Dear Fellow Earthship Student

This spring, around Mid-May, we will begin construction of our earthship near Fort Collins, CO on our beautiful & secluded site in the Rocky Mountains,  ~7500 ft elevation - 15 miles from Fort Collins, CO.

Our site is the footprint of the structure above - which is South facing, and ideally suited for an Earthship.  The concrete foundation survived the fire with minimal damage We plan to use it as a base.   The site remains beautiful as about 70% of the trees that constitute our view survived.

Our evolving design is at is a global model stretched to fit the site footprint.  Our goal is to leverage the surviving elements, well, basement walls, septic system, and flat areas.

Construction site preparation will start when we arrive home from Taos, in April.  We hope to begin structural construction by mid May.

Our site is spiritual, private, has awesome views, and perfect mountain water.  We plan to establish comforts like shower, and mess-tent onsite during construction for comfort and convenience.  We hope to be able to feed the crew - so all you’ll need to bring is yourself and tent.  We’ve have harsh weather shelter so if the weather goes sour - we can wait it out in comfort.

As we know - building earthships is easiest with more help - so please accept this as our invitation to gain experience building an earthship with us in Colorado. Our site is dog friendly.  We have 2 black labs that really - and I mean really want to go home.  Our property is 30+ acres with no visible neighbors in about 270 degrees of horizon view.

Linda and I, have decided that we need to recruit a foreman.  Please contact me if you feel you are comfortable to manage daily site construction.  We can provide a reasonable compensation for this role., 970 716 0946 (cell).

Discovery & Learning opportunities:

  1. Can you really stretch a global? This is a great chance to find out at our expense if you can build a bigger earthship by scaling length, width and height.
  2. Can you cut your own lumber?  Our site has a large amount of standing toasted timber to use for construction.
  3. Can you harvest sun from the roof ?  Our access is from the North - which compels me to add an entrance on the North side.  This need generated a vertical north wall - which seems ideally suited to utilized roof reflected solar. This could yield a 40% increase in solar gain - if my calculations are correct.
  4. Can you build an external blackwater greenhouse?  Resources permitting I’d like to create 40x40 external greenhouse and second water reservoir with aquaponic rearing tanks.
  5. How about animal housing that chutes waste into that greenhouse?  We raise rabbits & chickens.  I’d like to install animal housing along the north wall of the greenhouse with waste feeding my gardens.
  6. I plan to utilize an EPDM lined 20 foot shipping containers as a water reservoir - ~8000 Gallon - about the same cost as 2 1700 gal reservoirs.  
  7. Can you leverage the cold?  I plan to also bury a 20 foot shipping container for cold/hot reservoir for supplemental heating and ice-house style refrigeration.

Our goal is to have shelter by winter.  No rush - but really want live aside the rat-race again.


Mark, Linda, Dakota, Hunter & Tanner Squibb