Chocolatier: Decadence by Design event guide in chronological order (in my game)

*all locations listed with travel were just what happened in my game.

Person/Location Triggers Event



Verena, Main St Market Zurich

1st cocoa purchase

recipe: milk chocolate bars

Florian Amiel

give 20 cases of Cup of Joe

recipe: Mocha

Agustina Calvino

10 cases chocolate with hazelnut bars

passage to Tangiers

Uluru - Shakka

Set aside 1st batch cafe con Leche

recipe: Cafe con Leche, passage to Havana

Ilan in Tangiers

2 cases Chocolate Bar w/ Raspberries

Raspberry ingredient appears at Souk Market

during travel - Saraya Tahari

talk to Zachariah in Tangiers

recipe: Arabian Bold

during travel (to Bali, for me) - Agustina


recipe: Coffee w/ Whipped Cream

Bali - Santosa Devi

10 cases new creations

recipe: Breakfast Roast

Tangiers - Zachariah at shop

40 cases Arabian Bold to Zachariah

recipe: Coffee w/ Mint

recipe: Coffee w/ Amaretto

Cape Town - Felix

34 cases 66% African to Ilan

recipe: Special Blend coffee

Tangiers - Zachariah at shop

100 mocha, 100 new invention

own Tangiers shop

Tokyo - Valerie

talk to Lolita in Havana, 15 cases coffee w/ whipped cream

recipe: Coffee w/ Nutmeg

recipe: Irish Coffee

en route to Tangiers

recipe: Spicy Dark Chocolate Infusion


chocolate with caramel bars

Cinnamon ingredient available

Yoshi at Tokyo store

50 cases Allspice Infusion

recipe: Milk Choc w/ Allspice Infusion

recipe: Vanillla Cinnamon Inf (after getting allspice infusions)

Kenji at Tokyo Palace

bring 20 invention cases, Cacao Lime Infusions

recipe: Dark Columbian Cacao Lime Infusion

recipe: Cocoa w/ Macadamia Nuts (after getting Lime inf)

passage to Bogota

Asaka Tokyo Tower

45 chocolate raspberry bars, 45 cinnamon coffee

recipe: Milk Chocolate w/ Blueberry Infusion

recipe: Strawberry Anise Infusion

Doula - Shakka

talk to Ilan in Tangiers - 40 Mango Clove Infusions

recipe: Mango Clove Infusions

recipe: Blended Cocoa Dark Infusions (after getting mango inf)

en route to Havana - Rahim Talik

give 26 Chocolate with Blueberry Infusions

recipe: Chocolate Ginger Infusions

talk to Evangelina in San Fran


recipe: White Chocolate Truffles

Evangelina in San Fran

produce White Truffles

recipe: Wasabi Cashew Truffles

recipe: Lemon Raspberry Truffles

recipe: Spicy Currant Truffles

recipe: Honey Milk Truffles

recipe: Hazelnut Milk Truffles

Whitney Baumeister in Wellington

Lemon Raspberry truffle in inventory

recipe: Cameroon Dark Truffles w/ Saffron

Felix at Cape Town

Honey Milk Choc Truffle in inventory

recipe: Specialty Cacao Espresso Truffle

Joseph in Toronto

Hazelnut Milk Choc Truffle in inventory

recipe: Blended Varietal Cacao Pumpkin Truffle

Deiter in Toyko

Wasabi Cashew truffle in inventory

recipe: Sesame ginger Colombian Truffle

Alex in Zurich

Spicy Currant Truffle in inventory

recipe: Peruvian Cocoa Cardamon & Nutmeg Truffle

passage to Lima

Evangelina in San Fran

talk to her after all truffles exchanged

recipe: Blended Varietal Cacao Dark truffle

tells you Havana will sell shop to you

Shokka in Wellington

talk to Joesph in Toronto

Access to Toronto factory

recipe: Super Buzz

Joseph in Toronto

talk to Whitney in Wellington with case of Super Buzz

Access to Wellington factory

recipe: Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels

Joseph in Toronto

talk to Keylla at Plaza Mayor in Lima with 60 Wasabi Cashew Truffles

recipe: Lemon Lime Dark Chocolate Stars

Joseph in Toronto

20 cases Super Buzz, Hazelnut Infused, and Super Mocha Blend

to Felix in Cape Town

recipe: Hazelnut Infused

recipe: Super Mocha

recipe: Winter Warmer (from Felix on delivery)

recipe: Spicy Blend (from Felix on delivery)

Keylla at Plaza Mayor in Lima

50 Lemon Lime Dark Stars

recipe: Dark Chocolate Dates with Almonds

Pamela Harrington (route to Zurich)

see Claudia Elquez in Las Vegas.  $25,000

recipe: Mint & Whisky Liqueurs

Claudia Elquez in Las Vegas

78 cases Mint & Whisky Liqueurs to Henri in Douala

recipe: Peanut Butter Stars

Henri at shop in Douala

100 Peanut Butter Stars, 100 Irish Coffee, 100 Allspice Honey

ownership of Douala shop

Motochika Hareda, en route to San Fran


recipe: Pumpkin Pie Latte

Motochika Hareda, same encouter

50 Coffee Amaretto, 50 Pumpkin Pie Latte to Tigris River Baghdad

recipe: Caramel Latte

Evangelina in San Fran


recipe: Mediterranean Coffee

sesame ingredient available in Tangiers

Evangelina in San Fran, same encounter

25 Mediterranean coffee, 65 Sesame Ginger to Pedro in Bogota

recipe: Orange Pecan Chocolate Stars

Pedro in Bogota

12 Strawberry Anise Infusions, 12 Orange Stars to Susana at La Catederal in Bogota

recipe: World's Finest Choc Covered Strawberires

recipe: Dark Choc Honey Butter Crunch

Motochika Hareda, in travels

35 cases of two inventions

recipe: Choc Covered Candied Rose Petals

recipe: Coconut Milk Coffee

Rose Petals available in Zurich

Abraham Sa'eed in Baghdad shop

200 cases Caramel Latte to Zenab in Baghdad

recipe: Coffee Grog

Agustina, in travels

say you are feeling lucky

recipe: Cafe Caribe

Mariama Nana, in travels


recipe: Dark Chocolate Dates w/ Almonds

passage to Gobi

Dates ingredient available in Gobi

Mariama Nana, in travels

50 Choc Covered Dates to Plaza Mayor in Lima

recipe: Sweet Chai Chocolate Stars

recipe: Chocolate Covered Salted Pistachios

Whitney in Wellington

7 inventions, 11 exotic recipes

recipe: Blended Cacao Deep Chocolate w/ Cashews

Whitney's CEO endorsement

Zenah in Sinjari

200 Coffee Grog, 50 each of 3 inventions

Tigris shop ownership

Joseph in Toronto

$3 mill in account, 11 coffee blend recipes

recipe: Mexican Coffee

Joseph's CEO endorsement


find and speak to Sean

Cambria Equivel ingredient available in Xurantunich