PYP Exhibition Presentation Notes

1 PYP Exhibition Title

2 The world

3 Internationally-Minded Global Citizen

Overall objective: Demonstrate Fluency as an Internationally-Minded Global Citizen

4 21st Century Fluencies

The 21st Century Fluency Project is our model.

Includes information, creativity, solutions, media, and collaboration.

Everything we have done this year has been specifically to prepare for this Exhibition.

5 Creativity Fluency

Creative and critical thinking

Explore Visual, Language, Drama, Music, Video Arts

Apply creativity in all areas of learning through inquiry

Pursue our own interests and passions independently

Redesign classroom space into creative studio

6 Information Fluency

Finding and using information

Research from a variety of sources

Nonfiction and graphical texts

Guided inquiry to discover connections through data

Evernote to organize information

7 Solution Fluency

Problem solving

Address meaningful issues

Apply understandings in different situations and contexts

Investigate through teacher-led inquiry to refine strategies

Celebrate failure as a way to learn and grow

8 Collaboration Fluency

Social skills

Discuss and identified goals

Seek mentors both within and outside of the school

Use the Internet to participate in learning communities

Act as leaders in the school and community

9 Media Fluency

Content creators

Kidblog to express our ideas and interact with others

Social media (Twitter)

Use technology to enhance learning in Bring-Your-Own-Device environment

10 PYP Elements

Document evidence of ALL of the elements of the Primary Years Program on a JIES Grade 6 Exhibition Wiki page.

11 Global Significance

Relate to an issue of global significance with a focus on developing and expressing empathy.

12 Local Action

Apply new understandings to contribute to our local community.

13 IB Learner Profile

The Exhibition will be overwhelming evidence that our students are exemplars of the IB Learner Profile.

14 Photo Credits

Extra notes

Mathematics instruction will continue with normal lessons and homework.