Email, response to PolitiFact Texas, Michael Li, lawyer, Dallas, Feb. 27, 2013

1145 am

Here is a link to the DOJ's list of objections for Texas:


As you'll see, DOJ objected to all three maps in the '81 cycle, the state house and senate maps in the '91 cycle, and the state house map in the '01 cycle.


It's worth noting that in the '01 cycle, the Legislature did not pass a congressional map and the map was drawn by a federal court and court-drawn maps aren't subject to preclearance. (That was the map ultimately undone by the Delay mid-decade redistricting).


Also attaching a link to the D.C. panel's redistricting opinion this cycle.  On page 41, there is the quote "In the last four decades, texas has found itself in court every redistricting cycle, and each time it has lost."  The quote refers to both section 5 and section 2 violations, but is used by the court to express doubts about Texas' motives this cycle.