March 15, 2017




Dear Group Leader,


Spring is here!! Which means Betterment Day is here!  As you know Betterment Day is our community’s ‘spring cleaning’ day.  Once again we are looking for our community organizations to spearhead this important day.


Our 39th ‘Betterment Day’ is scheduled for Saturday April 22rd  2017.  As in the past, each team will check in at the Chittenango Fire Station at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday the 22nd where we will have coffee, juice and donuts for all. I suggest your team meet at the firehouse, and then car pool to your ‘assigned’ location after your morning refreshments.  Remember to pick up garbage bags.  Some groups have worked on the same area every year, so if you know where to go, you are all set!  If you need a job assignment we can give you one when you arrive at the firehouse.  Make sure you bring your own work gloves and any tools/equipment necessary for his/her team.

Please note that the team leader/contact person is responsible for, and must remain with his/her group for the duration of the project. Upon completion of your team’s assignment you are invited back to the firehouse for lunch of hot dogs, chips and a drink as a ‘thank you’. If you are no longer the contact person for the community group or organization for which this notice is intended, please pass this information to the new contact person.



On behalf of our beautiful Village, thank you for your continued support.

Village Parks Committee Members –

Mickey Kopp, Village Parks Commissioner

Colleen Baldwin - Betterment Day Coordinator

Nelson Smith - DPW Chittenango