Show Hosts!


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton



From within the world of the intewrwebs comes the most OP Hero introduced into the Nexus on this show. Her passion and pursuit for excellence is unmatched and in the nexus that would be no different. From braving her horror game stream, rocking the Into the Nexus Pre-Show, and her outstanding builds on HeroesForge she still has time to blog about health and fitness… Adventurers beware… there is not a hero out there that can compare with the next hero forged on HeroesForge… that's right, you guessed it… it's KRISTEN ASHTON!

Jeff’s Choices


Tank (Bruiser)

Trait- “Battle to be Better”

In the nexus Kristen would be a “Tiny-Tank” but don't be fooled by her size. Her trait is SO OP that all tanks are jealous and aspire to have half of the power that she has. Artanis, Diablo, Johanna and all the others send letters to the developers at Blizzard to get buffed so that the can compete with Kristen. But alas, her power is unmatched. Her Trait “Battle to be Better” is a trait that can be activated for a friendly player- when the trait is activated the selected character will see a short tutorial video while they are on the death timer that is narrated by Kristen, showing them what they could have done better for next time. These videos are salt free and allow for the players to better their gaming skills for future battles. This can be talented into later in the game to allow the player to also see a video about their character’s physique and how they can obtain their physique in real live. Complete with an exercise and diet routine.

Mount-  Carries a 10lb medicine ball and runs.

Q- “Power of Positivity”

In the interwebs Kristen is known for her amazing positivity and always having fun in the game. When this ability is selected a positivity monster comes out from beneath the ground and dashes towards an enemy- giving them a huge heroes of the storm hug. This hug deals damage to the enemy and stuns them for a short amount of time. Acting as an engage and allowing the friendly team to regain the positivity of the game and roll forward!

W- “Bench Press”

Kristen will pick up the closest hero and bench press them into the sky. When they hit the ground they will take damage. This can be talented into later in the game to all her to bench press them and then put them into a sleeper hold and WWE like smash them into the ground and stun them. Depending on the weight of the enemy character they take more or less damage.

E- “Esports Pose”

When activated Kristen’s character strikes one of 10 poses that stun enemies in the area. If you have watched any of the Blizzcon heroes championships you have seen Kristen doing these poses. Flexing, screaming and intimidating the enemy is one of the Tiny-Tanks special moves. This ability affects heroes in a small AoE circle around her- stunning them for a short amount of time. Because she is posing she is unable to attack during this ability. 3 STUNS ON ONE CHARACTER… HELL YEAH!

Heroic 1- “FPS”

We all know that Kristen has been learning to play FPS on her stream and has come a long way for the last year with games like Doom and Bioshock. When this ability is activated the game goes into an FPS for the Kristen player and they are equipped with a Rambo mini gun to go nuts on the enemy team with. OP or just right… Just right if you ask me.

Heroic 2- “Murky Power”

POWER OF MURKY! 3 Murky’s appear and will be controlled by the Kristen player for the rest of the game. The acts the same way as the Lost Vikings… but with murky. 3 eggs. And they are all forced to take march of the murlocs… and when one of them uses march of the murlocs they all use it.

Specialty Skin

        “Ricarda Simmons”


Alternating Heisman poses

Kristen’s Choices


Forged in the burning heat of the Arizonian desert and molded by the jaws of the Mouse, Jeff Reynolds is a support within the Nexus unlike any other. Bold and proud, those on his team never lose.







All friendly units around Jeff are inspired for up to five stacks the longer they are around his aura. Inspired gives players increased health regeneration as well as time reductions to movement impairing effects.


        Classic Mustang - 1969

Comes in black, red or blue with white stripes.


Let’s Talk

Instead of fighting, Jeff is a master of words, ready to carry on a conversation for however long it needs to go on. Should enemies try and attack him directly, Jeff launches into an engaging chat, rooting and stunning surrounding enemies in place as they find themselves drawn into talking.


Ever the Optimist

When times are the bleakest, that’s when Jeff’s healing soars. The lower the health of the target Hero, the higher the heal.


Forcing the Hand

Every support needs a way to defend themselves. If backed into a corner, Jeff whips out a beer bottle, breaks it on whatever is nearby and becomes a ruthless damager for a few seconds. Nearby teammates are spurred on with inspiration to fight back, receiving a mana over time heal.


Crush-in’ It

Master of multitasking and memorization, Jeff Reynolds only has to get to 10 before he sees all he needs to ensure his team’s victory. When activated, Jeff targets an enemy Hero, describing to his team who they are and what they are made of. Armed with this knowledge, the enemy is now open to taking triple damage from the enemy team, all but ensuring an immediate kill.


        The Creator

Knowing Heroes isn’t Jeff’s only gift. He also goes by The Creator in some of his more esoteric circles. In this role, he crafts tales that entrance even the most unimaginative. After launching into a story, the entire enemy team is held captive more and more, the longer the story is told. It is an area effect that slows enemy the longer they’re in it, eventually stunning them outright. Jeff can move it around at half speed but can be interrupted.


        Disco Fever

                Bell bottoms, potential fro and tasteful gold chains.


        Saturday Night Fever

What good is a disco outfit without a disco dance?