Tournament

April 2-3, 2016

  1.                                                                      Location:  Ecole Ste. Anne, 715 Priestman St., Fredericton

Coordinator:  Barbara Daniel        Phone: (506) 454-7886          E-mail:




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CFF Ranked


Under 11 foil Special Event

            Beginners welcome

2005 or after

11:00 am


Under 17 foil

1999 or after

1:00 pm


Under 15 foil

2001 or after

1:00 pm



Under 17 epee

1999 or after

9:00 am


Under 15  epee

2001 or after

9:00 am


Under 17 sabre

1999 or after

10:00 am


Under 17 sabre

2001 or after

10:00 am


Under 13 foil

2003 or after

11:30 am


Fees:           $25 per event payable to Damocles Fencing Club

                      $10 for under 11 foil special event

Late fee:      $10 on registrations received after March 29.

                     Please make cheque payable to Damocles Fencing Club. 

To Register: Please register on line at:


           Send name, club, CFF #, birth year and events to

                  Fees & completed entry form with parent's signature are due at check-in.

Under 11 Special Event: There will be a variety of individual & group skill challenges including: “burst

                     the balloon”, step-lunge game, team relays, footwork agility challenge, “pin the glove” to

                     name a few.  Prizes for each challenge. Bring a mask, sous-plastron, jacket, glove & non-

                     electric foil.

Format : One round of pools followed by direct elimination to final. If there are less than six fencers, the DT may choose to run two rounds of pools before the direct elimination. In under 13 foil, elimination bouts will be for 10 hits in two periods of 3 minutes.    

Mixed or separate gender events:  If there are six or more of each gender in an Under 17 event, it will be run separately as required by the CFF. Other events will be run as  mixed gender events.

Membership: Participants must be current members of the CFF & FENB or equivalent.  

Required Clothing & Equipment: 

          Fencing breeches with knee socks or long, sturdy pants.

          Underarm plastron

          Breast protectors for female participants

          Glove with gauntlet to cover the jacket sleeve. Manchette required for sabre.

          Properly fitting mask with head strap. Foil masks must have electric bib.

Mask & body cord check will be conducted prior to competing.

Canteen:  Light meals & snacks will be available with proceeds to support the Damocles Club.

Spectators & Volunteers:  Please bring indoor shoes to wear in the gym.

Scorekeeper / Timekeeper Training

Competitors are much better served if the referee is assisted by a scorekeeper and timekeeper.  This allows the referee to devote full attention to decision-making. Parents, siblings, friends & non-competing fencers are encouraged to volunteer as scorekeepers and timekeepers during the competition. Please lend a hand. Training will be offered at the event as required.




Comfort Inn

797 Prospect St., Fredericton

Sport rate: $96.00 plus tax includes hot breakfast

(506) 453-0800

Best Western Hotel & Suites

333 Bishop Drive, Fredericton

Sport rate: $121 plus tax includes hot breakfast


Damocles                             “The Sword Falls” Tournament                                                2016

Fencer’s Name: _________________________________       Birthdate:_________________________

Club: _______________________________________            E-mail:___________________________

CFF #: _____________________________________

Please check events you wish to enter:




Cadet (under 17)

Cadet (under 17)

Cadet (under 17)

Under 15

Under 15

Under 15

Under 13



Under 11



Participant Agreement:  Please read carefully and sign below:  

I understand that there is potential risk for injury inherent in fencing, as in all sports. These include but are not limited to:

Personal protective equipment:  I understand that it is mandatory to wear a properly fitting fencing mask, underarm plastron on the sword arm, breast protector for females, fencing jacket, glove with gauntlet that covers the sword arm sleeve, and fencing breeches or long pants of robust material, all of which must be in good repair.

Safety rules in competition: I understand that rules have been established for safe conduct at the competition site that I must follow and the organizers have tried to create a safe and controlled environment for participation.


Release: I am participating voluntarily in this event and agree to accept the risks and be responsible for any injury, equipment damage or other loss that I might incur as a direct or indirect result of my participation in the 2016 “Sword Falls” Tournament.  I agree to release the Damocles Fencing club, Fencing-Escrime NB and their respective directors,officers, staff, coaches, tournament volunteers and officials of all responsibility for such injury, loss or damage.  

Acknowledgment:  I have read this agreement and understand its significance.

Fencer’s Signature: ______________________________  

Parent/Guardian:_________________________________       Date: _______________________________