Classroom Struggle Caucus

The Classroom Struggle Caucus is the OEA member & school worker wing of Classroom Struggle.

We organize with parents and students for the defense AND transformation of Oakland public schools towards becoming more liberatory spaces for students, school workers and parents and fights for the resources necessary to provide high quality education for all students.

Caucus goals:

  1. Bring together teachers ready to reconstruct our schools and fight for the resources necessary to achieve high quality education for all students, and do so in joint struggle with school staff, Parents and students.
  2. Strengthen rank and file union participation at school sites and build relationships between teachers, parent, students and other school workers.
  3. Organize union membership towards a shared vision of a social, economic and racial justice union and collective action towards this end.
  4. Grow as both militant union members and social justice teachers.
  5. Shift the district towards liberatory pedagogy and school structures.
  6. Advance the OEA Vision as a material reality in Oakland (available on OEA website).

We believe:

  1. We need full transparency in OEA and a culture that encourages broad participation and discussion in union decision-making.
  2. Our union should serve as a tool for advancing demands that serve the interests of not just us as teachers, but of all school workers, students and parents.  
  3. The district has historically proven itself to be neither our ally nor a trustworthy partner.  We must approach contract bargaining with this reality very clear in our minds.
  4. If we are going to achieve our goals, we must be prepared to engage in sustained militant struggle (workplace actions, strikes, etc.).
  5. We will be most powerful when we build strong solidarity and joint struggle with the other staff, parents and students at our school sites and in our communities.
  6. Our caucus must organize independently of CTA, which, in affiliation with the Democratic Party, tends to prioritize corporate interests and political power over the interests of working class people and communities of color.
  7. The struggle for education justice is intricately tied to larger issues, thus our struggle is also the fight for racial, economic, and social justice in our classrooms, our school district, our city and beyond.
  8. We must support each other to grow as educators and hold each other accountable when we are not serving our students well.

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