Jet Vehicon Instructions

Building the Jet Vehicon is more or less the same as building the normal one with the exception of a bit more parts for the back pack.


Before getting started make sure you have all of the things you will need for the project:

Now that you have everything you need, just a few quick tips: I always separate the parts into more manageable pieces than the whole page before cutting them out, this will make things easier to handle. Also, you’ll find it a lot easier on yourself to score all your folds BEFORE you cut the parts out.  To score them, just apply firm, downward pressure with the back (dulled) side of the butterknife blade.  This will make a very sharp crease line in your paper that will make folding at that point really easy.  Use the ruler to make sure your score lines are straight.  If you score lines are warped, your fold will be too.


The Body

1. Score the lower body as shown and cut it out.

2. Fold the legs over and glue them to themselves

3. Fold the body around to form a box shape and glue the tab in place.

4. Fold the top tabs down and set the lower body aside.

5. Score and cut out the upper torso as shown.

6. Fold the sides up and glue the tabs into place, set the upper torso aside.

The Chest

1. Score and cut out the Chest pieces as shown.

2. Fold the main chest piece so that it forms a concave shape and glue the tab in place.

3. Glue the areas shown over onto themselves.

4. Glue the gray panels together to form a tab.

5. Glue the tabs to the main chest piece as shown, note the orientation of the parts in this picture, I’d flipped the chest piece upside down but the parts are attached properly.

6. Attach the side tabs on the chest parts to the upper torso and set aside

The Back Pack

1. Score and cut out the back parts as shown

2. fold the lower wings and the top tabs over onto themselves and glue into place

3. fold and glue the stabilizer fin onto itself

4. glue the tabs into place

5. crimp fold the lower wings.  You can glue the gray panel to the back if you wish but it’s not required.

6. fold the upper wings onto themselves and glue into place

7. fold the upper wings away from the back plate

8. slide the notch in the backplate on the upper wings over the stabilizer and glue into place

9. glue the backpack to the upper torso

Bring them together

1. keeping the top tabs pushed down, slide the lower torso inside the upper torso.  You may need to gently push inward on one of the lower torso’s walls to allow it to slide inside.

Arms and Shoulders

1. Score and Cut the arm parts out as shown

2. fold the arms along the score lines and glue the arms to the top of the upper torso as shown

3. Score and Cut out the shoulder parts as shown

4. fold the purple shoulder parts onto themselves and glue into place, then fold along the score lines as shown, glueing the purple panels to the gray panels.

5. Glue the shoulder parts directly on top of the arm parts.

The Head

1. Score and cut out the head base as shown

2. fold parts to form a box and glue the tab in place

3. fold the top tabs inward and glue the top part down into place

4. fold the remaining tabs inward and glue the left flap into place first, then the right flap

5. Score and Cut out the face and head details as shown

6. fold the face along the score lines so that it forms a concave shape and glue tab into place

7. crimp fold the side parts (tusks?) on the front of the face.  You may chose to glue the gray panels onto the face if wish but it is not required.

8. glue the face to the front of the head base

9. fold the neck support along the score lines and glue into place along the sides of the head base

10. fold the top tab down on the head detail and fold the side tusks upward

11. glue the chin part to the lower most part of the face.

12. glue the sides of the head detail to the side of the head base just above the neck support.

13. glue the head to the upper torso attaching the neck support to the shoulders. I find I need to push my little finger up through the lower torso in order to apply pressure here.

The Arm Cannon

1. Score and cut the cannon parts as shown

2. fold the top ridge of the cannon onto itself and glue into place

3. cut the notch out of the top ridge

4. glue the top tab in place and fold along score lines to make a triangle shaped box

5. glue the tab in place, completing the box shape

6. fold the tabs on the front panel over and glue into place

7. fold the thumb down to protect it and slide the cannon onto the arm

You’re done!

I hope you enjoy your chibi Jet Vehicon as much as I did creating him, thanks for downloading and putting this together!  If you take any pictures be sure to send them my way and I’ll put them up on my website so others can check it out ^__^