What is the color of the Preschool & PreK shorts and pants?

The color of the full dress uniform pants and shorts for Preschool and PreK students is Charcoal (it is a Dark Gray).   The uniform pants and shorts have a crest on the right rear hip or just below the right pocket near the seam.  These  are to be worn by the boys on Mondays and Tuesdays with the white, gray, or burgundy polo with the embroidered crest.

If desired, the Preschool and PreK students may wear Challenger uniform attire on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.   On those (optional/free dress) days they may choose to wear optional uniform items such as the Navy shorts or pants with the polo or oxford shirts or the jumpers with sailor or polo shirts that the Kindergarten children wear on optional dress days. The PreSchool and PreK students may also wear non uniform clothing such as jeans or dresses on optional dress days as long as they conform to the standards outlined in the Challenger Uniform Policy.

May a 1st Grade through 4th Grade girl  wear a skirt on optional dress day?

No. The Preschool skirts may only be worn by the Preschool & PreK & Kindergarten girls on their optional dress days. The reason the Kindergarten girls are allowed to wear the skirts on Thursdays and Fridays is so they may get the full use out of the skirts that they purchased as Preschool and PreK girls. The Preschool skirt must still fit and be long enough to reach mid knee.  Hems are simple to lower.  Kindergarten girls are allowed to purchase the PreSchool skirts for Thursday and Friday optional days but need to keep in mind that they will not be allowed to wear them in 1st - 4th grades even if they still fit and reach mid knee.  If someone tells you differently,  they are mistaken.   Kindergarten girls are required to wear the Jumper (NOT the skirt) on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

I heard from a director or a teacher or a sales associate that (fill in the blank) was allowed …

Even a teacher or a director or sales associate may be mistaken when they tell you what is allowed. Please refer to the dress code which you signed and read our frequently asked questions for clarification on what is or is not allowed on full dress days, special event days and optional dress days. If you still cannot figure out the answer to your question, please send an email to Info@Scholarwear.com. We have most likely encountered your question before and have confirmed our answer with Challenger Corporate office.

Do Preschool and PreK students have to wear a belt on full dress days with pants and shorts?

No. Belts are optional items for Preschool and PreK students. Kindergarten through 8th Grade students are required to wear a belt when they are wearing pants or shorts  on full dress and on optional dress days.

Do Preschool and PreK students have to tuck in their shirts?

No. Tucked in shirts are optional for Preschool and PreK students. Kindergarten through 8th Grade students are required to tuck in their shirts on full dress and optional dress days.

Are Preschool and PreK girls allowed to wear pants on full dress days (Mondays & Tuesdays)?

No. Preschool and PreK girls may choose between the skirt and the shorts on full dress days. They may choose to wear pants on free dress/optional dress days which are Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.   In cold weather they may wear heavy tights or leggings under their skirts.

Are the Challenger jackets allowed for wear in the classroom in Kindergarten - 8th Grade?

No, Jackets, sweatshirts, and other outerwear items are not allowed to be worn in the classroom even on Optional dress days.  Challenger sweaters and vests are to be worn in the classrooms. White undershirts may be worn under shirts.  They should not show past the Challenger Uniform shirt sleeve (short sleeve under short sleeve shirts... and long sleeve under long sleeve shirts).  These are for warmth in the classroom on optional dress days and full dress days not a style statement. Jackets from home or Challenger crest jackets are allowed on the playground for warmth and during loading and unloading.

Is the cardigan sweater required? Which one is that?

Yes, it's true. Every student, (Kindergarten - 8th Grade), is required to have a Challenger burgundy cardigan sweater, (the one with the buttons down the front), and wear it on Challenger special function days. Again, the cardigan sweater is the one with the buttons on the front. The alternative to wearing the cardigan sweater on normal Mondays through Wednesdays for full dress, is to wear a Challenger tie or Challenger burgundy sweater vest or burgundy pullover long sleeve sweater.

But why do we have to purchase a sweater our child will only wear a few times a year?

The sweaters can be worn every day of the year (assuming it's not too hot).  They can be worn in the classroom on full dress days, special function days, picture days, optional dress days. Many children wear the sweaters as a typical daily wear item during the cold seasons inside and outside of the classroom.  The sweater vest is particularly nice for keeping the white shirts clean on the boys.  Often, Challenger students wear the sweaters for two years until it is thoroughly worn out or it may be passed to another child.

Are the knits and oxford shirts different for boys and girls?

No, we only carry a "boys" oxford which we sell for both boys and girls. The polo shirts have a gender neutral fit. Parents find it easier to pass these items from boys to girls or girls to boys within the family rather than purchasing new clothing.