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… Learning To Love Your Neighbour As Yourself…


Ever wondered why it takes something as big and bad as a cyclone or a flood to bring our community together to help each other out? Well we have.

2 years ago, after the destruction caused by cyclone Yasi, a group of local pastors began to wonder why this was the case. It was obvious that we had lost something in our communities that only disasters brought out. What if caring for your neighbour wasn’t just a disaster response but an everyday practice?

This was when the Neighbour 2 Neighbour program was first conceived.

Over the past 2 years the Combined Churches of Townsville have been taking action to bring neighbourly kindness back into our community.

The Neighbour 2 Neighbour program is a day where members of the Combined Churches, alongside local Service Groups, volunteer themselves to assist in underprivileged homes in our community. Volunteers help in teams and offer 3 hours of manual labour; whether it be cleaning bathrooms or cupboards, vacuuming, simple yard work, or even just sitting and having a chat.

The Townsville City Council, through their community support data base, has connected us to these homes via a letter from the Mayor. Most are elderly and are deeply moved that someone would come and help them. 

Over the past two years, the Combined Churches of Townsville have been greatly encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response to the event. Over 500 homes have been assisted by over 600 volunteers from 30 different churches and Service Groups. In 2012, Neighbour 2 Neighbour received the Spirit of Townsville award at the Australia Day ceremony, but the award means little when compared to the gratitude of those who have been helped by the event.

We are always in need of Volunteers as the list of homes that need assistance continues to grow.

It is quite easy to volunteer – just go to our website and sign up.  

One Day becomes Every Day

It is our intention that this not be seen as a once a year event, but rather a step towards raising neighbourly care back into its rightful place in our city. To our great joy we have seen many of the teams from last year continue their contact with the homes they helped.

Caring for others is not about words; it’s about actions.

Neighbour 2 Neighbour has the potential to change the mindset of the people in our city from one of selfishness and isolation to one of generosity and love. This could start with you.

For more information, visit our website  or contact the N2N coordinator, Matthew Bolte.

Matthew Bolte

N2N co-ordinator

for The Combined Churches of Townsville

M: 0437 559047