You’re Invited to Identity Day

at Webster’s Corners Elementary

on Wednesday, November 6th.

What is Identity Day?

Students at Websters Corners are creating and showcasing a project to highlight something about themselves they want to share with the school.  In the spirit of a Science Fair, visiting students and guests will circulate through the displays and be able to engage in conversations with students as they share their work.

Why are we having Identity Day?

Identity Day allows students to share their strengths and interests with others in the school.  Students will be able to articulate the significance of their chosen project and how it impacts the person they are today.  We hope that this will allow students to connect with others within and across different classes, deepening the already strong sense of community at Webster’s Corners Elementary.

How can I help my child with this project?

Students are encouraged to show their project in a way that best suits them.  Some examples might be a poster, a video, a PowerPoint, a slideshow, and/or artifacts.

Students may need parent support to access materials, personal items, or photographs.  Please ask your child how this project is coming along and what you can do to help.  All students have completed a work plan and should be able to show their families what they hope to include in their Identity Day projects.

Having a conversation with your child about why they are doing this project and why this is important to them will give them a great opportunity to practice what they will say to visitors.


Identity Day is something that was started and shared by George Couros in Stony Plain, Alberta.  In BC, Chris Wejr, of Kent Elementary School in Agassiz, has shared a video that his school created to highlight their Identity Day.  Please feel free to check out the video from Kent Elementary School (linked above) and the 2012 Identity Day Prezi created by Chris Wejr which can be found by clicking here.

For your convenience, we have posted a timeline for Identity Day, a copy of the work plan, and videos of Identity Day in other schools below.

We are extremely excited about celebrating Identity Day with the students and hope you will join us, if possible!  If you have any questions, please contact us anytime.


Erin Kieneker (Division 1) and Megan Jakse (Division 2)