Jezerey's (Unofficial) Guide to DotD Etiquette

created by Jezerey

v. 1.0.0 - April 26, 2013

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It occurs to me that there are several guides out there that explain the mechanics of the game for new players. What we seem to be lacking is a guide to etiquette. So, I have compiled one myself, using my years of experience as a gamer, both on DotD and other online games.

1. If you want something, demand it. People enjoy feeling needed.

2. If you really need something badly, using all caps/adding extra question marks ensures a quicker response. (eg, "ANY RAIDS???")

3. "OK" is a perfectly acceptable substitute for "thank you." It makes the person who helped you feel unappreciated and taken for granted, just like in real life.

4. "LOL" is an oft-overlooked form of punctuation (eg, "ANY RAIDS??? LOL" or "Where do I get the drops for Kyddin's Signet? lol"). It displays your ability to find humor in perfectly ordinary statements, which is a trait common only to those of superior intellect.

5. Be certain to ask, "Any raids?" Odds are good that people have been forgetting to summon them, and they will be grateful for the reminder.

6. Always ask in farm raids for people to replace one magic with another, even if you've already hit OS. This ensures that you spare yourself the hours of sleeplessness that you may suffer worrying about if the hitters who came later had to spend that extra few stamina to make OS.

7. Please feel free to ask, "Which is better... X legion or Y legion?" Everyone else knows exactly which troops and generals you have, and they may be able to point out something you've overlooked. This concept can also be applied to the question, "Is X legion/gear/general good?"

8. Asking, "Which is the best legion against X raid?" is a welcome challenge to most players. Watch their delight and puzzlement as they attempt to figure out how to click on the raid to see what subtype it is. It's guaranteed hours of fun!

9. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, ask, "Why would someone do 100mil to a Bella / put Lesser Poison on a raid / summon a legendary anything?" It's always much more fun to mock others' ignorance rather than enlighten them. Also, it's a chance to let everyone know that you are among the lucky few born with a complete and comprehensive knowledge of DotD, which is a guaranteed way to impress the ladies/gents.

10. Don't forget to post your highest procs in raid chat. Most people are breathless with anticipation to see which benchmark you'll hit next. Similarly, post often in local about your cool gear/general/BSI/gold-per-hour. This is especially appropriate if someone else has posted one of their accomplishments, because the best way to make yourself look good is to try to make someone else look bad.

The moral of the story, for those who don't speak sarcasm: The other players you encounter are just that... other players. They're here to play the game, just as you are. Some of them are willing to help you out of the kindness of their hearts... not because you necessarily deserve it, not because you're somehow entitled to it, and certainly not because the combined power of your innumerable question marks compels them. Don't mock people for things they haven't learned yet. Don't try to one-up them or belittle their accomplishments. Treat them with respect, or at least courtesy, or you're soon going to find your rude, ungrateful ass muted, and DotD will be a sad, lonely place for you.