Happy Birthday, School?

(SJ Pt.2 No.2 2007)

I am learning to respond to a text using my prior knowledge and experience.

Success Criteria:

  • I can use personal experiences to connect ideas in the text (text to self)
  • I can connect ideas from other texts I have read (text to text)
  • I can use prior knowledge to connect ideas in the text (text to world)

Vocabulary Check:

Complete the table below about the special features and ways these schools

celebrated their schools’ birthdays.

Waimana School

Northland School

Manurewa Central School

Date school opened


9 August 1906

8 September 1906

Special features of the school

It was a native school intell 1907.

Waimana school was  closed in 1907 and moved to a new site and reopened in 1908.

It only had 2 class rooms and forty-four children. The playground was just a rough paddocks. The boys were taken out of the class to grub out the gorse.

By 1930 the roll had grown to sixty-three pupils.

In those days the kids used to ride to school on horseback and hardly any of them wore shoes

How did they celebrate their birthday?

They invited the pupils who came to waimana school before

They dressed up fancy and played old fashioned and learned to use slates and in copper writing and got 3 giant chocolate cakes to feed the whole school

They had a huge birthday party and everyone got a special pen and a certificate. The school’s youngest children could release a hundred helium balloons


Compare what the schools in the book were like in the past to how they are now.


The Present

1. There used to be native school’s

2.hardly any children wore shoes


3.some school’s only had two classrooms

4.some kids used to ride on horseback to school

5.school in the past used to use slate to write on

1.in the present school’s have a huge amount of classrooms

2.we have more stuff to help us learn computers ipads tv’s

3.we use cars to get to school and other things like bike scooters

4.we use white boards and other materials

5.we use technology help us learn in many differents ways

This year it is Elm Park School’s 50th Jubilee.  We have had a school birthday but will be having our Jubilee celebrations in Term 4.  What would be an appropriate and special celebration for our school?

  1. Get a huge cake a light 50 candles
  2. Fun raising
  3. Get a special certificate and a special pen for everyone in the school
  4.  get a day off school for everyone (even the teacher’s)
  5. Everyone get’s a cupcake