Goals & Objectives

Short-term (1-2 years): (Laying the Foundation)

  1. Goal: Establish the organizational foundation of NHIL 
  1. Establish bylaws (Pau)
  2. Establish name & design a logo (Pau)
  3. Establish organization status as a 501(c)(3) or as a for profit entity (In Process)
  4. Establish duties and responsibilities for the ʻaha (By-laws Article VI: DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE ʻAHA)
  5. Determine relationship with other local/national/international professional organizations
  6. Create a bank account and determine annual budget and possible revenue streams / expenses (In Progress)
  7. Establish a student chapter with the former NHIL (Pau)
  8. Create website (Pau)

  1. Goal: Recruit membership
  1. Establish membership criteria (In Progress)
  2. Decide on dues for membership (By-Laws Article IV: DUES AND FEES)
  3. Establish plan to recruit and sustain membership (In progress)
  4. Establish listserv for membership

  1. Goal: Create a sustainable structure to facilitate dialogue and relationship building
  1. Host an event for members to share who they are, what they do, what their work is, the communities they serve and their successes and challenges (In Progress)
  2. Decide on how often we want to meet in person (By-laws Article VII: MEETINGS)
  3. Establish and host Hoʻokele Naʻauao as our annual conference (In Progress)
  4. Conduct member survey addressing:
  1. How library services can be improved in Hawaiian communities
  2. What kind of support and professional development do we need for librarians, archivists, and information specialists
  3. Possible topics and methods for discussion

Mid-term (3-4 years) (Building relationships, networks, and a greater understanding of the needs)

  1. Goal: Support Native Hawaiian librarians, archivists, & information specialists, and students
  1. Seek funding for LISc scholarships for Native Hawaiian students and professional development for professionals
  2. Create professional development opportunities
  3. Send representatives to other indigenous LIS conferences - incl. ATALM & LIANZA, AILA, APALA, IFLA, WIPCE

  1. Goal: Support librarians, archivists & information specialists working with Hawaiian Collections
  1. Facilitate knowledge sharing between librarians who manage Hawaiian collections via in-person gatherings, website, listserv, newsletter, etc.
  2. Create a directory of Hawaiian-related collections
  3. Partner with local professional organizations, like HLA, SLA, and AHA, and local library systems like UH and HSPLS to address Hawaiian librarianship/archival topics

  1. Goal: Improve library & information services for the Native Hawaiian community
  1. Establish partnerships with Hawaiian-serving institutions
  2. Outreach at Hawaiian community events
  3. Create programming for the Hawaiian community
  4. Recruit Native Hawaiians into LIS profession
  5. Work with LIS Program to institutionalize Hawaiian librarianship in the LIS curriculum (In Progress)

Long-term (5-7+) (Meeting the Needs - Influencing and Changing Professional Practices)

  1. Goal: Perpetuate research and scholarship about Hawaiian librarianship
  1. Create research resources to enhance access to Hawaiian knowledge (i.e. bibliographies, indices, websites, etc.)
  2. Increase publications on Hawaiian librarianship

  1. Goal: Implement best practices and standards for Hawaiian information resources
  1. Discuss, identify, and share best practices for Hawaiian librarianship / library services for Native Hawaiians
  2. Organize committees or working groups focused on specific issues or areas of librarianship (e.g. cataloging, information literacy, outreach)
  3. Draft and implement protocols and methods on specific issues or areas of librarianship