BATTLE ROYALE | 9pm Saturdays in the Studio


Battle Royale devotes a weekly performance space to comedians that focus on written comedy. Broken out into “Sketch Battles” and “Stand Up Battles,” Battle Royale showcases the work of indie sketch teams and local stand ups through a supportive, energized, audience-friendly one-night-only competition.  


Battle Royale’s format alternates week over week from sketch to stand up giving each team or performer ample time to perform their written/rehearsed material with no pressure of having to win in order to perform again.  While nightly winners are crowned, there is no larger tournament structure.  


Two teams are booked per show. Each team receives between 20-25 minutes to perform their entire set.  Think about it in terms of a sitcom - 22 minutes of content in a 30 minute block.  We want the best material you have - if that equates to 17 minutes, than that’s the set we want you to perform.  The judges are in place to not only provide positive feedback and balance out the audience, but to also provide acts with time to transition between sketches so that their main focus is on the performance.  

At the end of the second set, the judges weigh in and vote alongside the audience.  The audience vote will count for two total votes, so at the end of the night, we will have a decisive winner. The final vote could look like this:

Judge 1: Team A

Judge 2: Team B

Judge 3: Team B

Audience (worth 2): Team A



Seven stand up comedians each receive six minutes sets.  At the end of each set the judges provide positive feedback on the performance.  After the seventh performer, the judges narrow the field to three finalists.  The finalists will each perform an additional three minute set.  The audience will then vote(via applause) and a nightly winner is crowned.  Best Practice: Comics should have at least 15 minutes of material ready to go.


Our panel of 3 judges is made up of experienced local improv, sketch, and stand up artists as well as respected visiting comedians. Unlike your typical reality show panel, our panel is focused on supporting the artists, providing positive feedback, covering transitions and entertaining the audience. The judges are here to make you look great, not tear you down. If you are interested in being a judge yourself, email


Stick to your dates, promote your show, and be ready to fill your time with your favorite material.  This is an outward facing show and designed to not only delight the audience you bring, but help you grow your fanbase by offering a product that is ready for an “off the street” audience.  


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