Students are assigned one bus stop, a bus driver must pick up students and drop off students at their assigned stop.  Please do not give bus drivers notes requesting a different pick up or drop off location.  Daily changes are not allowed.  It is the parent's responsibility to transport their child if they need the child to get on or off the bus at a place different from their assigned stop.  If a student participates in latchkey, latchkey will be their assigned bus stop.

We will try to accommodate alternate bus stops for students under the following conditions:

1.  Parent must call Linda Earp, Transportation Supervisor, at 330-837-7813 to request a change in the student's bus stop.  Please give at least one week notice.

2.  There must be space available on the requested bus.

3.  The stop must be consistent.  (Monday - Friday)

4.  The alternate stop must be on an existing bus route.

5.  Students who participate in the afternoon latchkey program must report to latch key every day.