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Wedding Services Menu

Officiate and Legal Progressing                                                $ 1,500

Price may vary pending flights and season as the officiate comes from San Jose.

Flowers                                                                         $  750 - $1500

We use local exotic tropical flowers that make florists around the world jealous.  

(Roses and Orchids are not included, but can be special ordered from San Jose.)

Reception Dinner in the Rancho or on the beach w/Bonfire                 $  250

You can also choose to have your reception dinner in our spectacular

Rancho or on the beach and then migrate to the Pearl Bar for festivities.  

Pricing includes bonfire.  Talk to us about fireworks and sky lanterns.

Guitarist / Music At Ceremony                                                $  150 - $250

There are two guitarist in town who play beautiful music.

DJ / Party                                                                        $  200 +

Our local DJ plays great music.  You may want to bring your own playlists too.  

$200 for two hours then add $100/hour.

BAR / The Pearl                                                                

Most people have their party at The Pearl.  You can have an open bar, an open

bar for awhile, or no open bar depending on your budget.  

Wine / Champagne                                                                        

Do you want the house wine served at your dinners which runs approximately

$6.50 a glass or do you want something more costly?  Champagne prices range

from $20 per bottle to $200 depending upon your budget and taste.

The Wedding Cake                                                                $  150

We do lovely tiered affairs - how about mango or passionfruit w/ lemon curd?  

Chocolate w/ chocolate?  What else sounds great?  Our neighbor also makes

ice cream wedding cakes for $250.


We have used many different photographers, all of whom have done a great job.  

Please contact them directly so that you can decide whose style you prefer and

make your own particular arrangements with them.   See list below.


High end: Fernando Edwards. He's simply the best. Amazing. I work a lot with him. His email is: costaricaweddings@gmail.com His site is www.crweddings.com and www.fernando.cr 

High end: Juan Carlos Villa. I’ve worked with JC many times and he’s top quality. His site is www.elvelophotography.com 

Jennifer Harter

She started her professional career recently, and is a photography graduate from Barcelona, Spain.  She has good equipment and good taste, and offers probably the best prices. She’s doing only elopements and small groups for now. Jenny’s at jenniferharter@yahoo.com or (506) 8324-1900 and her website is www.jenniferharter.com 

Julie Comfort

She’s sweet as could be and a delight to work with. She’s all-professional as well, of course! Her website is www.comfortstudio.com and her email is julie@comfortstudio.com. Her phone is 415 287 0134

Ale Sura Photo www.alesura.com, www.alesuraphoto.com, 506 8825-7261, alesura@fotosintesis.co.cr, (skype user name) alesura

Brian Finch

finchphotos@gmail.com He’s excellent. Just broke off from Fernando and does similar quality work. His portfolio is at www.finch.zenfolio.com.

John Williamson: I work with him a lot also, and couples, hotels and coordinators seem to like him. His email is john@weddingphotoscostarica.com and his website is www.weddingphotoscostarica.com.  Not sure about his fees. Phone: 506-8870-8707. He does video, too.

Thornton Cohen:

He’s wonderful to work with and freelances for Fernando Edwards as well. Check out his website at http://www.weddingsoverhere.com/ His phone number is (506) 8306-5442 and his email is twj@nomadpics.com

Carlos Charpentier and Sebastian Horton 
(506) 8847-5805 and (506) 2203-4845

Megan McCullor:

Megan is a local on the Osa Peninsula. http://www.meganmccullor.com/


contactphoto@weddingincostarica.com  Bruno Dabreuil

prontophoto@racsa.co.cr Juan Cantillana

mcpimages1@yahoo.com Mark M. Cunningham

www.iguanalodge.com                                                info@iguanalodge.com