2013 edition.

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  1. When will tickets go on sale?
    The event is currently SOLD OUT! If you'd like to attend, please add yourself to the Eventbrite waiting list; there may be people needing to sell their ticket as we get closer to the event. http://yxyy.eventbrite.com/ 

  1. I need to update my contact information, or have another ticket-related question.
    Please email
    help@yxyy.us and be sure to include your full name, email, and Eventbrite confirmation number if applicable.

  1. What is the $150 fee for? 
    This is solely to cover our expenses in
    buying out the entire hotel - including 2 pools, the bar, the stargazing deck, the clubhouse, & the commune. It will only be Yay-Sayers at the hotel Friday-Sunday!

  1. If I’ve bought a ticket, do I have to stay at ACE Hotel?

Yes, unless it becomes sold out. The event organizers are on the hook for the hotel  buyout and so we need to fill the ACE first.

  1. I got a ticket, but the ACE Hotel is sold out. What do I do?
    We are encouraging people to share rooms (see #12 below) so hopefully this won’t be an issue but it is possible that there won’t be room for us all.
    First thing to do: check the room share spreadsheet to see if anyone got a room and has an extra bed.

    Not to worry! There are several excellent hotels within walking distance of ACE Hotel. You’ll have an event badge and have 24-hour access to the ACE.

    NOTE: The event is contingent on filling the ACE, so please try to book a room there first before seeking other accommodations.

  1. I’d like to stay at the ACE Hotel for a couple extra days. Is there a discount?
    Yes! YxYY has exclusively reserved the hotel for Friday check-in through Sunday at noon. They have offered YxYYers 15% off their normal rates for days before or after that you'd like to stay!

  1. Is anyone making any money? 
    Nope! This is a totally not-for-profit endeavor. The organizing committee
    members are all buying their own event tickets and hotel rooms. We're donating all of our time because we want to see this happen!

  1. What if you end up with a profit? 
    If we end up with a small amount left over, we'll make sure this money goes back into the event and more fun for you. No money will be pocketed!

  1. What are the hotel rates? 
    Here are
    the rates we have secured for the YxYY weekend.

  1. When should I arrive/depart?
    We have the ACE booked on Friday & Saturday night, which means most people will arrive some time on Friday and leave Sunday afternoon. Once you’re cleared to book your room, you’re more than welcome to book beyond those days if you’d like to arrive earlier or depart later.

  1. Are children allowed? 
    We are encouraging folks to do whatever they need to do to be really present at the event, since the purpose of YxYY is to fully engage with the other attendees. Towards that end, we are encouraging folks to try to come without the kids, or to have ample childcare during the event. We realize this is not possible for everyone, and so we are flexible. We'd rather have you, however you can come!
    Here’s a Google Doc for childcare discussions and ideas:

  1. I’d like help finding a roommate or ride share.
    We’ve set up a Google Doc to facilitate these connections: http://bit.ly/Z1OnLY 

  1. Are there any events or activities planned?
    We may, but please know this isn’t a conference. For now, simply prepare to enjoy a weekend meeting amazing new people, spending time with dear friends, playing in the pool and sipping cocktails. More details to come as the event gets closer.

  1. I'd like to volunteer my skills towards organizing the event - who do I talk to?
    That's great! Send an email to volunteer@yxyy.us and let us know what skills you'd like to lend.

  1. I’d like to sponsor the event - who do I talk to?
    Also great! Send an email to sponsor@yxyy.us and let us know what your organization could add to the event.

  1. What if something comes up later, after I've purchased my event ticket and booked my room, and I can't attend? Can I get a refund?
    Hotel room cancellations within 45 days of the event will be charged in FULL. 
    Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred to someone else. 

    To reiterate, the rules about canceling are related to our contract with the ACE, and are not their normal cancellation policy. We are on the hook for 75% of the room fees right now, and 100% of the room fees 45 days out.

    Given that the 5 of us are not able to financially cover folks that cancel at the last minute, we have been clear from the beginning what our expectation is of YxYYers who book at the ACE.
    If you book, you are on the hook for 75% as of today, 100% 45 days out.

Thanks & we look forward to seeing you in July! 

YxYY Team: @SanFranAnnie + @AmyGSFN + @Hillary + @WilloLovesYou + @Debs

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