#156 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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New In-Game Ui

Referred to internally as Game Mode ID, this new player ID in the corners for each player shows an icon beside your name, much like the rank emblems you see on the ladder today, but are specific to Arena, Tavern Brawl, Adventures, and Casual.


Mike Donais/Peter Whalen Talk the State of HS

Cam Shea of IGN interviewed both Mike Donais and Peter Whalen recently about the state of HS.


Old Gods/Standard



Europe Spring Championship

Thijs is now the first two-time regional champion and has locked in his BlizzCon seat for the second year in a row. Thijs went all the ways to the finals to play against Russian underdog Iner (fun fact: as of this Friday Russia will officially recognize eSports in their national register of sports).



The Old Gods Travel Agency

HS Brasil Facebook page posted what we’re assuming is a just-for-fun image of the "Old Gods Travel Agency" brochures show destinations:

This has however sparked the discussion about whether these could be places coming in the next Adventure or expansion.


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Ryan (aka Netboy)

Well Met Raging Roosters!

With the last day of the season upon me this past month and a Hunter quest to complete and I queued up with my slightly modified Midrange Hunter deck queuing into what at first, I believed was a Divine Shield Aggro Paladin.

He quickly begins playing a slew of dragons and after trading as best I can, and an unfortunate Forbidden Healing turn, I'm down 8-12.

Running out of options I play Fossilized Devilsaur with no board, forfeiting taunt, which is quickly Aldor'd to 1 attack. I top-deck Highmane and quickly Houndmaster her as a last gasp effort.

I'm obviously on the ropes with only 2 health and a 7 health Highmane with taunt so of course, he plays N'Zoth, bringing back Chillmaw and an Infested Tauren.  My spirits sink.  I consider conceding.  He attacks with everything he's got to leave me with no Taunts, 2 health and that stupid, taunt-less, 1-attack Devilsaur,  He shouts "Incredible!" and "Well Played!" with 6 health, N'Zoth and 2 taunts.  


With a board including my 1-attack Fossilized Devilsaur left, I top-deck Quickshot with an empty hand.  After going face to bring him to 3 Health and praying to RNGesus, the Quick Shot draws Deadly Shot!  With another silent prayer to the RNG Gods, the shot lands on Chillmaw, destroying him and in the deathrattle aftermath, my opponent's 2/3 Infested Tauren, leaving him unprotected with 3 health and my Hunter with that lonely, weakened, now 1/3 Fossilized Devilsaur.  I give him a "Well Played" finish him off with exact lethal from the "Angriest Devilsaur" and a steady shot to the face.

Never Concede!

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Grinning Sheeps

I don't have any crazy intro or film noir-style writing.  Just a simple question.

Why do decks that work at competitions not work on ladder and vice versa?  I understand it's a different meta but if aggro decks on ladder kill other decks, why don't people bring them to competitions and if the control-style decks work in competition, why aren't they played on ladder?

For us newbs, you know.


Good day my feathered friends.

Do you think for shaman Blizzard could make cards that require you to spend overloaded crystals to cast? Thought it might be a cool way to make something even more unique for shaman.

Keep up the great work.


Hey cross cockerels,

A friend and I are interested in hosting a fireside gathering at a local game shop, but unfortunately we're not into the competitive side of hearthstone, and having never participated in a fireside gathering (or any sort of tournament for that matter). We needed some advice on how to format the small tournament we may be doing. I know there are a lot of different tournament formats out there, and I was curious what kind of tournament style you guys would use. For the record, we have no idea how many people will be there because we haven't set it up yet, so the size of the tournament is to be determined. Whether you answer it on the show or not, any advice would be appreciated.


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