EPICS V4 Telecon 18-Oct-2016

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  1. Progress on AIs
  2. Status
  3. EPICS 7 Bug-tracking
  4. AOB


Chair: AJ

Present: AJ, DH, KK, HJ, MK, RL

Minutes: DH

1. Table of AIs




Target Date



Update your headers to contain the header text.





Monitor changes pull request (move Monitor API from pvData to pvAccess; AI from meeting 15-Mar-2016, http://tinyurl.com/zqa3qyp




Draft release announcement and circulate to group




2. Status

RL: Contacted Greg about README on SF download page. Will put some of the content back - fair enough to have overview of download file contents in the README.

AJ: Possible to have separate readmes in each directory?

RL: Yes. But not taken advantage yet.

AJ: Training status?

DH: Not much change. Arranging training dates at ESS.

3. EPICS 7 Bug-tracking

AJ: Shouldn’t expect people to understand which module an issue is in. Launchpad better for multiple projects and branches. Can move bugs between projects.

Haven’t set up new launchpad projects yet, would have one project per repo, with links to the github repo’s.

RL: Possibility of tracking other bug trackers in Launchpad, but have never used this. E.g. Ubuntu on Launchpad upstream bug tracking of Debian.

RL: If move to Launchpad and rely on upstream tracking won’t be ever able to move to another bug tracker as others don’t have this feature.

AI on AJ: Test out with e.g. bundleCPP module.

4. AOB

AJ: HJ - RTEMS progress?

HJ: Cannot bind single IP address to any IP address which allows broadcasts. Don’t know if this is just an RTEMS problem

CA issue may be fixed in 3.16 but still using 3.15.

AJ: See if any differences in 3.16. May also have been back ported to 3.15.

HJ: Linux uses SO_REUSEADDR, RTEMS supports SO_REUSEPORT, but this doesn’t help anyhow.

AJ: Ralph - Status of pcas branch for Base releases?

RL: Finally complete, able to run Michael’s CA test suite.

AJ: I found some Windows build config changes requested by Mark Rivers, currently working on that, will do merges when complete.

KK: Is there something equivalent to casw for pvAccess.

KK: Does pvAccess send beacons.

RL: It can (and does by default broadcast beacons) but doesn’t necessarily have to. If it doesn’t don’t know how you see new IOC coming.

MS: Had a way of doing pvAccess w/o beacons.

RL: For new IOCs have to have a way of detecting new IOCS.

AJ: Is there Wireshark support (dissector)  for pvAccess?

RL: MD may have in Lua.

AJ: (explained the CA dissectors)

Rl: Recommend using the LUA dissector instead of C++ - doesn’t require a recompile for every new wireshark version.

AJ: What are we asking SH to do in terms of group leadership? Not as much as Greg in terms of writing a formal charter?

MK: Let him write his own job description?

RL: Liaise with the “Big Hats” council. Putting people on things. Assigning resources.

KK: Roadmap planning.

AJ: Looking for money if/when we need to fund development by Matej or Michael.

RL: Not available next week (vacation). May be unavailable week after (public holiday).

Next Meeting: We will meet again on November 1st.