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Throughout this course, students will learn about shapes, points, lines, and planes and gain an understanding of how geometry affects the world around us. They will travel a mathematical highway illuminated by spatial relationships, reasoning, connections, and problem solving.  They will gain a broad understanding of the uses for geometrical thinking in their everyday world.  

Iowa Core Skills and Standards:

Basic Construction of Shapes, Transformations, Reflections, Rotations, Line and Angle Proofs, Symmetry and Dilations, Triangle Proofs, Volume of Shapes, Geometry of Circles.

Why It Matters:

Students should recognize that Geometry is everywhere. Engineers use geometry to build highways and bridges. Artists use geometry to create perspective in their paintings, and mapmakers help travelers find things using the points located on a geometric grid.

Required Materials:

Student will need a scientific calculator, the free Desmos or Graphmatica application and the free Geogebra application. Details will be provided during the first week of class.  Also, Proof Resources (link provided within the course for download or printing), a protractor, compass, a tape measure for some assignments (metric and English units preferred), index cards, tissue or wax paper, and graph paper.

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Additional Notes:

Iowa Learning Online operates on a semester model, offering enrollments for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Students must be enrolled each semester for the appropriate segment of the course they wish to take.

Major Topics and Concepts:

Segment 1

Module 01: Basics of Geometry

Module 02: Transformations and Congruence

Module 03: Proofs of Theorems

Module 04: Dilations and Similarity

Module 05: Triangle Similarity Proofs

Segment 2

Module 06: Coordinate Geometry

Module 07: Right Triangles and Trigonometry

Module 08: Volume and Figures

Module 09: Circles