There is TONS of content most of it free on TheKaz Grid

One of the Most fantastic facilities of OpenSim is the ability to travel to other public Open Simulators

There are a HUGE amount of destinations to travel too and there is a huge amount of free content to get through travelling the hypergrid

Here are two great websites which hypergrid enabled grids are listed


How to ;

Find a Hypergrid Node or Address in the internet - search for HG addresses and pages will appear

Choose one address and copy it

Open your map and copy the HG address into the map search then if it finds it - teleport

Set your Home position here before you go - Then you can teleport home easily

When you move off your home grid - you cannot use your inventory - it will say unavailable - but you will have a 'My Suitcase' in your inventory - this is to use when travelling the hypergrid - anything you take or buy when at a hypergrid - will go into your suitcase

When you return to your home grid, move the items in your suitcase to your normal inventory.