Open Letter to Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) on report titled 'Antisemitism in the UK'

We, the undersigned, note with grave concern the findings of the Home Affairs Select Committee (HASC) on anti-Semitism. The report’s findings on the sharp growth in anti-Semitic incidents in the last year is deeply troubling, and is an urgent call to all those involved in fighting against racism, oppression, and for a better society more generally. We welcome the reports calls to take on anti-Semitism, as well as its focus on greater recognition of under-acknowledged areas of abuse, such as online platforms.      

Unfortunately, despite outlining that the large majority of anti-Semitic abuse and crime has historically been, and continues to be, caused by the far right, the report fails to address these groups in any detail. Instead, it focuses virtually all of its attention on the Labour Party and the National Union of Students (NUS), without providing any evidence that these organisations are responsible for the deplorable situation it describes. This undermines the report and casts doubt upon its authors’ intentions. We believe that in order to address the growing reality of anti-Semitism in society effectively, we have to do so without falling prey to partisan selectivity.

We strongly regret the report’s recommendation that would suggest legitimate criticism of Zionism to be considered as hate-crimes by the government, effectively equating them with anti-Semitism. Zionism is a political ideology that continues to express itself through the actions of the State of Israel. It is one that is held or rejected by both Jewish people and non-Jewish people. Zionism and Judaism are not interchangeable and do not go hand in hand. As with all political ideologies, it should be open to discussion, scrutiny and debate. This is the long-held position of many Jewish academics and key figures, and one we are disappointed that the report is unable to reflect.

We are extremely alarmed at the way NUS’ National President, Malia Bouattia, is being singled out for her views on Israel by the HASC in its report, and depicted as the source of anti-Semitism in Higher Education. Bouattia’s repeated assurances, within the union and in the media, that she will address concerns and revise her language, are completely ignored by the HASC report, despite the fact that she has done just that and reiterated her commitments to do this in her submission for the HASC report.

Furthermore, Bouattia has outlined – on numerous occasions and in her written submission to the HASC – the actions she and NUS are taking to fight anti-Semitism which include: supporting NUS’ Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism Campaign, continued work on interfaith and campus cohesion, interfaith work focused specifically on anti-Semitism, upcoming work on tackling hate crime, an Institutional Racism Review inclusive of anti-Semitism which she demanded, as well as working alongside the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on Holocaust education. The report fails to acknowledge any of these endeavours.

The HASC also seem to be misinformed about recent developments in NUS’ Anti-Racism Anti-Fascism (ARAF) Committee. Under Bouattia’s leadership, the Jewish representative on NUS’ ARAF Committee is now elected by Jewish members of the union’s National Executive Committee. Previously, representatives were appointed by the NUS president. The report claims the reverse to be true.

Finally, we believe this report’s selective and partisan approach attempts to delegitimise NUS, and discredit Malia Bouattia as its president. An attack on NUS is an attack on the student and union movements. This is completely unacceptable and we cannot allow these claims against us to go unchallenged. We demand a revised report that is impartial and contains factual evidence. We demand that all false statements are retracted, especially in relation to the sections regarding campus anti-Semitism, along with an apology to those who have been vilified by the inaccuracies and partisan biases it contains. Our movement will remain principled in its work defending human rights, freedom of expression, and the fight against anti-Semitism and racism in all its forms.

To add your name to this statement sign here:

Mariya Hussain, KCLSU Vice President of Education (Arts and Sciences)

Ali Milani, NUS NEC Block of 15, President of Brunel Students’ Union

Deborah Hermanns, NUS NEC International Students’ Place, LSESU

Sulaiman Lkaderi, President of Middlesex Students’ Union

Subira Ismail, Bradford Students’ Union Community and Welfare Officer

Yousef, Vice President of Brunel Students’ Union

Fatima Diriye, Women’s Officer of SOAS Students’ Union

James Eastwood, Lecturer in Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University

Aleem Bashir, University of Bradford Union Academic Affairs Officer

Taran Baragwanath, LGBT+ Officer , University of Essex Students’ Union

F Syal, Teaching Assistant, SOAS

Krum Tashev, International (EU) Officer, CCSU

Mason Amer, BME Campaigns Coordinator, 93% Club BME Officer, Bristol Students Union

Ali Habib, Co-President of SOAS Students’ Union

Sahaya James, NUS NEC Block of 15

Rahul Singh, NUS Scotland Disabled Students’ Officer

Siji Akinlusi, University of Bradford Students’ Union Sports Officer

Radhika Jani, BME Officer at Bristol Students’ Union

Raj Jeyaraj NUS Scotland International Students Officer, President Strathclyde Union

Sophia Ehimiaghe, BME Students’ Committee, Bristol Students’ Union

Noor Almadani, Societies Guild Chair of Brunel Students’ Union

Rohi Malik Vice Chair (Events and Communications) of Labour Students

Myriam Kane, President of LESOCO

Saffy Allayna, University of Essex Students Union, Vice President (International)

Richard Donnelly, Kingston University,

Jo Swo, Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer UEA

Chris Newlove, Kingston University

Shazmin Akhtar, Women’s and Campaigns Officer University of Bradford Students’ Union

Zoe Goodman, SOAS

Halimo Hussain, SOAS

Zamzam Ibrahim, NUS NEC Block of 15, NUS ARAF Committee

Liam McCabe, Vice President of Volunteering and Development, University of Strathclyde Union

Saffa Mir, Community Officer, University of Manchester Students’ Union

Shelly Asquith, NUS VP Welfare

Mostafa Rajaai, NUS International Students’ Officer

Sai Englert, SOAS Students Union, Former NUS NEC/NUS PGR Rep

Hareem Ghani, NUS Women’s Officer

Noha Abou El Magd, NUS NEC PGR Rep

Aadam Muuse, NUS Black Students’ Officer

Yinbo Yu, NUS NEC Block of 15, NUS ARAF Committee

Danny Nasr, Goldsmiths Students’ Union President

Mollie Kneath, Goldsmiths Students’ Union Education Officer

Ana Openhein, NUS NEC Block of 15, Campaigns Officer SUARTS

Hussain El Amin, Vice President Community, Manchester Met Union

Shabina Raja, NUS Black Students’ Campaign Steering, Former NUS NEC

Ben Hunt, President of Kings College London Students’ Union

Malaka Mohammed, Students’ Guild Trustee Board, University of Exeter Students’ Union

Sabrina Hussein, President of Huddersfield Students’ Union

Osob Yusuf, Goldsmiths’ College

Muzzamil Khan, President of Bradford College Students’ Union

Mazn Amhamed, Vice President of Bradford College Students’ Union

Misha Velthuis, PhD Student SOAS

Ilyas Nagdee, Diversity Officer, University of Manchester Students’ Union

Mahamid Ahmed, NUS NEC PGT Rep

Abbie Mulcarin, Women’s Officer at Union of UEA Students

Moonish Iqbal, BME Officer, University of Nottingham Students’ Union

Finn Northrop, UEA SU

Tara Mariwany, Welfare & Diversity Officer of Goldsmiths’ Students’ Union

Samayya Afzal, NUS NEC

Luke Pilot, President of Warwick SU

Jen Izaakson, PhD Student, Kingston CRMEP

Jenny Killin, Welfare Officer Abeerdeen University Students’ Association

Lucy Auger, UEA Labour Students’ Vice Chair

Hassun El Zafar, NUS NEC, NUS ARAF Committee

Chloe Wynne, Welfare & Campaigns Officer, Warwick Students Union

Huda Elmi, BAME Officer of Labour Students

Emma Atkins, University of Manchester Students' Union, Education Officer
Sarah Lasoye, St. George's University of London, Intersectional Feminism Society (IFemSoc) President
Nadia Sayed, Queen Mary University of London, Student
Dhibla Idris Mahamud, London School of Economics and Political Science, BME Students Officer
Harry Shotton, SOAS, Former NUS Delegate, student organiser
Saba Shiraz, NUS, Student
Antony Hamilton, NUS, Student
Yasmine A, Strathclyde University        
Sara Derrouiche, Middlesex SU, Arab Society Vice President
Jonas Liston, Birkbeck University        
Savannah Sevenzo, University of Sussex Students’ Union, Undergraduate education officer
Fatima S, SOAS        
Anjelina Qureshi, Middlesex University        
Ayah Benberna, Middlesex SU, ISoc student Affairs
Rahma Ali, Middlesex SU, ISoc Vice President
Shuwanna Aaron, Edinburgh university students association        
Neelam Chhara, SOAS, Co -President of Equality and Liberation
Karim Chaibi         Middlesex, Arab society president
Conor Marshall, NUS Scotland, Vice President (Communities)
Rohan Natashka Kon, Newcastle University, Alumni
Noorulann Shahid, NUS, LGBT+ Officer (Open Place)
Hilary Aked, University of Bath, PhD candidate
Bohdan Starosta, University of Strathclyde Students' Association, VP Education
Naa Acquah, University of Manchester Students' Union, General Secretary
Hansika Jethnani, ARTS SU - UAL's Students' Union, Education Officer
Huseyine Abudharr Ali, Middlesex, global south society        
Ruth Berry, Middlesex University, Labour Society Co-chair
Aliya Yule, Oxford University, Oxford Jewish Students for Justice in Palestine
Debbie Doyle, NUS Women’s Committee

Hamish Anderson, School of Oriental and African Studies  

Hayley Wood, Brighton SU, President

Rebekah Patrick, University of Essex          

Katherine Igidbashian, London Metropolitan University           

Noria Quist, Liverpool John Moore University

Elena Christodoulou, University of Southampton            

Niall Hamilton, Reading University Students' Union, Education Officer

Carrie Benjamin, SOAS, PhD student

Akosua Darko, Swansea University, NUS Wales Black Students’ Officer

Abdullah Okud, Sheffield Hallam Students Union           

Samira Shehu, Liverpool John Moore University, Afro-Caribbean Society President

Amelia Horgan, NUS NEC, Women's Second Place

Halima Begum, UCLU, Education and Campaign's Officer

Sarah Gillborn, Leeds Beckett University, Post-Graduate Research Representative

Yasmin Johal, Leeds Beckett University                 

Kai De Gennaro, Leeds Beckett Students Union, Trans* Representative

Almas Talib, Bristol Student's union, Interfaith representative of Islamic society

Nithya Natarajan, SOAS, PhD candidate

Yasmin Gasimova, Liverpool Guild, Vice President

Sam Nicholson, UCLU, Women's Officer

Izzy Gurbuz, University of Manchester Students' Union, Wellbeing Officer

Sorana Vieru, NUS, Vice President Higher Education

Peter Morgan, Oxford University                 

Imogen Day, Leeds Beckett Student's Union, Women's Rep

Dan Iley-Williamson, Oxford City Council and Oxford University Oxford City Councillor

Sarah Bakhiet, SOAS, Campaigns Officer

Lorenza Monaco, University of Johannesburg, Post Doctoral Researcher

Thomas Englert, University of Witwaterstand, Student

Zak Wright, NUS          

Hussam Hussein, UEA SU  

Sarah Wagner, University of Essex Students' Union, Women's Officer

Leah Frances, NUS Black Students' Campaign Committee, Open Place

Samuel Miles, Essex SU, VP Student Activities

Tawfik Bakkar, St Mary’s University, Student

Diarmuid Cowan, Heriot-Watt University Student Union, President

Shadin Dowson-Zeidan, SOAS          

Naima Omar, University of Hertfordshire, Student

Safaa Nait-Charif, Aston Students Union, Vice President Welfare and Communications

Maria Roberts, Highlands and Islands Students' Association, Vice President

Eloise Mcneaney, Heriot Watt Student Union, Vice President Wellbeing  

Rachel Sursham, Exeter University, Student

Lexy Ogden, KCL         

Samuel Osman, Durham University, Law Student (LLB)

Simona Alexandra Simion, King's College London         

Melissa Owusu, Leeds University Union, Education Officer

Nicole, Bristol SU    

Lewis Macleod, Aberdeen University Students' Association/ NUS Scotland Communities Officer / Executive Committee Member

Eleanor Boyd, NUS, Labour Party Member

Rachel O'Brien, Birmingham Guild of Students, NUS Disabled Students' Second Place

Deej Malik-Johnson, University of Manchester Students Union, BME Officer

Tameka Murrain, NUS/Labour CLP, Student

Hafsa Rifai, University of Manchester, Vice President of Student Affairs

Maya Schkolne, SOAS           

Hafsa Rifai, University of Manchester Vice President of Student Affairs, Islamic Society

Emmanuel Agu, UEA, Ethical Issues Officer, NUS Black Students' Committee

Vida Köster, Canterbury Christ Church SU, Women's Officer

Habiba Amjad , Wolverhampton Students Union, President

Elisabeth Mahase, Union of Brunel Students, Media Association Chair

Scarlett Langdon, Arts Students Union, Welfare Officer

Nishat Haq, University of Manchester     

Hanna Head, Solent Students Union

Abdulla Saad, SOAS

Mujtaba Awan, Canterbury Christ Church University

Samia Gundkalli, KCL Alumnus

Noor Khan, KCL Alumnus & former KCLSU, interfaith officer

Amanie El-alfy, KCL Alumnus & former KCLSU, societies officer

Caroline Thompson, Brunel University London, LGBT+ Liberation Officer

Tasnima Uddin, City University of London, BME Officer

Tamara O'Neill, UoM, Activities and Development Officer

Laura Cristea, University of Aberdeen

Augustus Mbanasor, De Montfort Students' Union, Deputy President Education

Sayeeda Ali, UCL Union, BME Officer

Mohammed Bilal Munir, Brunel University London  

Leila, University of Manchester

Lord Apetsi McMensa, Strathclyde University, Strathclyde BME president, NUS Scotland, NUS officer for Refugees & Asylum Seekers

Karimah, Manchester, General Secretary

Eva Crossan Jory, Goldsmiths Students' Union, Campaigns and Activities Officer

Zehra Khab, City, University of London

Siarah Jamil, UCL  

Natalie Wright, University of Sussex, PhD Student

T Salim, University of Central Lancashire Students Union, Education Officer

Amelia Campbell, NUS, UWE

Caitlin Greenland-Bees, NUS, University of Manchester

Lowri Jones, University of Plymouth Students' Union, President

Davide Bertelli, University of Plymouth Students Union, VP International and Outreach

Rojan Kumar, NUS Scotland, SEC

Rob Noon, University of Manchester

Zaidi Hamid, University of Manchester, Student

Azharul Uddin, University of Manchester              

Gabriel Polley, University of Exeter, PhD candidate

Ella Castle-Parker, Union of Brunel Students, (LLB) Undergraduate, Intersectional Feminism Society Social Secretary

Husna Tahir, University of Manchester

Mohamed Khelloufi, University of Manchester                

Laura Lunn-Bates, Sheffield hallam University                

Ala Mohammad, SOAS University, Islamic Society (ISOC) President

Bethan Turner, University of Manchester

Amira Rady, SOAS University           

Daniel Nikolla, National Union Of Students, NEC

Iain Goddard, Lancaster University, PhD Researcher

Gabrielle Thorpe, UEA

Jamie Jordon        , UWE, Vice President Education

Zain Ismail, City Students' Union, Vice-President Education

Anam Riaz, University of Central Lancashire, BME officer

Hajar Al-safani, University of Central Lancashire, Women’s Officer

Hammad Allana, Manchester Isoc, Committee member

Zak Mohran, UCL, Sustainability Officer

Zara, University of Manchester, Student

Sahadev Joshi, Reading University Students' Union, Diversity Union

Sana, UCLan SU, President          

Elete Nelson-Fearon, UoM

Renaye Roberts-Sinclair, University of Central Lancashire, Campaigns Officer

Sarah Sharif, University of Manchester

Hope Worsdale, Warwick SU, Education Officer

Emily Webb, Canterbury Christ Church, Union Council Chair
Wail Qasim, Defend The Right To Protest/ Birkbeck University
Adam Sparkes, Queen Mary Students Union, Vice President Welfare

Ayesha Abbasi, SOAS, Co-president Welfare and Campaigns         

Barbara Ntumy, London Metropolitan University Students' Union, Deputy President & NUS NEC
Iqra Choudhry, University of Manchester

Hope Barnes, Blackburn College and university Centre Students Union, President
Ed Marks, University of Nottingham, Left Society Chair

Aaya Al-Shamahi, SOAS

Fouad Shaath, The General Union of Palestinian Students, Head of the executive committee
Anas Ahmed, University of Manchester

Idil Dhabahaye, University of Birmingham, EMSO
Dominic Bennett, University of Manchester        
Matt Hoare, University of Exeter

Mohamed Omar, Union of Brunel Students', Vice President        

Hussain, University of Manchester

Saharla Musa, Middlesex University

Hannah Robinson, University of the West of Scotland
Muhummed Cassidy, LSESU and NUS London, Disabled Students Officer
Hannah Dualeh, Bristol Students Union, Equality, Liberation and Access Officer

Haaris Ahmed, Strathclyde University, NUS BSC committee

Oludolapo Bolaji, Portsmouth Student Union, VP Education & Democracy
Yaseen, University of Manchester        

Taiwo Ogunyinka, Leeds University Union, Activities Officer

Busra Okumus, Leiden University                

Oludolapo Bolaji, Portsmouth student union, Vp education and democracy

Arnie Hill, SOAS, Student

Ayoub, Manchester                 

Ellie Clarke, MMU

Sima, University of Manchester  

Abdullah Adekola, University of Bradford            

Drew McEwan, EIS  

Dimitri Cautain, SOAS, Student

Abdul Q. Khaleel, University Of Sheffield, Islamic Circle Student Affairs

Maalek, University of Manchester               

Huraira , Sheffield, Education officer

Annie, Sussex Students Union, President

Zain Choudhry, University of Manchester, Student

Matt Myers, Oxford University, PhD Candidate                

Yara Hawari, University of Exeter, PhD Candidate & Postgraduate Teaching Assistant

Asad , LSE, PhD Candidate

Pauldy Otermans, Union of Brunel student, Vice president postgraduate students

Minesh Parekh, University of Sheffield

Jenny Compton-Bishop, Middlesex University, Alumni

Francesco Amoruso, University of Exeter, PhD Candidate

Sarah Nwafor, NUS, BSC committee member

Hafizullah Kadamzadeh, London school of economics, Students

Joe Buckley, SOAS, PhD candidate

Grace Anderson, ARU Students' Union, Education Officer

Nicole Lachance, University of Sussex, Student

Tasmia Asif, University of Sheffield, Volunteering officer

Noor, University of Manchester  

Mark Crawford, UCLU, Postgraduate Students' Officer

Zarah Sultana, University of Birmingham, Young Labour National Committee, former NUS NEC and NUS Black Students' Campaign Committee         
Frankie Leach, Manchester Metropolitan University, Under 19's officer North West Young Labour
Nadia Abu Sakran, University of Exeter        
Joanna Fleck, University of East London        

Steve Nutt, University of Exeter
Sanders Sunny, Manchester University

Alessia, Goldsmiths                

Kelechi Chioba, Nus BSC/DSC          

Lucy-Neely Morgan, Newcastle University, Graduate

Simmone Ahiaku, University of Bristol

Alexander Stoffel, Oxford University           

Onyeka Igwe, UAL  

Carolynne Lord, Lancaster University, Doctoral Student

Thomas Garnett, Heriot-Watt Student Union, Executive

Savannah Banks, Heriot Watt Student Union, President of Drama Society

Aisha Sofee, Salford University

Sonya Andermahr, University of Northampton

Monique Bell, SOAS, Student

Rachael Woodman, Lancaster University, Alumnus

Aashna Bakshi, Heriot Watt Student Union, Equality and Diversity Executive

Craig Gillen, Heriot-Watt University Student Union, Executive Committee (Welfare)

Ceri Brabham, NUS

Monique Bell, SOAS, University of London
Rachael Woodman, Lancaster University Alumnus         
Aashna Bakshi, Heriot Watt Student Union, Equality and Diversity Executive
Craig Gillen, Heriot-Watt University Student Union, Executive Committee (Welfare)
Joshi Sidhu, NUS London Area, Executive Committee Member
Alex Owolade, NUS London Area, Area Convenor
Suheda Top, Goldsmiths Students Union, BME officer
Roqiya Sabeg, SOAS University
Marwa Hassan, LSE         
Fiorella Picchioni, SOAS        
Emily Morgan, Falmouth University        
Alex Leivesley, University of Manchester        
Morgan Rogers, Cambridge University        
Sarah Deria, University of Sheffield, Chair of the BME Students' Committee
Abdur-Rahman Jimoh, University of Bradford        
Nick Kardahji, University of Sheffield, Alumnus
Sarraa Abdulkader, University of Surrey        
Sophie Flinders, University of York Students' Union, BAME Officer
Basirat, Manchester Metropolitan University         

Yasmin Bouattia, University of manchester        
James Angel, King's College London

Aditya Jaidev, University of Manchester
Lucas North, University of York Students Union & NUS        NUS Trans Conference Steering, YUSU Volunteering Network Secretary, YUSU LGBTQ Network Trans Convenor, YUSU LGBTQ Social Society Secretary, YUSU Feminist Society Ordinary Member, Goodricke College JCRC Technical Officer [personal capacity]
Kai Quinn Allen, University of Sussex Students Union, LGBTQ+ Officer, Jewish Student

Seth Tay Lambert, University of Manchester

Aqeelah Malek, University of Nottingham, BME officer

Andre Johnson, SOAS, Entertainments Officer

Akil Henry, University of Birmingham Alumni, Former Vice President of Birmingham Ethnic Minorities Association
Syeda, University of Birmingham
Eran Cohen, University of York        
Shelly Harris, Marjon Students' Union, Women's Officer
Jess Bradley, University of Manchester, doctoral researcher
Sam Pennington, Sheffield Hallam University        

Amena Yeasmeen, Goldsmiths, university of London
Helen Perez, UoM

Nadia, King's College London, PoC Officer

Carl, Heriot watt, Events & Activities Officer

Charlotte Hamilton, Goldsmiths, LGBTQ+ Officer

Leshandra Mandlate, University of Essex Students' Union, BAME Officer

Rowha Mohid, Ravensbourne Student Union

Faith Taylor, Queen Mary University of London, PhD Researcher

Sidra Iftikhar, The University of Manchester
Sofiya ahmed        , Birkbeck university         
Lewis Cleminson, Solent Students' Union, Vice President of Employability & Engagement
Saiba Ghafoor, University of Manchester         
Jenni Smyth, University of Manchester students union, Women's officer

Daisy Puiu, University of Essex, Open Portfolio Officer        
Zahra Rehman, University of Sheffield        

Susuana Abena, University of Sussex, Former NUS Women's Officer

Dina Amin, Kingston University
Bilal Zenab Ahmed, SOAS, University of London
Zena Potter, University of Exeter

Jaffrina, NUS BSC, Women's Rep
Sahara Choudhury, National Union of Students, Black Students Committee
Kae Smith, UCL IoE, Former NUS NEC

Yusuf Ahmad, City Students' Union, SU President
Jess Barnes, SOAS        

Conny Klocker, Birkbeck College, PhD Student

David Thomas, Birkbeck College                

Julian Canlas, NUS, Black Students Campaign Disability Rep

Simran Kaur, University of Strathclyde Students Association, Vice President Diversity

Hussein Ali, University of Exeter, Student

Einass Bakhiet, University of Manchester          

Ceylan Begum Yildiz, Birkbeck College, School of Law, PhD candidate

Sumeera Ahmad, Queen Mary Students' Union, Vice President Education

Nazma Begum, University of Sheffield, Sheffield Students Union, MA Student

Hamzah Rattigan, Student Voice @ Solihull College and University Centre, President

Daryan Omer, SOAS

Ana Gabriela Popa, Sheffield Students' Union, International Students' Officer

Serena Cavasin, Sheffield Students' Union, Women's Officer

Ross Glassbrook, University of Sussex

Farwa Sial, SOAS, PhD Student

Tahmidur Rahman. UCL        

Laura Hartley, SOAS, Student

Hristina Mihaylova, Reading University Students' Union, Student Voice Welfare Rep

Hiya Islam, SOAS

Rivka Micklethwaite, Oxford University

Daniel Rodriguez, University of Glasgow, Student

Zoe Backhouse, Bristol SU, UG Education Officer

Enas Hamza, University of Manchester Student's Union, President - British Asian Society

Mehdi Baraka, SOAS SU, Anti-Racism Officer

Haris Rashid, Dundee University Students Association, SRC - Societies Councillor

Lewis Backon, University of Sussex, Sussex Friends of Palestine Society Committee Member

Daniel Langley, KCLSU, Nursing & Midwifery Society, Head of Mental Health

Labina Basit, London South Bank University, Masters student
Sakeena Amjad, King's College London, MSc BMSR student representative
Iffat, University of Strathclyde