Mad Radish CSA  

CSA Membership Agreement 2017

Please fill out entire form and send with your deposit made out to:

Mad Radish CSA

145 Four Winds Farm Rd Apt 1

Peterborough, NH 03458

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The Farmers

Brittany Dooling and Michael Reardon are the farmers at Mad Radish CSA. Between them, they have 6 years of commercial organic vegetable production and 7 years experience raising livestock.

Share Information

SUMMER SHARES: 17 weeks of vegetables June 5th –Sept. 25th

All your traditional summer favorites and much more!

Little Radish Summer Share                 $375

Enough veggies for 1 person or a couple, 6 to 9 items each week.

Big Radish Summer Share                        $575

Enough for a family of 3 to 4 people, or 2 people who eat a lot of veggies. 9-14 items/wk.

FALL SHARES: 8 weeks of vegetables, Oct. 2nd –Nov 20th

Lots of cool-weather veggies, storage crops for winter, and some specialties like baby ginger!

Little Radish Fall Share                             $200

Enough veggies for 1 person or a couple, 6 to 9 items each week.

Big Radish Fall Share                           $280

Enough veggies for a family of 3 to 4 people, 9 to 14 items each week.


Our Whole-Season Shares are the summer and fall share together, a total of 25 delicious weeks of vegetables from June 5th –November 20th.

Little Radish Whole Season Share                $560

        Enough veggies for 1 person or a couple, 6 to 9 items each week.

        This is our best-value Little Radish share, at $18 dollars a week!

Big Radish Whole Season Share                   $840

        Enough veggies for a family of 3 to 4 people, 9 to 14 items each week.

        This is our best-value Big Radish share, at $29 dollars a week!

The Mad Radish Feast                          $1080

        The Mad Radish Feast is our Big Radish Whole Season Share, PLUS:

o   A quart of goat’s milk every week (25 weeks)

o   1 pound of grass-fed ground beef every other week (12 pounds total)

The Spicy Radish Market-Style Share                                           

The Market-Style share is our most flexible and convenient share option. You purchase a card that you use throughout the season at either of the farmers’ markets we attend. As part of the market-style share, you will get 10% more than the amount you spent. You can add more at any time, and the money can be used to purchase any of our products (vegetables or meat).

Little Spicy Radish Market-Style Share                 $560 ($616 value!)

Big Spicy Radish Market-Style Share                    $840 ($924 value!)


FW Farm Store Share

        Pick out just the veggies your family wants and save! Our Farm Store Share works like credit. Purchase a share in any amount (min $300) and we will add 10% of that amount to your account (example: Spend $400, use $440 in the store). Add more money to your account at any time to keep saving!

FW Farm Store Share                                $300+


Share Add-Ons are available to any Mad Radish CSA member (little or big, summer or fall)!

Salad Lover’s Add-On                            $135

        Pick-up an extra pound of salad greens each week when you get your veggies, summer share only. Salad greens will include some combo of red and green lettuces, arugula, mustard greens, and baby kale. This add-on is a great value, saving you $4/lb off our market price!

Ground Beef Add-On                                $66/summer, $32/fall, $100 whole-season

        1 pound of grass-fed ground beef every other week, $8.50 a pound.

Raw Goat’s Milk Add-On                        $93/summer, $44/fall, $138 whole-season

        1 quart of raw goat’s milk every week, $5.50 a quart.

Share Payment Information

Pay in full or send a deposit of $100 to reserve your share. The more you can pay upfront, the more it helps us at the beginning of the season! All shares must be paid in full by May 1st, 2017.

Share Type:

_____ Big Radish Summer Share:  $575

_____ Little Radish Summer Share: $375

_____ Big Radish Fall Share: $280

_____ Little Radish Fall Share: $200

_____ Big Radish Whole Season: $840

_____ Little Radish Whole Season: $560

_____ Mad Radish Feast: $1080

_____ Little Spicy Radish Market-Style Share: $560

_____ Big Spicy Radish Market-Style Share: $840

_____ FW Farm Store Share!*

*Please write in amount, minimum of $300, $100 deposit accepted: _________

Share Add-Ons:

_____ Salad Lovers’: $135

_____ Goat’s Milk: $93/summer, $44/fall, $138 whole-season

_____ Ground Beef: $66/summer, $32/fall, $100 whole-season

Share Pick-up Location

Your chosen pick-up day cannot be changed from week to week. If you plan to go on vacation or are going to miss a pick up for any reason, please see the FAQ section below for information.

_____ Tuesday from 2pm to 8pm at Four Winds Farm in Peterborough

_____ Saturday from 8am to 12pm at Four Winds Farm in Peterborough

_____ Tuesday* from 5:30pm to 6:30pm in Downtown Keene

_____ Saturday* from 9am-1pm at the Keene Farmers’ Market

_____ Wednesday* from 3 to 6pm at the Peterborough Farmers’ Market

_____ Tuesday** from 11:30 to 6:30 at the Dewey Square Market in Boston

**NH delivered shares are limited and have an extra fee of $25 for the season. Sign up early!

**Boston delivered shares have an extra fee of $5.25 per week, please use the totals below if selecting this delivery option:

Big Radish Summer: $575 + delivery $90 = $665

Big Radish Fall: $280 +delivery $42 = $322

Big Radish Whole Season: $840 + delivery $115 = $995

Little Radish Summer: $375 + delivery $90 = $465

Little Radish Whole Season: $560 + delivery $121 = $681

Mad Radish Feast: $1080 + delivery $115 = $1195

U-Pick Information

U-pick is included in the CSA share price for the season. U-pick crops for 2017 will be a diverse selection of culinary herbs and flowers. U-pick crops will be marked with a sign in the field. Please walk only in aisles between the rows as to prevent trampling of other crops and to avoid soil compaction. Please bring clippers/scissors for cutting, though we will make sure there are a couple of pairs in the pick-up area.

General Member Guidelines

Frequently Asked Questions

I am here. How does this work?

First, check your name off the sign-in sheet. It is helpful to us to keep track of how many members have picked up their share and how many more members to expect.

The vegetables will be set out on tables in the pick up area. Quantities and weights of each vegetable and for each share type will be listed on the board. Please follow the limits for your share because taking extra means we will have to harvest more than we planned.

What should I bring?

Bags, boxes, and containers in which to carry your vegetables. Feel free to bring extra plastic bags to put in the shed for other members to use. If you are planning to spend some time picking, proper gear for the weather is recommended, including sturdy boots. Remember your clippers!

What do I do if I can't make it/I'm on vacation?

If you cannot pick up your share one week, you can arrange for a friend or family member to pick it up, or you can donate it to the local food pantry. Please let us know one week in advance.

How do I contact the farmers?

Email is our preferred method of contact; please email us at with any questions or comments you have. You can also call us at 443-643-5684 (Brittany) or 717-512-5602 (Michael).

CSA Member Commitment Statement

I am committing to support the work of this farm and in return I will receive a share of the harvest. I understand that the farm will provide the most bountiful harvest as possible, however I realize that farming varies from season to season and is susceptible to weather, insects, disease and other acts of nature. There is no guarantee of any specific crop or quantities.

                Signature ______________________________        Date ________________