For the safety of all guests:

NO DROP-OFFs or PICK-UPs in traffic circle

Circle access for Handicap & permit holders only.

DOGS / PETS are not allowed at HRSC

Friday - April 28th  - All GRASS FIELDS are CLOSED

Coed games on turf play as scheduled

A Bandaid vs. Stitches

We have made the very difficult decision to close all grass fields at the Soccer Complex for Saturday, April 28th.    Scroll down for entire message.

See below for field changes impacting State Cup and CCL games.  


Artificial Turf Fields #06 and #08 are open for scheduled games.

We understand the beautiful weather forecast for Saturday will make many wonder why our fields are closed.  Be assured any time we must close fields several factors must be considered, primarily the safety of players and the viability of our fields.

Fields at HRSC have received several inches of rain over the past week with no time to dry between rains.  Our fields look beautiful as we gaze across the Complex but, upon closer look, are actually sopping wet sponges without anywhere else to drain their excess water.


Our full staff has been at-the-ready all week to mow, paint, and prepare fields for you.  Instead, we have watched as more rain falls and pools on our grounds, hindering any ability to run equipment or otherwise work the fields.

When sports turf is this saturated it not only takes time to dry, it is fragile.  Playing on the fields, with feet cutting into wet ground, displaces and disrupts the base layers and changes the soil composition in such a way the grass cannot recover on its own.  Concern lies not in the mud we would see on top of grass, but rather the base below the surface.  Affected areas will likely die.  Only extended periods out of service will allow the field to fill in to its original condition.IMG_7052.JPG

It’s the difference between you needing a bandaid for a few days, or stitches for a long period of time.  We do not want to allow damage now that will impact playability for weeks and months to come.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

All Field Use at HRSC is by Permit only.

No Trespassing - use of fields at any time without permission

from HRSC is prohibited.

HRSC is 501(c)3 privately operated facility.

 Field Use by Permit Only.


Saturday, April 29th

ALL GRASS FIELDS CLOSED – see field changes below

·         State Cup games originally scheduled on HRSC #14 moved to HRSC #06

·         State Cup game scheduled on HRSC #13A – please see VYSA communications.  This game will not play at HRSC

·         VSLI and CCL games scheduled on HRSC #08 play as scheduled

·         CCL games scheduled on HRSC#13A and #13C – will not play at HRSC Saturday.  Refer to league communication for rescheduling


All other matches scheduled on grass fields are cancelled Saturday.


Sunday, April 30th – Expect additional updates Sunday

Grass fields will be evaluated Sunday morning.

The following field changes have been made for Sunday:

·         OTSL and VSLI games scheduled on HRSC #17 move to HRSC #08

·         OTSL and VSLI games scheduled on HRSC #16 move to HRSC #06

** Please check back prior to leaving for the Complex for additional updates prior to leaving for activities on Sunday, April 30 **


Lightning Bolt, Thunderstorm ...

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

Note our Inclement Weather Policy on the right-hand column.



Seek shelter in an enclosed vehicle.

HRSC Office, Restrooms, and other structures are not permitted shelters




Visit “Parking & Rules” on our site for more information about HRSC.

Use of nearby school parking is subject to school policies and availability.  Parking in these lots is enforced by City of Virginia Beach.  Do not park in fire lines, along yellow curbs, or block other vehicles in by triple+ parking in bus lanes.  Parking on medians or in grass is prohibited



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