How have you used technology in your classroom as a direct tool substitute?

Grade 6 Team Meeting

  • projector instead of whiteboard
  • word processing instead of writing free hand
  • presentations (posters -> keynote, powerpoint, prezi, etc.)
  • attendance (AP Web)
  • drill & practice (paper/textbook -> websites, apps, etc.)
  • calendar!
  • replacing handouts with links to documents online
  • explain everything for every-day procedures
  • Edmodo instead of a weekly/daily assignment sheet
  • turnitin for detecting plagiarism and grading/feedback

Grade 7 Team Meeting

  • Comics on the iPad instead of on paper
  • Newspaper front page w/Pages & publisher
  • Blogging instead of paper journaling
  • T-shirt design using brushes instead of using paper
  • Quiz corrections videos instead of corrections in class using Explain Everything
  • Puppet Pals as a substitute for oral presentations
  • YouTube videos as supplemental instructional materials
  • Tasks/Calendar/Reminders on iPad instead of agenda
  • replacing formative homework, review work, exit slips, SLC spirit activities w/Google Forms

Grade 8 Team Meeting

  • Writing journals as power points
  • Post announcements on overhead projector instead of reading them aloud
  • Students write bellwork on iPad instead of classroom journal
  • Emailing homework vs handing in
  • Sean does all those things
  • E-mailing parents a lot more
  • Edmodo: students are held accountable based on Edomo postings
  • Youtube clips (at home or in class)
  • Discovery Education (videos, worksheets, etc)

Specialist Team Meeting

  • PE movement routines
  • PE skill assessment
  • iMovie for a dance unit (video routine)
  • edmodo for reflections
  • pages to create advertisement
  • access to internet for research
  • Quran app
  • excel for grades & 3-way conferences
  • makes teachers’ lives easier
  • email & edmodo (parent communication)