Year Round

Adult Keiko: Open Practice

Monday  through Friday between 5:00 pm & 9:00 pm (Friday’s until 7:00pm)

Group classes run daily for 1 hour on the “:30” until 7:30pm. (Friday’s last class starts 5:30pm)

Thursday Nights

7:00- 8:00pm Formal Class with Sensei Robles

(Thursday night formal class is in its 25th year, please ensure you can make it . Weekly is best, however if weekly does not work for you then once a month or quarter and work on shifting toward having Thursday Evenings free for training. )

Saturday:         10am through 2pm. Classes on the hour.

We have training groups of students come in as early as 6am, late mornings and lunch times. The days and times vary, please inquire with Sensei Sharif Robles regarding this opportunity.

Beginners, please sign up for a free trial day and email  or call to set the time.

Academy of Koei-Kan Karate-Do

A healthy, dynamic, and active approach to Karate-Do


    1910 132nd Ave NE, #11 Bellevue, Washington 98005 USA

www.koeikanwa.com - www.bellevuekaratekids.com