Centerville Intermediate School

Family Engagement Policy



The mission of Centerville Intermediate School is to create an atmosphere where every child is valued and nurtured toward success. Our vision is to guarantee that every student departs our school with a quality education and the ability to thrive productively as a responsible student and successful citizen.

How are parents included in the ongoing formulation of the Family Engagement Policy and programs for parent involvement?

Our school policy will be reviewed and updated annually.  This process will take place during a Leadership Team meeting in which parents are included as stakeholders, providing an integral part of the process.  The policy will be made available to parents at registration or enrollment, at the annual Title I meeting, in student handbooks, in the front office and can also be accessed on our school’s website.

How will our plan be shared with families?

An annual Title I meeting will be held at the beginning of the school year to explain the school-wide program. Additionally, letters explaining the program will be sent home and information will be on the school website.  Teachers will also discuss any questions and concerns at parent/teacher conferences.

How will CIS explain the Title I program to parents of participating students?

A Title I Annual Meeting will be held at the beginning of the school year with a presentation of Title I Services.  This will include how students are identified to participate in the program, the services that will be provided, and an introduction of those providing Title I services.  


What activities will be provided at CIS to assist parents in becoming more involved in the education of their children?

How will parents be informed of school activities?

How will parents at CIS be provided with information about curriculum, assessments, and proficiency levels?

CIS will hold an annual Open House at the beginning of the school year.  In addition to an informational session, parents will be invited to visit their child’s classrooms and meet his/her teachers.

The curriculum at CIS follows the TN State Standards.  

Aimsweb is used to measure student progress as well as formative assessments within classrooms and an end of year summative assessment (TN Ready).

How will parents utilize opportunities as stakeholders at CIS?

How can parents be involved at CIS and how will this help student achievement?

Parents are invited to attend all school activities throughout the year such as:

   Parent Involvement Activities                             Academic Activities

Open House                Walk the Dawg                Math Night

Boo Bash                Holiday Lunches                Parent/Teacher Conferences

Book Fair                Field Day                        Family Reading Night

PBS Rallies                Veterans Day                        Title I Annual Meeting

Celebration Day        Career Day                        TCAP Olympics

Parent Day

The partnership between home and school will naturally have a positive impact on student achievement.

What materials are provided for parents?

These materials are distributed to CIS by the local LEA and are prepared in languages parents can understand.

How is the school-parent compact developed and distributed?

The compact is addressed during our annual School-wide Leadership Committee meeting each spring.  The committee, composed of an administrator, teachers, and parents, reviews and offers suggestions to improve the effectiveness of this document.  It is distributed to all students and their parents at the beginning of the school year to be signed and returned.  A copy is filed with the teacher, one copy is given to the parent, a sampling is sent to Central Office.  The importance of this document is discussed at our annual Parent Orientation/Open House and parent/teacher conferences.  It is also provided in a language and form that parents understand.