#111 - Into the Nexus: “eSports-pocalypse!”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

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Ranked Play Revamp Q&A


PTR: Medivh First Impressions and Others Tidbits

Interesting Medivh things:




MMR Normalization

MMRs have been normalized to bring in outliers on both the high and low end of the MMR spectrum.

This change should result in faster queue times in all games modes for players at either end of the spectrum without sacrificing match quality.

Find out more about MMR normalization in this blog post.

MMR Seeding

Players entering Hero League for the first time in Season One will have their Quick Match MMR used as a guideline to determine their initial matchmaking.

Future seasons will use Unranked Draft Mode MMR to seed into Hero League matchmaking.

Team League incorporates a similar system, using a portion of each players Hero League MMR to find an average before matching them appropriately.

Players entering Unranked Draft Mode for the first time will also use their Quick Match MMR as a guideline to determine initial matchmaking.

Hell Billie and Bonus XP

Unlocked by players who make a real-money purchase from the in-game Shop after the june 2nd patch.

You also get Billy the Kid if you previously didnt own it.

XP and Billie offer Lasts until June 14th.



9 games in 8 hours

ESL Day One

Zoia leaving the scene 

SolidJake officially pursuing Overwatch casting as main focus

TNL Disbands - Crazymoving and Sniper (Moved over to MVP Miracle)

MVP Black announces their next tournament performance will be crazy

Leaked Heroes and Maps?

I don’t plan to read the leak as it is spoiler-rific. But it’s there for people to do.


Dustin Browder Tweets!

You will not be able to purchase any seasonal rewards.

Team is discussing Hero Swaps. No date available.

Even silenced pros won’t be getting a reset for Hero League

MMR decay will be added in the future

No ETA on new quests or re-rolling quests

You may not bitch slap the dev team.

Other Blue Posts:

Blizz Wants to know if you want Carbot’s Mephisto

Update to Nazeebo’s Skill cap coming

No haunted mines rework this year

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Communication and Vocabulary

The Effort of Speaking

Connotation is the emotional and imaginative association surrounding a word.

Denotation is the strict dictionary meaning of a word.


negative emotions (50%)

positive (30%)

neutral (20%) emotions

negative emotions signal problems or threat in the environment and are accompanied by detailed and systematic cognitive processing, while positive emotions signal a safe or benign environment and are accompanied by heuristic, schema-based cognitive processing.

Group 1

Thin, slim, lanky, skinny, gaunt, slender

Group 2

Aggressive, assertive, domineering, dynamic, pushy, forceful

Group 3

Shrewd, egghead, bright, clever, brilliant, cunning, smart, intelligent, brainy

Group 4

reporter,  journalist, broadcaster, newshound, Paparazzi





Peel - Using Crowd Control and/or damage to force an enemy away from an ally.

Poke -  bring their health down to set up a kill or force them out of the lane.

Carry -         To bring your own team to victory, usually by dealing large amounts of damage and acquiring many kills. It is also one of the roles.

CC - Crowd Control.

Care - Be careful. A request that someone or lane plays cautiously, generally used when an enemy is in the Jungle or missing.

Feed - When you die repeatedly to enemy players, "feeding" them gold and experience and giving them the upper hand. Getting "fed" means that one or more enemy players are giving you a lot of (generally easy) kills, giving you a greater advantage over them.

Juke -         Dodging enemy attacks, and getting out of their line of sight.

MIA -         Missing In Action. Generally used to signal that someone in the enemy team is unaccounted for.

Miss -         Missing from lane.

Use Your Pings



I was hoping you might address how to handle high damage comps, e.g. 4 assassins and a healer? One game we tried to double tank as last two picks when it was obvious they were going to run no tank or no healer and got completely destroyed as the other team gained a 2 level lead before 10 (think Kerrigan li-ming tracer, rehgar, zagara). Another game we played a Johanna KT Illidan Xul Monk into nova li-ming tracer rehgar greymane and won after a prolonged bloodbath. Any advice on drafting and in game strategy other than maybe play safe early?

Love the show, you guys are awesome.


Matthew aka Windmagegarr


Dear ITN,

Kyle used to be my Hero. He used to be a trusted player in the HotS community. Then on the last Pateron hangout he said he played renegade Shepard. I don't know if I can ever watch Solo Q&A the same! Just kidding, but hope Kyle rethinks his ways when Mass Effect Andromeda come out.


David from Heroes Radio


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