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Healthful Living Handbook



Healthful Living Department

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Congratulations!  Your son/daughter is currently enrolled in one of the most important courses of his/her middle school experience, Healthful Living.  This class will meet for the entire year.  It includes cognitive classroom work, regular aerobic exercise, and recreational enhancement activities.  The purpose of this letter is two-fold:  

  1. To make you aware of your child’s participation in such a valuable life-application experience.
  2. To enlist your support in assisting your child through this most relevant course.

Over the next year we will be exposing the classes to information in the areas of Lifetime Fitness, Stress Management, Nutritional Guidelines, and Lifetime Wellness (physically and mentally).  The value of participating in a program of this nature is obvious, but regular attendance is a must.  That is why we are asking for your help in assuring your child’s participation each day.  Each and every class is an important, meaningful part of the student’s experience.

As you can see, Physical Education has come a long way and we have worked hard at West Lake Middle School over the years to make our curriculum relevant and valuable for our students.  This course provides each student with skills needed to live a more productive life.  By maximizing the student’s participation in our program we maximize their physical improvements and knowledge accumulation.

We thank you in advance for your help.


The Healthful Living Department

West Lake Middle School

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.  The relationship between the soundness of the body and the activities of the mind is subtle and complex.”   John F. Kennedy  

Health and PE Rotations

PE and Health Dates:  You will have three weeks of Health and six weeks of PE each quarter. This rotation will continue for the entire year.  

Physical Education

        Our Physical Education Department takes great pride in its program, and hopes your child and you will too. We hope to develop an overall level of physical fitness in strength, agility, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and balance. We introduce each student to the rules, the strategy, and the scoring of the sports presented. We plan to develop skills in lifetime activities that can be used for lifetime fitness. We hope to have each student participate in activities that encourage teamwork, cooperation, good sportsmanship and respect for others.

Activities that could be  Covered in Physical Education

        1. Aerobics                                        13. Pickleball

        2. Presidential Physical Fitness Test                14. Archery                                        

3. Soccer                                        15. Badminton                                                

4. Softball                                        16. Basketball                                        

        5. Bowling                                        17. Table Tennis        

        6. Dance                                        18. Team Handball                

7. Eagle ball                                        19. Fitness games                                

8. Track and Field                                20. Flag football                                

9. Ultimate Frisbee                                21. Floor hockey                                

10. Volleyball                                        22. Frisbee games                                

11. Big Group Games                                23. Ga-Ga                                                

        12. Golf                                                                                        

*Activities may vary according to grade level.

Physical Education Requirements

“Dressed Out” means having athletic clothing on and able to participate when your student enters the gym.

Items for Physical Education:

Shirt-T-shirt style only

Shorts-Shorts must be appropriate length!

Shoes- Rubber-soled tennis shoes (non-marking soles).  

Unacceptable Shoes: topsiders, boat shoes, deck shoes, slip-on canvas shoes, loafers, slip-on rubber bottom shoes, cleated shoes, sandals, elevated shoes, hiking boots, or athletic sandals/flip-flops.

Please Note:

Students are not required to purchase clothes from PTSA or Booster Club


Locker Room


Students are not allowed to bring or wear any  jewelry during physical education classes. The PE department or any student is not liable for any damages if this rule is not followed.  Keep all items secured in your lockers. If you are seen with any of these items, you will be asked to remove them.  Items include but are not limited to:

Cell Phones                I-PODS/MP3’s                Dangling Earrings                 Watches        Necklaces        

Ankle Bracelets                Wrist Bracelets                Rings


Students are not allowed to have cell phones turned on in the locker room at any time (no exceptions). Students may only bring BYOD devices to the gym when instructed by the teacher.


Gym Rules


The student needs to inform the teacher about their particular problem at the beginning of the class. The student will then be assigned an alternate activity. Examples of activities are calling lines, refereeing or umpiring the  games, keeping score, or the same as everyone else but on a slower pace. The student can decide what they think they are capable of doing.

We accept notes from home to excuse students from participating in physical education classes. Students with doctor's’ notes will have an alternate assignment, based on their restrictions.

Security of personal items

        Students are required to LOCK UP all personal belongings! They may use a locker in the gym locker room during the period they have physical education.  All personal locks must be removed from the lockers at the end of each class.  All belongings must be placed in a locker and not left on the floor anywhere in the locker room during class.  Students are not allowed to leave belongings in the gym locker when they do not have physical education.  All belongings left behind are subject to be placed in the school’s lost and found!

Health and Physical Education Grades

PE 66% and Health 33% per 9 weeks

PE = 6 weeks                 Health = 3 weeks

PE 66.5%

Health 33.5%

Consequences for not dressing out for Physical Education

        1st time not dressing out                Verbal warning

        2nd time not dressing out                Verbal warning

        3rd time not dressing out                Parent Contact


Health Education

The goal of the West Lake Middle School Health Education curriculum is to help students understand and practice habits of safe living.  We hope to equip each student with the ability to make healthy choices for a lifetime.  A healthy mind, body and emotional well being all contribute to the students success in middle school and throughout life.  Our goal is to empower students with the ability to become healthy and productive citizens in their community.  The units listed below focus on the physical, social, emotional and mental growth of each student.

Units in Health

PRIDE Matrix


Gym Expectations

Locker Room Expectations

Health Classroom Expectations



*Always do your BEST! *Wait your turn

*Be on time

*Stay on task

*Change quickly and report to your designated area.

*Be on time

 *Stay on Task



*Demonstrate good sportsmanship *Respect teachers, peers and equipment

*Respect the gym rules

*Be courteous of others and their belongings.

*Respect the classroom rules

 *Be courteous of others



*Follow the rules when no one is watching.

*Respect others property

*Respect other property and personal space

*Follow teacher and school expectations



*Be prepared to be ACTIVE!

*Dress Out Everyday *Lock your lockers!

*Be prepared every day

 *Arrive with the purpose of learning



Act Like It

Dress Like It

Learn Like It


Please return this page to your Health & PE teacher after you have read the handbook, that can be found on the WLMS website.  A copy of the handbook is  available upon request.

I, _____________________________ (Student’s Name)  have read this handbook. I understand I am responsible for knowing all the information in this handbook.

___________________________________                                _____________

Student’s Signature                                                Date

____________________________ (Student’s Name) and I have reviewed this handbook. I understand that my child is responsible for following the guidelines and expectations established.

__________________________________                                _____________

Parent’s Signature                                                Date


Please provide as much contact information as possible.

______________________________________        _____________________________________

Guardian’s Name                                                Guardian’s Name

______________________________________        _____________________________________

Guardian's Home number                                        Guardian’s Home number

______________________________________        _____________________________________

Guardian’s  Cell Number                                        Guardian’s Cell Number

______________________________________        _____________________________________

Guardian’s Work number                                        Guardian’s Work number

______________________________________        _________________________

Guardian’s E-mail address                                         Guardian’s E-mail address

The Healthful Living Department will not be responsible for items stolen from a student’s locker that has been left unlocked or unattended.           Parent’s Initials: ____________

Medical Concerns