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RCPS Tech Toolkit - Accessibility Resources
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Accessibility Resources

These Chrome resources have been approved in RCPS for student use.

There are Tools & Ways to Meet the Accessibility

Needs of Your Students

RCPS Teachers: Please select this link for Tools and Information to help you meet the digital needs of your students.

Table of Contents

iPad Accessibility

Chromebook Accessibility Features


Attention Enhancing

Audio Recording




Reading Aids



Writing Tools

iPad Accessibility

iPad Accessibility Features

Learn about the accessibility features built into the iPad.

iPad Accessibility Features

iPad Accessibility Support

iPad Accessibility Video Playlist

Chromebook Accessibility Features

Chromebook Accessibility Features

Learn about the many accessibility features built into the Chromebook.

Chromebook Accessibility Features Support

*Chromebook Accessibilty

*Chromebook Accessibility: Key Features

*Live Captioning

*Select to Speak


Chromebook Color Settings

Chromebook Accessibility Video Playlist

Chrome Extensions



Markup, type in, highlight and more for PDFs in Google Drive.

Kami Chrome Extension

Kami Video


This is a Google Doc Add-on for annotating, commenting, highlighting and sharing with others. It saves annotations in a personal library. Add tags to organize annotations by topic for easier searching. Adding citations to the bibliography is easy. Free and paid versions.

Scrible Video

Super Simple Highlighter

Allows the user to Highlight text right click to see the color choices beside Super Simple Highlighter.

Super Simple Highlighter Chrome Extension

Super Simple Highlighter Video

Attention Enhancing 


Announcify reads a website out loud, simplifies the page by removing distractions and opens it in a new window. As it reads, it blurs out the paragraphs above & below where it is reading. Announcify starts reading automatically. Right Click to adjust the settings.

Announcify Chrome Extension

Announcify Video

*Just Read

This extension simplifies the page by removing extras and spacing the article out. One can personalize line length, text size and color, link color, and background color.

Just Read Chrome Extension

Just Read Video

*Mercury Reader

Clear away the distractions from articles. Using the settings button, adjust the font size, font, and set a white or black background color.

Mercury Reader Chrome Extension

Mercury Reader Video

*Move It

Increase focus by scheduling brain breaks. Set the amount of time and it will give you a break by giving you an exercise to do.

Move It Extension

Move It Extension Video


Increase focus by reading one word at a time. Adjust font and speed to best meet your needs.

Readline Extension

Readline Extension Video

Stay Focusd

Personalize it to block time wasting websites or specific in-page content or set it up so allow for a certain amount of time.

Stay Focusd Chrome Extension

Stay Focusd Video

*Strict Workflow

The standard setting is to work 25 minutes without distractions, followed by 5 minutes of break and repeating as needed. Personalize the settings to best suit your needs.

Strict Workflow Chrome Extension

Strict Workflow Video

Audio Recording 

Mic Note- Voice Recorder and Notepad

Create audio recordings or record a presentation, and take notes on the notepad. Has ability to save audio (MP3) & audio notes directly into Google Drive.

Mic Note- Voice Recorder and Notepad Chrome Extension

Mic Note- Voice Recorder & Notepad Directions

Talk & Comment

Use Talk & Comment to leave voice notes on websites, Google Docs, Google Forms, and more tools. Record questions and comments most anywhere on the internet. To use record your voice from the widget inside your browser, and paste the generated voice link anywhere you want.

*Students must install the extension to be able to listen to the voice comments without it opening in a new tab. With the extension, students simply click on the play button to listen.

Voice & Comment Chrome Extension

Voice & Comment Video


This easy to use website allows you to record, preview, redo it and offers multiple sharing options. These options include embed, email, download (MP3, Ogg, FLAC, or WAV or create a QR code). There is also an option to delete the link when you no longer need the recording.

Vocaroo Directions

*Voice Recorder

This is a Chrome app that allows you  to listen and edit the audio recording and save it as an MP3 to the desktop or download file. One can re-edit & save it again as another version.

Voice Recorder Chrome App

Voice Recorder Directions

Voice Recorder Video



When enabled CraftyCursor highlights the cursor to make it easily seen. To turn it on (black) and off (red), click the extension icon. The highlight color can also be changed. While it is in use it also shows what keys are pressed.

Crafty Cursor Extension

Crafty Cursor Extension Video


This extension allows you to magnify a portion of the screen. To turn on & off and to change settings, select the extension icon. After that use CMD-SHIFT-Z or CTRL-SHIFT-Z to turn it on and off. Unfortunately, you cannot scroll down while the extension is turned on.

Crafty Zoom Extension

Crafty Zoom Extension Video


  *Alpha Text

Make websites readable by customizing and changing the appearance of websites. Change the background color. Adjust the font, size, height, and text color. Save viewing preferences to apply to other websites and save preferences for specific pages. Lastly, simplify the page by hiding media.

Alpha Text Chrome Extension

Alpha Text- Written Directions

Alpha Text- Video Directions

AT Bar

This is an excellent tool to use to start with a student when you are not sure what the student needs. There are many tools in one bar including font size and color, spell checker, built in dictionary, text to speech, word prediction, styles, and color overlay. There are some ways to personalize tools.

AT Bar Chrome Extension

AT Bar Guide

BeeLine Reader

BeeLine Reader makes reading faster and easier because it uses a color gradient to direct your eyes from word to word and line to line. Can select the colors. The free version allows you five uses a day.

BeeLine Reader Chrome Extension

BeeLine Reader Video

Color Enhancer

Apply a customizable color filter to web pages to assist people who are partially color-blind or are experiencing eye strain.

Color Enhancer Chrome Extension

Color Enhancer Chrome Extension Video 

Dyslexia Friendly




Comic Neue

Monospaced fonts

Dyslexia Unscrambled

This supports specialized fonts that tend to work well for individuals who are dyslexic. It converts the font on websites to these fonts: OpenDyslexic, Arial, or Comic Sans. It does not support Google applications. With one click on the extension icon, it is easily enabled and disabled. In addition, it adjusts the contrast and spacing on the page.

Dyslexia Unscrambled Chrome Extension

Dyslexia Unscrambled Video

  Screen Shader

This extension provides a color overlay based on the time of day on your website page. It also has keyboard shortcuts and settings to personalize your experience. Using this extension reduces eye fatigue and eye strain.

Screen Shader Chrome Extension


This extension opens the page in a new tab, reduces distractions by removing extras, simplifies the page reducing the amount of text by the percent entered. Also, it adds themes or main ideas in a sidebar. Select a theme and it highlights the words in the text related to the theme. One can toggle between the standard font and the Dyslexic font.

Skimcast Chrome Extension

Skimcast Top Tips


This reading aid provides a screen dimmer and a lighter reading area. The colors and the size of the reading area are adjustable.

Visor Chrome Extension

Reading Aids 

These tools are best used for long passages or when doing research. Each of tool works by choosing

the most important sentences to include in the “summarized” version.



Cut & paste text in. It simplifies the text. You can also click on a word & a definition pops up. In addition, print the reworded text or it can color code the words according to the part of speech. If the text is too simple, then it won't be able to simplify it anymore.


There are three ways you can enter in  text: paste text in the box, upload from your computer, or paste in the url. Select the number of sentences desired in the summary and personalize the settings.

Text Compactor  


Cut & paste text into the box. Drag the slider for the percent you'd like to keep in the text. Then read the shortened version that appears below.

Text Compactor Video


*Google Voice Typing

Dictate into Google Docs or into the Notes in Google Slides. In addition, Voice typing works in almost any language.

Google Voice Typing

Speech Notes - Speech To Text Notepad

Autosaves, exports to Google Drive, downloads as Word and .txt. Automatically capitalizes letters at the beginning of sentences. Unlimited usage for free.

Speech Notes- Speech to Text Notepad app

Speech Notes Video

*Live Transcribe

This transcription tool does an effective job of transcribing conversations, Zoom meetings and lessons. The teacher or student may NOT create a transcript of any copyrighted materials.

Live Transcribe app

Video Example

Voice Recognition app

Use this app to dictate long documents, emails, etc. without using the keyboard. It saves automatically. It can be saved to Google Drive or Dropbox, or send it to any email address. Downloads text as .txt.

Voice Recognition App 

Voice Recognition Video


*For Text-to-Speech options for specific classroom needs, please select Specific Text-to-Speech Options*

*For Text-to-Speech for World Languages, please select Read Aloud for World Langauges


Announcify reads a website out loud, simplifies the page by removing distractions by opening it in a new window. As it reads, it blurs out the paragraphs above & below where it is reading. It starts reading automatically. Right Click to adjust the settings.

Announcify Chrome Extension

Announcify Video


ClaroRead reads the highlighted portion of website aloud. There are settings to personalize your reading and listening experience.  

ClaroRead Chrome Extension

ClaroRead Video

*Read Aloud:

A Text-to-Speech Voice Reader

Read Aloud reads the highlighted words of a website, Google Doc, Google Keep, Gmail, Google Classroom, Schoology, and PDFs opened in Kami. There are settings to personalize your reading and listening experience. This offers several different voices and supports 40 languages. Some voices are paid. Use Read Aloud with Read & Write for Google to read most everything on the Chrome Browser aloud.

Read Aloud Chrome Extension

Read Aloud Video

Read Aloud Written Directions

Read Aloud for World Langauges

Leer en Voz Alta para los idiomas del mundo

*Read & Write for Google 

*Read & Write fixed the issue with their update and it is now available to students.

The free version reads web pages and Google docs. This works on Edgenuity. Use Read & Write for Google to read items that are in a readable format on the Chrome Browser.

Read & Write Chrome Extension

Read & Write Video

Read & Write Free Version Information


Use the buiSelect & Speak

Directions for Embedding a Readable PDF in Schoology

Select & Speak

UPDATED Directions!

Select & Speak is built into the Chromebook.  Select the text you want to read. Then select the Select and Speak icon in the lower right corner near the time. Listen t it read aloud. It reads many websites and Google Docs, Keep, Gmail, and much more. In Schoology, it can read Kami assignments, and announcements, Google Docs, Slides, Drawings, Sheets, Forms & more. Select & Speak offers around 25 different dialects and languages for listening in a native language or in the language one is learning.

Select & Speak Chrome Extension 

Select & Speak Video

Read Aloud for World Langauges

Writing Tools 


This is a word prediction app and extension that can do speech-to-text and has the ability to read it back.

*Co:Writer is now expanding into additional languages.

*This is a paid RCPS app for middle school students that is reviewed yearly.

Co:Writer Chrome Extension

Teacher Directions: Co:Writer Creating Accts (RCPS)

Co:Writer Student Directions

Co:Writer Overview Video

Co:Writer Topic Dictionary Video


Ginger checks grammar & spelling by highlighting spelling and grammar errors. Also, it provides easy access to definitions, synonyms and a personal dictionary for unique words and names. Approve any correction by clicking on the recommended fix. Ginger can also translate text into 40 different languages.

Ginger Chrome Extension

Ginger Chrome App

Ginger Video

Ginger Directions

Google Dictionary

This extension allows you to view a definition in a pop-up bubble, see the definition using the toolbar dictionary icon, store a history of the words for later reference, and automatically translate international words into your preferred language.

Google Dictionary Chrome Extension

Google Dictionary Video


Grammarly checks your grammar and spelling as you write in most places on the web. It underlines it, so you can fix it immediately or come back to do it.

Grammarly Chrome Extension

Grammarly Video

*Learner’s Dictionary

An English dictionary with easy to understand definitions and examples.

Learner’s Dictionary Chrome App

Learner’s Dictionary Speaker App

Power Thesaurus

Provides quick access to a thesaurus. The words listed include the part of speech and hashtags to help show meaning.


Please email Jennifer Showalter at with any questions, concerns, or revisions needed for any of these tools.

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