SPANISH LESSON “ Cómo disfrutamos del tiempo con nuestros mayores” “How to enjoy time with old people”

Pupils: Primary 3th; 22 pupils A-B-C Time: 60 MIN Author: Leticia González, Amparo Zahínos, Victoria Miró

TOPIC: Civic and Values Education

Goals: To do daily works with old people (grandparents...)

Preparation for the lesson (tips for teacher, what to do before lesson, what to prepare).

Please explain here fully and in details what should be prepared for a lesson)

1)It is asked the pupils to bring done a photo together with his grandparents or major persons with those who share different daily activities. 2)We comment in class what types of activities we realize with the grandparents. 3)What they teach us and to what they we can help.

Conducting the lesson:

1) We speak with our pupils of the quantity of time that we spend with our grandparents

or major persons that we have to ours around. 2) Our pupils comment to us on the activities that they do with them and that mas they

like to realize in company and we propose them that a photo should be done realizing it. 3) Every pupil contributes a photo where they appear cooking, doing the tasks of the

cole, helping in the tasks you domesticate, or simply playing and happening awhile agreeably sharing the free time. 4) In class every pupil comments on the photos that they have brought and we think

about it