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The purpose of this form is to get a general idea of your publishing proposal and introduce your proposal to our scientific committee for their consideration and approval. A decision will be sent within 3 days of receipt. Please, download this form, fill it and return it by email to

1. Type of publication proposed:

Other ____________________________________

*Single-author monograph: specialized scientific book written by one main author

** Multiple-author Monograph: a scientific book written by different authors

***Edited Book: a research book in which each chapter is written by different contributors and edited by an expert scholar

2. Provisional title of the proposed publication

3. Keywords (6 maximum)

4. Model. Authors can choose to publish their books under open access or traditional model

5. Editor/Author Details

Scientific Title:

Full Name:





6. Manuscript size and technical details

5.1. What will be the estimated final length of your publication? (1 page = approx. 450 words)

Number of Pages:

5.2. Do you plan to include any of the following?        YES        NO


        End-of-chapter references                



5.3. In which phase is your book at the moment?

There is no publication yet. This is still an idea

I have some notes        

There are some draft chapters finished

The complete draft of the publication is ready

7. Estimated manuscript submission date (if foreseeable):


8. Overview of the proposed publication

7.1. Define your subject area

7.2. Contents

Please write a short overview outlining the scope and topics of your publication.

Please include a short statement about the most important features of your publication which could be used on the back cover.

7.3. Audience

Please give details of the principal audiences for the publication. What particular advantages does your publication have compared to the other publications in this field?

9. Hard copies

Would you be interested in buying hard copies* of your book?:      YES          NO        If yes, how many?


* The book will be printed on premium quality paper, hard bound with  full color cover and black/white book block. Color graphics will be visible only in the online version of the book.

10. Promotional activities

Do you have any idea for promoting the book?

Will it be used in any institution (universities, clinical centres)?

Do you have any blog/website where promoting the book?

Would you be willing to spread the book in your social profiles?

Would you be willing to record an interview to be shown online (Youtube, Vimeo…)?


11. Manuscript Preparation Format

Manuscript, including tables, should be typeset as MS Word .doc file.

Images should be in jpeg, gif or pneg format and at least 300 DPI resolution.

We can redraw images (no photos) for improving resolution, at 20€/each.

12. For Conference Proceedings

Name of the event:


Conference date:

Conference venue:


Number of papers planned to be included in the book:

13. Please, type a resume of your CV to be included in the back cover. You can also include a photo of yourself.

The copyright of any book published by iMedPub belongs to the publisher unless the book is published Open Access.