Schedule 29. August 2014 - 05. September

This is a preliminary schedule which will be adapted to participant’s wishes and weather conditions.

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  • Arrival and Shuttle from Geneva-Airport
  • Welcome to the chalet, settling in, and getting to know everyone
  • Evening Teaching Session
  • Basics of Equipment:
  • Which camera is right for you?
  • What do you really need?
  • How to develop ideas and stories that captivate the audience
  • Getting the best out of the shoot: Planning and organzing


  • Morning Teaching Session
  • How to shoot a Story
  • Understanding your Camera
  • Get it right: Exposure, Focus & Composition
  • Afternoon Ride & Film Session
  • Hands-on practice in shooting and composition
  • Evening Teaching Session:
  • Film-Clinic: Each participant is invited to show a film he made prior to the workshop and gets feedback on it from the group.


  • Half-Day Film Session
  • Get it moving: An Introduction into advanced camera gear (steadycam, slider, crane etc)
  • Plus: How to build and set-up a Cablecam
  • Half-Day Ride
  • Into the Action: Getting the Best out for your Gopro
  • Evening:
  • Film Festival: Each participant suggests a MTB or outdoor film that he considers to be inspirational  


  • Full day of riding & Filming on the Trail
  • Evening Teaching Session:
  • Transcoding & Logging: Preparing for Postproduction
  • The Basics of Video Editing


  • Morning-Session:
  • The Art of the Timelapse
  • Spicing up the Edit: Film Burns, Twitches and SFX
  • Let your footage shine: An Introduction into Colour Correction
  • How to Create Titles that Look Great
  • A Simple Way to Render Good Looking Films
  • Afternoon-Session:
  • An Introduction to Audio Recording
  • Practice: Shooting an Interview
  • Evening:
  • Time to work on edit


  • Full day of riding & Filming on the Trail
  • Evening-Session:
  • Time to work on edit


  • Morning:
  • Film-Session, eventually with Microcopter
  • Time to work on edit
  • Afternoon:
  • Half-Day Ride
  • A dip in the local natural hot springs
  • Evening Teaching Session:
  • Presentation and feedback on edits done during the workshop
  • FAQ


  • Morning Shuttle to Geneva Airport

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