South Australian Senate Candidates (2013)

Shown in order that the candidates appear on the ballot.  Fair and balanced, of course.  With love from darksidelemm, micolous and t3h (who started this whole thing).

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Prolonged exposure to politicians may cause irritation or a rash in some people.  Limit exposure to politicians, and see your doctor if symptoms persist.  After spending several hours researching, my head hurts… and I see why most people wouldn’t do this and just vote above the line.

Above all, do your own research, and don’t entirely base your voting decision on what three random people from The Internet say about political parties (lol, remember when Michael Atkinson tried to make that illegal?)

If you have specific concerns about something written here (ie: it is wrong, incomplete, etc.), please leave a comment on the reddit /r/adelaide thread.

The information here is also largely applicable nationally, however the candidates presented here are running for SA’s senate seats.  Your state may vary.

A - Socialist Equality Party (2)

B - Family First (3)

C - Australian Democrats (2)

D - Secular Party of Australia (2)

E - Liberal Democrats (2)

F - Palmer United Party (2)

G - Nick Xenophon Group (2)

H - National Party (2)

I - Group I (2)

J - DLP Democratic Labour (2)

K - Rise Up Australia Party (2)

L - Group L (2)

M - Country Alliance (2)

N - Sex Party (2)

O - Australian Independents (2)

P - Australian Greens (3)

Q - Animal Justice Party (2)

R - No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics (2)

S - Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party (2)

T - Drug Law Reform (2)

U - One Nation (2)

V - Stable Population Party (2)

W - Australian Christians (2)

X - Shooters and Fishers (2)

Y - Katter’s Australian Party (2)

Z - Smokers Rights (2)

AA - Voluntary Euthanasia Party (2)

AB - Australian Labor Party (3)

AC - Building Australia Party (2)

AD - Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party (2)

AE - Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party (2)

AF - Group AF (2) - Outdoor Recreation Party / “Stop the Greens”

AG - Liberal (4)

Independent COCHRANE, Christopher Mark

Independent WEAVER, Robert