(Callison Active Lifestyle Club)

Join us for a fun, Healthy Living program for Callison Elementary students and staff. CAL Club members will be led by nutritionists, nurses, and educators on a journey to living a healthier more active lifestyle. Enrollment begins August 23rd through September 23rd.  There is no fee to join!

Each participant will receive:
*Nutritional education, healthy snack preparation tips/ideas, new recipes, and ingredients to try at home with a parent.
*Physical activity education and exercise instruction specifically tailored to the child.
*Education and support in behavior change and social/emotional support.
*Monthly Challenges and Prizes with a grand prize winner at the end of the school year..
*Monthly fun “challenges” such as “Try a new vegetable or fruit this week, ride your bike for 30 minutes each day, challenge your teacher, etc.

* This is fun for the whole family and may require a parent to sign off when the challenge is completed.

At the end of the school year we will be giving away a prize to the student who has made the most improvement or healthy changes.

*Students Must Have a Parent Permission to Participate*

Please return this form to participate.

_____YES! I would like my child to participate in the CAL Club.
YES! I allow my child to be photographed for school website and social media purposes.

_____No, my child will not be able to participate.

Parent’s Name _______________________________________ Signature_____________________________________
Student’s Name______________________________________ Student’s Teacher _______________________________

Physician's Name_____________________________________ Phone Number_________________________________
Please list any medical conditions you would like for us to know about ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________