OWC Spring 2016 In-Depth Analysis

Number of Participants: 467
Number of Teams: 124
Total Number of teams wall messanges: 3050
Questionnaire response rate: 79.9%

Why would you participate again: :
   'it was fun and made me more aware of the day-to-day things I can do to...'
   'I enjoy some personal challenge'
   'Unfortunately this time I did not have so much time to dedicate more t...'
   'I think it's a good way to learn environmental friendly actions to do ...'
   'It was easy and simple for me to do the actions'
   'I learned about a lot of actions that I can do in order to care for th...'
   'I like doing important actions that will have a positive impact.'
   'its fun and it helps the environment '
   'It was fun and it inspires other peole to try and change the world wit...'
   'because it is fun to be with friends working together for a cause'
   'It is so much fun! I met new friends while being ecofriendly it was aw...'
   'Because it's fun!'
   'nice to take on tasks i usually don't do, do things in the team'
   'Mainly because it's fun :) you can do things with your friends while d...'
   'it is a great incentive to change drasticaly even if it is just for a ...'
   'it is always fun, you do things that don't affect the environment and ...'
   'Because it was a fun experience and it felt good to participate in an ...'
   'Because it made me rething about my everyday actions and how they impa...'
   'I really enjoyed my experience with the challenge. It brought me close...'
   'It is a fun experience and you learn a lot about the small things that...'
   'It's a good experience, and it incentivises you and your team to do su...'
   'Because it was fun, it actually made me aware and motivated for/of som...'
   'Because is an easy way to try different alternatives to contribute fro...'
   'It's nice to do something collectively for the environment.'
   'It makes you more aware about your actions'
   'it's a lot of fun but as well quite challenging'
   'fun, challenge, team spirit'
   'I would like to see if new ideas or ways to act sustainable are added.  '
   'It's a great reminder to try living more sustainably, and it's alos a ...'
   'It makes you think about an environmentally friendly daily life, despi...'
   'I enjoyed being part of this challenge. Yeti next time I will choose a...'
   'because it gave the chance to challange my level of environmental frie...'
   'Because we've could have done better'
   'Because it is very interesting for me to do the things i thought i cou...'
   'Good for habit forming'
   'To share the idea of sustainability to the world.'
   'it was easy to fulfill the challenge and fun to take pictures for our ...'
   'Its fun an makes you do the change'
   'I think I would like to go all sustainable without there being a compe...'
   'Because it was fun and inspiring!'
   'Great message'
   'It's been a really great experience - working with my team has been fu...'
   'Had a great team which made it fun!'
   'Really really really good initiative and well-run. '
   'its fun'
   'i would learn more ways to save the earth'
   'Because it showed me a lot of actions that I can do to help the planet '
   'Cause it´s a great oportunity to save the planet with small actions'
   'I can do it alone'
   'It is a nice, active way to be conscious about the Planet.'
   'For one of my courses'
   'I think that we need to challenge ourselves to have goals and make an ...'
   'it helped me be more green'
   'It creates good habits that help your lifestyle and the planet in a mo...'
   'Try out some actions'
   'Apart from the fact that I have learned much more about our contributi...'
   'I really enjoyed the experience and it was really educational and a po...'
   'Why not? Was awesome'
   'fun, change'
   'It was nice to see what I am already doing 'right' and on which areas ...'
   'Because I learned a lot and I thing is good for the environment. '
   'Cause it has some interesting and fun activities that Id like to repeat'
   'I feel like it's a motivation to continue with these actions that help...'
   'It's not too interesting when you're into the topic anyway but maybe I...'
   'It creates more awareness of the own behaviour. '
   'It is fun! '
   'It was fun! And the interface is really well designed'
   'Its a good oportunity to get together with people with the same sustai...'
   'because it helps you realize your impact by your daily actions'
   'I enjoyed it.'
   'it was fun. i feel really responsible for our planet and our future ge...'
   'Because it helped me act more sustainable'
   'It changed my behaviors in more eco-friendly way.'
   'It encourages sustainability. It brings people together thus create a ...'
   'I would participate a first time again. Another time I wouldn't becaus...'
   'nice infrastructure and ideas'
   'It's great fun! And educative. '
   'It's fun, and a good way to stay reminded.'
   'because it make me realise that we need to help the world'
   'It made me force myself to reduce my ecological impact in the world.'
   'Because I strongly believe it creates awareness toward environmental i...'
   'It is like To do list platform when I decided to my objectives. Once I...'
   'i find it really motivating'
   'Porque creo que es una buena iniciativa'
   'It's fun to have a common objetive to reach and that it motivate us all.'
   'My team broke up'
   'because this challenge hep us to be better person.'
   'It's a fun and easy way of making awareness and learning new simple ha...'
   'It is a challenge that takes dedication, but it can create good habits'
   'It would remind me constantly what I can do to save the world'
   'because its my daily lifstyle'
   'Because all people habitating the Earth should do it. It's about savin...'
   'Because these are good to the world'
   'Because I would like to continue helping the planet by changing my beh...'
   'I learned many new things and its very interesting'
   'it motivate me and my friends, and let me know different ways to reduc...'
   'Its good to make an impact  to help the world'
   'its fun'
   'It's a great way to increase awareness of sustainability and gives an ...'
   'It helps building new sustainable habits that require some motivation ...'

 'What was your highlight during the Challenge?'

   'Team work in the Garden and Photo shoot session'
   'First week when the line for the vegetarian food was so much longer th...'
   'I started to be more aware of our environment'
   'All the team actions were very fun!'
   'The union my team and university had (ITESM).'
   'I learned more sustainable actions that I can do in my daily life.'
   'When we (the team) always tried to cheer up to gain more points and fi...'
   'when I saw we moved from place'
   'Eating clean for the time i had to dine vegeterian '
   'I think it would be better if we try to doing short challenges more th...'
   'The elctric free dinner.'
   'team events'
   [1x24 char]
   'The team activities'
   'dinners with the team'
   'free electricity evening'
   'Vegan dinner '
   'charing the experience with some of my classmates and friends'
   'Clothes swap with my friend.'
   'Being a vegetarian for the entire month! i was really proud of myself.'
   'electricity free evening with my team <3'
   'Going on team excursion was fun'
   'Having an electricity-free evening with my team, jamming out on the gu...'
   'Visit of local market, team excursion through woods.'
   'The lunch that I had with my team'
   'Team meals!'
   'Time that we spent as a group'
   'The really tasty vegetarian meals '
   'Seeing the actions list for the first time and how many there were.'
   'Meeting my team and doing things together.'
   'Going dumpster diving with the team and cook delicious meals out of it'
   'team activities - our team was not very successful.'
   'enjoyment and feeling of making a difference'
   'Vegetarian dinner with colleagues '
   'Join team events'
   'The whole idea of being vegeterian or vegan was a highlight'
   'Vegan spread'
   'It was a little bit hard after one week.'
   'the oicturs in our facebook grouo'
   'saving energy and water'
   'Reflection on my actions through filling the actions. '
   'Group dinner (vegan/ vegetarian turns out to be totally delicious).'
   'Vegan group dinner with my team! '
   'Becoming a vegetarian... which was challenging at first, but very rewa...'
   'Having a vegetarian meal in with my team and going to the market befor...'
   'More weeks'
   'going vegan'
   'I started eating vegetarian, and I hope that I keep up with that'
   'My 4min shower.'
   'Changing things around my house to be more eco friendly'
   'Change the way I relate with my environment.'
   'plant plants'
   'When we made an excursion to Banorte's Green Ceiling which is a garden...'
   'take the stairs every time I wanted to get some food (3 to 7 floor)'
   'Going together with my team to a ,local market and than electricity fr...'
   'going on the team excursion'
   'When all of a sudden vegan milk started tasting as good as normal milk'
   'PLANTS! :) '
   'The first day. Being vegetarian while we had chicken for lunch was the...'
   'The dinner with my group in the first week'
   'To plan which activities I could do for the week. '
   'Getting to do activities with my team'
   'I really liked when my team got together to make a vegetarian meal.'
   'Competed against the other team from our UBC student environment center.'
   'Participating with my team'
   'Traing to shower in less than 4 minutes and the vegetarian days. '
   'shower faster'
   'i used to want a car to go to my school and for travel. now i know the...'
   'Picking bear's garlic with the team, making pesto, soup and pancakes o...'
   'Having a vegan dinner with my team. The team actions are the funniest.'
   'the different ways we can help the world'
   'I think my highlight was the way i saved electricity, because before t...'
   'Keeping my actions environmental friendly not for a day, but for a period'
   'To do things environmentally'
   'be the best team on campus'
   'El hacer que más personas se involucren en los retos, incluso si no ...'
   'Trying to eat vegetarian food'
   'its okay.'
   'I enjoyed getting points for team excursions and team sports. I think ...'
   'Starting some actions that I will be working on after the challenge is...'
   'reduce the use of energy'
   'Trying to reduce my GHG emissions.'
   'change my travel of vacations'
   'I used to take baths in 10-15 minutes. Now i have managed to take bath...'
   'he time in the shower'

  'Which action(s) do you intend to continue to do? (actions you have not...'

   'Washing hands with cold water. turning heating down, No Napkin'
   'washing hands with cold water'
   'Use reusable water bottles, take short showers, eat vegetarian, take s...'
   'Recycling, shower faster. '
   'All of them. I think that it's possible for me to adapt all of them to...'
   'Most of the actions that I have been doing during the challenge.'
   'The use of a reusable bottle for drinking water.'
   'I did almost all of them before, but I'm going to keep trying to showe...'
   'separates much my trash and keep in mind that reuse and reduccir must ...'
   'Hanging clothes on a line, and showering faster, and mostly everything'
   'Eat fresh food'
   'The excursion, it was just not enough time for such a time intensive t...'
   'showers, napkinfree, non-reuseable cup free, taking the stairs, team e...'
   [1x24  char]
   'eat less meat '
   [1x49  char]
   'take steps, vegetarian food, short shower'
   'shower faster'
   'Use less napkins, find more alternatives to eggs and dairy products an...'
   'Cloth swap, shower shorter and with colder water, not sing napkins and...'
   'Possibly vegetarian.'
   'shower shorter!!'
   'Being vegetarian'
   [1x250 char]
   'Produce less waste, no paper napkin, shower faster (early) no coffee, ...'
   'Stop using a large quantity of napkins, look for products without micr...'
   'Showering in a short time, not using a napkin, finding alternatives fo...'
   [1x104 char]
   'I'll try too eat more vegetarian meals, just drink water, just take th...'
   'not use a paper napkin, go to work by bike ocasionaly'
   'washing hands in cold water'
   'Taking short showers. Walking/riding bike to school/work. Not buying b...'
   'Eat vegetarian more often, bike to university more often.'
   'Taking only the stairs (I have done that before but not to the 6th flo...'
   'Cutting coffee intake, turning off the devices.'
   'resusable bottle, night without electricity, napkin free life'
   'shorter shower, cold water if I wash my hands, less coffee, no plastic...'
   'i will keep being a vegeterian'
   'No napkins, cold water hand washing, vegetarian, less dairy'
   'Don't use plastic, paper napkin, use cold water ...'
   'use a reusable shoppung bag, try to use the airplane amd the car less,...'
   ' shower quicker less than 4min when i took 5-7min, eat green, avoid us...'
   [1x83  char]
   'Washing hands with cold water, not using napkins and showering faster....'
   '4 minute showers - i thought this would be the hardest thing to change...'
   'Being a vegetarian '
   '4 minute showers! had one every day for the 3 weeks. Also switching of...'
   'Turn off devices'
   'Buy in a local market '
   'Comer sano y menos productos de diario, he descubierto que hace mejor ...'
   'quick showers'
   'walk to school, eat vegetarian, shorter showers, unplug devices, use o...'
   '4 min showers, using the stairs and washihng my hands with cold water.'
   'Not using water bottles, cloth dryers and walking to school.'
   'The actions I intend to continue doing are take stairs, decrease my wa...'
   'shower in less time'
   'everything, i will follow along these habits because i think theyre re...'
   'take the stairs - had a positive impact on health'
   'Going by stairs, eat less meat, trying to avoid using napkins, go by b...'
   [1x34  char]
   'Less meat to almost no meat! Shorter showers! Turning off my Laptop! '
   'Watering my new plant... pretty much everything though.'
   [1x91  char]
   'I am continuing to eating vegan and choosing the products I purchase c...'
   'Play sports with my team, carpooling and walking to university. '
   'Shower faster'
   'Taking the stars, washing my hands and clothes with cold water, reduce...'
   'After my first challenge I started setting off air travels and trying ...'
   'washing hands with cold water'
   'Washing hands and clothing with cold water, not forgetting to bring re...'
   'Eat less meat/dairy/eggs - maybe even go completely vegetarian'
   'No bottle water, wash hands with cold water, public transportation. '
   'shower faster, '
   'Eating more vegetarian and dairy free'
   [1x161 char]
   'i wont use extra napkins, showers for under 4 mins, unplug the devices...'
   'Taking short showers '
   'wash my hands with cold water, have shorter showers, take stairs inste...'
   'Reduse, Reuse, Recycle, print less.'
   'life vegan, but I considered this before the challenge'
   [1x75  char]
   'to keep walking to school'
   'To reduce my use of plastic bottles and instead of it, use a reusable ...'
   [1x65  char]
   'Turning off all electronic devices before sleep'
   'not use plastic bags'
   'Acciones como el bañarme en menor tiempo, regar un árbol/planta, c...'
   'Taking shorter showers, taking with me a ecologic bag so avoid using p...'
   'eat better'
   'to be more sustentable '
   'Shower under 4 minutes, use less napkins, hang my clothes to dry'
   'Recycling watter bottles, and taking care of my plants'
   'reduce energy and teams sports'
   'Stop eating so many dairy products.'
   'Use more cold water and quit hot water'
   'I live very near the school and I used to go by car. Now I go walking ...'
   'Eating vegetarian and seasonal food, shower shorter, plan to use less ...'
   'minimize my shower time, use the dry machine, reduce my waste, etc.'
   'Shower faster'
   'Drinking less coffee.'

'In a sentence or two, how would you describe One World Challenge and y...'

   'it was very fun and interesting to find out the habits that I should c...'
   'A chance to test your self control and comfort for the purpose of sust...'
   'Forces you to think consciously about your impact on many aspects of s...'
   'The One World Challenge is a series of activities done with a team, th...'
   'It was inspiring to be participating at this challengue as we try to k...'
   'it's an amazing experience where you learn about fun and simple ways t...'
   'Its an event that will teach you ehat you can do to reduce the everyda...'
   'A great experience in which you can learn too much.'
   'It's an amazing way to lower our carbon footprint through small action...'
   [1x118 char]
   'The challenge is a start to those of us who always have meant to be mo...'
   'It's a team challenge where you can collect point as a team for sustai...'
   'have fun and feel good'
   'It's a fun way to learn how to act environmental friendly in your dail...'
   'it is about changing bad habits and spending some extraordinary time w...'
   'A Challenge in which your team earns points for environmental-friendly...'
   'it was a great experience'
   'a challenge where you commit yourself to change some daily life style ...'
   'Really fun and competitive way of educating young people about differe...'
   'A challenging way to make your life more sustainable.'
   'It is a challenge in which you can experience insight knowledge about ...'
   'Sometimes difficult but it was a cool experience'
   [1x77  char]
   'A challenge where up to 6 people from various universities/colleges wo...'
   'A different experience to get into what sustainability can be and I re...'
   'OWC is the opportunity to open new doors in order to become more envir...'
   'An experience that changes your perception about how actions can help ...'
   ' others will be easy as nothing.'
   'a way to track simple actions and accumulate points for it'
   'You challenge yourself to make sustainable choices in your everyday li...'
   'A chance to 'measure' how well one does at living in a sustainable man...'
   'openness to new experiences is the key to be part of this challange.'
   'you will make difference while you are enjoying the life and oneworldc...'
   'Becoming aware of how easy it is to become more sustainable '
   'It is very interesting and challenging it help me go out of my comfort...'
   'A great way to learn about your impact on the environment and form eco...'
   'It is not time to do it alone anymore, let's do it together.'
   'young peopl participate in a competition to live the most sustainablr '
   'The OWC makes you see how little things can make a huge impact to redu...'
   'It was an enlightening and a god starting point, if like me, you wante...'
   'A challenge that makes grow and think in and about sustainability'
   'A way to engage with sustainable activities, improve the way you live ...'
   'Joining a team to as a group chip away at the unsustainable habits in ...'
   'Really easy to use and fun to do, you really see its impact on your da...'
   'It was amazing!'
   'It's a great experience that teach you a lot.'
   'Fue increíble saber que hay más personas interesadas por lo mismo ...'
   'It's a week where you have to face daily challenges that have an impac...'
   'Interesting and eye opening.'
   'One World Chanllenge encourage you to have a better place for living.'
   'It's and awesome down to earth experience which helps anyone to live m...'
   'Set some goals and try to do these actions during three weeks. Then se...'
   'It learned me to do something uncomfortable for me, kind of to sacrifi...'
   'it was enlightening and a challenege with a purpose'
   'It is a challenge in which you have to be as sustainable as possible. ...'
   'If you think that you're to young to have a positive impact and pass l...'
   'An incredible experience in which you try new things that could help t...'
   'It's a really nice experience because you learn many actions you can d...'
   'Over 3 weeks you can chose from a set of suggested actions that would ...'
   'FUN, Fun, fun~'
   'It's a challenge to see how many sustainable actions you can incorpora...'
   'Its a great way to put in action all of your sustainable ideas and cha...'
   'A record of your actions and the impact on the environment'
   'we are on this sustainable life challenge for 3 weeks. its fun and ben...'
   'It is a challenge to save the world '
   'It is an effective challenge to become more aware about environment an...'
   'One World Challenges is an amazing platform that creates chances for u...'
   'It's a very funny competition, where you and a couple of friends compe...'
   'The One World Challenge is a great way to increase your awareness abou...'
   'it was a really good experience and i learn  a lot about this Challeng...'
   'this experience will transform you, wil teach you how to REALLY take c...'
   'It is a platform where people from all over the world come together to...'
   'It is very good way to erase corbon food print from the world'
   'i really good platform to motivate people to act'
   'El One World Challenge es un reto internacional en donde gente de toda...'
   'It is a ecologic challenge in which you change some diary actions to h...'
   'I try it, and learn many stuff'
   'It's a fun and easy challenge to help you be more eco-friendly'
   'A challenge that will create good habits to help the planet'
   'That is a great project to help the world.'
   'The One World Challenge is an opportunity to get to know the actions w...'
   'Is very good because you can see that the work together can change som...'
   'It is a very good experience and a very easy way to learn tips to be m...'
   'it is a way to know how we can help to reduce contamination and made i...'
   'It's a great way to monitor how sustainable one currently is, and incr...'
   'It is a great way to become more aware of the impact our everyday acti...'

 'Do you have any general inputs for the organizing team?'

   'Great Job Guys! This is surely making a positive impact'
   'Thank you for organising this. I will try to find the time to send you...'
   'Great job!'
   'Share more tips about how to save our environment!'
   'Try to promote the challenge more!'
   'You should develop an app, it will be more easy for everyone to access...'
   'I had an amazing time doing the challenge with my friends and I learne...'
   'my most trusted friends'
   'Maybe part of the challenge can be creating an app, so it can be easie...'
   'also include cultural events like going to a concert together to the t...'
   [1x206 char]
   [1x148 char]
   'no, I don't'
   'Some of the options make no sense (e.g. you get points if you wash clo...'
   'Just thanks.'
   'Brilliantly organized, but perhaps for things like 'seasonal vegetable...'
   'no, cause I'm tired and it's sunday night ;) . No just fun!, thanks fo...'
   'Great job!'
   'the actions list is a lot of reading maybe there is a better way of br...'
   'I Think the organizing team should be more visible in the Facebook group'
   'Social media is very easy and fast for this challenge, I am aware of i...'
   'I thank you for this great project. As an improvement you can increase...'
   'The challenge was amazing'
   'Could you pleas make sure that all questions are for university or hig...'
   'Thank you a lot!'
   'Thank you, friends of our home!'
   'Maybe bonus points for recommending a friend (and the option to replac...'
   '(as already discussed in email) Selwyn would be happy to meet for a co...'
   'No, just thanks for this :)'
   'The excursion action was always bugged, we couldnt input all the excur...'
   'The objectives should be for 3 weeks, the website should be faster I t...'
   'Better logistics '
   'Less points for team activities'
   'New objectives/challenges every week to keep the challenge interesting.'
   'Incentivize participation more! Also in canada we could only input act...'
   'Beautifully designed website!'
   'Good job!'
   'thank you'
   'Please fix the bugs. :D'
   'there was a bug about time periods. our motivation is go down a lot. i...'
   'You may think how to become more effective'
   'for me, one week would have been enough, afterwords its's just the sam...'
   [1x440 char]
   'Some actions give more points if you do things often, than if you don'...'
   'My team was really supportive, thanks a lot to them'
   'Solo diría que promover más el evento, dado que yo me entere por u...'
   'Well, I sent a blog post but it wasn't ever shown, I would like them t...'
   'Great challenge, keep it up!'
   'Have a faster and easier way of uploading activities like an app'
   'You should give this, more publicity, almost no one is aware of this c...'
   'Taking part in the challenge was great but I think most participants a...'


   'Do you have any other suggestions for a common goal/reward?'

   'keep track of all the great ideas of participants and experienced people'
   'Maybe a trip, or some gadgets to make it easier being green like a coo...'
   'One of the goals could be a completelly non-waste three weeks.'
   'I like the idea about visualising how sustainable living decreases CO2...'
   'no :)'
   'Do you know what we need? The world need to be treated.'
   'maybe like a trip for the teams that contributed the most to your head...'
   'Yes I like that idea. But for some people it can be too challenging, a...'
   'The best group wins and gets rewarded! Sounds fair'
   'Protect endengared rain forest permanently instead maybe, might be mor...'
   'I think that the CO2 compensation is already a really good idea that w...'
   'Not at the moment I will contact you in the future if I come up with m...'
   'It can be something like 'im a one world challenger' pin which has a l...'
   'Its a very good Idea, I'd like it to be more based on a practical chal...'
   'If the element of competition between teams still remains as well. It'...'
   'Thats nice!!'
   'I think that there should not be any big incentive, we should do this ...'
   'I think it is a very good idea. People is more able to understand how ...'
   'Seeing as the endpoint of CO2 reduction is ultimately about reducing s...'

'Are there any other features you would have liked on the platform?'

   'A group chat or something like a facebook wall on this website'
   'Sometimes it was too slow'
   'A forum where we could see the actions and pictures of the other teams...'
   'No, everything was easy to find.'
   'Easier access to the actions, and the time zone adjustment to México ...'
   'No, but I am very impressed and thankful for the team behind it consta...'
   'A chat for all of the participants!'
   [1x442 char]
   'team wall, '
   'share images to demonstrate you really did the actions'
   'Option to send email reminders to your team if they haven't logged ont...'
   'To see the impact that the challenge caused'
   'Daily notifications'
   'maybe email reminders, or like team interactions '
   'If it could be a bit faster.'
   'easier way to enter daily actions'
   'The structure of your your platform is too complex! My Laptop can't en...'
   'To be upload photos to the platform.'
   'Being able to enter actions at a reasonable time in my local time fram...'
   'remember '
   'No bugs'
   'Keeping the objectives from former weeks, so that the administrative o...'
   'having a daily reminder of what to do.'
   'Daily reminders'
   'Being able to select actions in an easier/ automatic fashion without h...'
   'It would be great to create an app that reminds you every day your goals.'
   'Maybe clearer instructions how the challenge works on the normal websi...'
   'More links to documents or scientific studies showing what are the mor...'


   'Because I am responsible enough without having to do that'
   'Could be really useful for many people but I guess I will forget it to...'
   'To keep in track if I'm contributing to save our planet '
   'It's easy and fun to use.'
   'To keep motivated.'
   'Because it would remind me that I have to keep working on becoming mor...'
   'It overwhelms me, i kind of participated to help a friend fill a place...'
   'It would help me remember my goals'
   'It keeps track of my progress and makes it easier to understand how mu...'
   'So I can continue the challenge of being sustainable.'
   'So that I don't get lazy but 'tell' somebody else of what I'm doing to...'
   'Because I think is important'
   'I can kerp that in mind :)'
   'efford to enter actions, need to start computer'
   'i don't want to login everyday as i can't see how my actions do anythi...'
   'I would get tired of tracking my behavior all the time. I prefer to ge...'
   'Most of the things I either already do, or would have done if I could....'
   'Helps reminding you of your behaviour'
   'I have been already doing these actions. The new part was team activit...'
   'not that easy to use this platform '
   'Because I know I'm to busy and I will need to catch up all the time!'
   'it will act as a motivatio to me'
   'Too much effort'
   'no time '
   'It helps you keep the task in your mind, its like hw, you have to do i...'
   'Because it motivates me.'
   'Maybe - most things i think i will remember to do anyway but it might ...'
   'Very useful to track actions.'
   'It makes me help the planet '
   'It is too time consuming, and i just to them by habit, maybe if there ...'
   'Because I want to keep the motivation and be informed'
   'no app, hard to do daily'
   'Why? Stupid question, I am sorry! But if I can't monitor my own sustai...'
   'I just know that it helped with some small actions that I'm going to k...'
   'Its fun.'
   'Costs too much time to do do it over a longer time period.'
   'No idea! I think I can keep mental checks and balances but if there wa...'
   'I am already confident in the level of sustainable actions I do - I do...'
   'to improve myself'
   'I don't feel the need to do so.'
   'its nice to see that i have some nice behaviours for environment'
   'I still have projects to work on, so this is going to help me remember...'
   'to much time in front of the computer, I know, how I behave'
   'Sporadically. It's nice to keep track of your actions, but I wouldn't ...'
   'Simply because it's fun for a while, then nice to let go of the regist...'
   'It is very useful'
   'Because it is necesarry for the world'
   'i really care about my footprint'
   'Because it got me frustrated that some days I couldn't enter my action...'
   'I could look back to the platform to remind myself of some sustainable...'
   'I dont like using websites, i prefer apps '
   'It important to me '
   'becaus no'
   'For being aware of my actions.'
   'So I can keep doing actions to save the planet and I can keep record o...'
   'remains me the actions that i should do'
   'It will encourage the development of increasingly sustainable habits.'
   'Once I have permanently taken on a new habit I find there is less poin...'