Education as Empowerment

2017 Yale Education Leadership Conference Sessions

Thursday, April 6

The Future of Connecticut School Funding

Join us Thursday evening for a Connecticut focused discussion on the future of school funding. From the CCJEF ruling to Governor Malloy’s budget, panelists will discuss how school finance will shape the future of education in the state.ton

Speakers include: 
Katie Roy, Founder, CT School Finance Project
Frances Rabinowitz,
former Superintendent, Bridgeport Public Schools; 
Liz Cox,
Director, Common Ground High School; 
Representative Jason Rojas, CT State Representative

*Thursday night only tickets are available for this session and the cocktail hour to follow.

Friday, April 7

Speakers include: 

Lori Davison, President, PFLAG Hartford;

Ross Sward, Principal, Norwich Free Academy;

Dr. Marianne Lafrance, Yale Psychology Professor; 

Dustin Rader, High School English Teacher, Canton, CT

Speakers include: 

Derrell Bradford, Executive Director, NYCAN; 

Jamilah Prince-Stewart, Executive Director, Faith Acts;

Ron Rice, Senior Director of Government Relations, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Speakers include: 

Hanna Skandera, New Mexico Secretary of Education

Lydia Hoffman, Principal, Charter School Growth Fund; 

Emily Freitag, Executive Director, D2D

Speakers include: 

Christina Grant, Assistant Superintendent, The School District of Philadelphia; 

Michele Carroll, Director of Employment, Match Beyond; 

Christine Renella, The Estee Lauder Company;

Skye Suttie, Academic Director, Year Up

Speakers include: 

Amy Swann, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, Matchbook Learning; 

Dorie Withey, Managing Director, The Achievement Network

Speakers include: 

Sally Bachofer, Senior Advisor, City Year; 

Terik Tidwell, Director of STEM Innovation, Johnson C. Smith University; 

Lange Luntao, Stockton School Board;

Patricia Melton, President, New Haven Promise

Speakers include: 

Fred Patrick, Director of Sentencing and Corrections, Vera Institute of Justice;

Brian Hill, Founder and CEO, Edovo; 

Arthur Bembury, Executive Director, Partakers

Speakers include: 

Vichi Jagannathan, Elizabeth Chen, and Cristina Leos, Co-Founders, MyHealthEd, Inc.

Speakers include: 

Michael Magee, CEO, Chiefs for Change

Gerard Robinson, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute; 

Chad Aldeman, Principal, Bellwether Education Partners; 

Jeanne Allen, Founder and CEO, Center for Education Reform; 

Charlie Toulmin, Director of Policy, Nellie Mae Education Foundation

Speakers include: 
The Honorable Karen A. Johnson, Former Assistant Secretary of Education and CCO of HealthCorps
Dr. Lynn Fiellin,
Associate Professor of Medicine, Yale University; 
Peg Oliveira, Founder, 108 Monkeys;
Dr. Liz Zmuda, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Speakers include: 
Richard Nyankori, Founder and CEO, SpedX;
James McPartland,
Associate Professor of Child Psychiatry and Psychology at the Yale Child Study Center; 
Booda Sanchez,
Director, Marriott Foundation

Speakers include: 
Tony Klemmer, President, National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education; 
Matt Montano,
Director of Educator Quality, NM Public Education Department; 
Hanna Skandera,
New Mexico Secretary of Education

Speakers include
Michael Duffy, President, Great Oaks Foundation; 
Derrick Diggs,
Vice President, Diggs Construction; 
Reverend William McCullough,
Founder FaithActs

Speakers include: 
Allison Fansler, President and COO, KIPP DC; 
Philip Vaccaro, Managing Director, Parthenon-EY; 
Armen Hratchian, COO, HighScope Educational Research Foundation;
Allison Lowe, Crescent City Schools, Principal of Akili Academy; 
Michele Mason,
Executive Director, Newark Charter School Fund

Speakers include: 
Darryl Cobb, Partner, Charter School Growth Fund; 
Owen Henkel,
Head of Efficiency and Impact, Pearson Affordable Learning Fund;
Stacy Kane, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Washington Leadership Academy;
Charlene Reid, CEO, Excellence Community Schools