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Program Overview


Solar Sonoma County (SSC), a program of the Center for Climate Protection (CCP), is Sonoma County's trusted local nonprofit solar resource. SSC helps those navigating the many solar options, and helps them determine if solar is right for their residence or business.

Solar Sonoma County’s mission is to increase local renewable energy generation and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Through the Clean Energy Advocate (CEA) program, staff vet local companies to ensure that the most reliable, high-quality vendors are recommended to those using our services, at no cost to the client. These Qualified Vendors provide three free, competing solar proposals for any referral to use in selecting a solar system.

Through this process, SSC helps the community do their solar homework and ensures a positive, no- pressure experience. Simultaneously, the CEA program helps build a thriving Sonoma County economy through supporting local companies.

Membership & Sponsorship

The SSC membership program is part of CCP's Business for Clean Energy program.

Business for Clean Energy Solar Member

The Center for Climate Protection’s Business for Clean Energy (BCE) program is an association of businesses committed to the transition to a clean energy economy. Members share best practices and advocate for policies that advance clean energy.

In addition to the BCE benefits outlined below, SSC offers the following benefits for BCE Solar Members:

About the Business for Clean Energy Program

The Business for Clean Energy (BCE) program of CCP encourages our supporters to patronize businesses that help protect the climate. Our partners support incentives for businesses to invest in climate protection, which is good for the environment and the economy. Together, we create new business opportunities and jobs. Information on levels and benefits immediately follow.

Diamond        $20,000

Emerald        $10,000

Platinum        $5,000

Gold        $3,000

Silver (base level for all Qualified Vendors)        $1,000

Bronze        $500

Green        $250

Qualified Vendor Program Details

The purpose of the SSC Qualified Vendor Program (QVP) is to provide Sonoma County property owners with a consolidated list of solar contractors who meet certain eligibility requirements for delivering high quality solar power installations. See below for qualifications.


All of our listed vendors are required to meet these solar power qualifying conditions:

About the Qualified Vendor Referral Program

Vendors participating in the Qualified Vendor Program (QVP) receive leads through the CEA referral program. SSC has established the CEA program to acquire and qualify sales leads and refer these leads to Qualified Vendor (QVs).

All CEA referrals are pre-screened by SSC, and we utilize a rotating referral process to select 3 QVs for each qualified lead, ensuring equal treatment and consideration to all QVs for each referral. SSC provides the qualified lead contact information to each of the 3 selected QVs unless the consumer requests to call the vendors directly.

QVs receiving leads agree to timely notification to SSC of the results of the referral and agree to follow- up on all leads in less than two calendar days. For every qualified lead through the CEA program that becomes a completed project by a Vetted Vendor member, that member agrees to pay a referral fee to SSC. For commercial referrals, the fee is 1% of the gross project total, with a $30,000 cap. For residential referrals, the fee is 2% of the gross project total, with a $500 cap.

QVP pricing is determined by gross company sales as follows:

Gross Sales $

Standard Membership $

Certified Local Membership $*

Up to 1M



1M - 2.5M



2.5M - 5M



5M - 7.5M



7.5M - 15M



15M - 30M



30M - 50M



50M +

SSC Approval Needed

SSC Approval Needed

* ‘Certified Local’ requires a separate certification process and additional fees

Additional Benefits

In addition to referrals, QVs will receive the following benefits:

To Become a Member

We would love to welcome you to the program as a Qualified Vendor or Business for Clean Energy Solar Member!  Contact Geoffrey Smith, Solar Energy Program Coordinator, at 707.654.4350 or to get started. Net invoicing and online payments can be arranged.

To get rolling now, send a check for the amount indicated above, payable to Center for Climate Protection, to:

Center for Climate Protection

Attn: Solar Sonoma County Program

PO Box 3785

Santa Rosa, CA  95402

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